Although many agree that the primary goal of moviemaking is to entertain in the first place, moviemakers have struggled overtime to try to make their work humane, philosophical, or even to include a positive message in order to add value to those works.

The following set of movies contained a message that some critics found, and career developers were important, perhaps inspiring and motivating viewers to reach their career goals, or even to inspire success through positive examples.

1 – All the President’s Men 1976 How does the press bring down regimes?

The movie, inspired by the book “All the President’s Men,” tells the story of Karl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, journalists of The Washington Post, who worked together to uncover the circumstances of the most famous political scandal of the 20th century, Watergate, in which many Administration officials during the term of President Richard Nixon and ended with his resignation.

The thriller is one of the iconic works in the investigative journalism world and watching it tells you a lot about this intricate and intriguing path to journalistic work, with all its power to reach a single goal without hesitation: truth. The movie, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, won four Oscars in 1977.

2 – Coal Miner’s Daughter 1980… From nothing to the top

The movie features a biography of the famous American country music singer «Loretta Lane», which grew up in a humble environment, and fought poverty and starvation until she reached the top of fame despite many difficulties encountered by the disease, and the loss of her loved ones and psychological crises; Through the lyrics of her songs, she made her journey a milestone in the pursuit of artistic and musical success. The movie starred in the actress Sissy Spacek and won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 1981.

3 – Elizabeth 1998… The girl who became queen

Queen Elizabeth, I was one of the most powerful female figures who ruled England over the centuries, sitting at the age of only 25 years on the throne of a semi-rift and divided state; The British felt a lot of progress besides stability.

The movie reviews her autobiography since she sits on the throne and steps into the world of monarchy, and watching this inspiring work may unveil many of the scenes of governance and corporate leadership and how growing experiences contribute to success. The movie starred the famous actress «Cate Blanchett» and directed by Indian director «Shekhar Kapoor».

4 – Field of Dreams 1989 .. Farmer who dreamed of glory and received

The famous story of Canadian writer William Patrick Kinsella, who died in 2016 after a long illness, revolves around the farmer Ray, who opened a baseball field in his cornfield with an ambition to become one of the pioneers of the sport in the state of Iowa. The movie reviews the plan of the farmer who allowed himself to dream a big dream and steadily seek to achieve despite many of the opposing and frustrating views he faced ending in the presence of one of the largest baseball teams in the United States to play at home. The movie, starring actor Kevin Costner and directed by Phil Robinson, was nominated for three Oscars in 1990.

5 – Invincible 2006 .. ambition beyond thirty

If you think it’s time to start again and your chance is lost, then you need to watch this movie, which tells the fascinating truth about the American waiter Vince Babal, who started his career in American football at the age of thirty, breaking all the norms about Professionalism in the sports community, which was an obstacle in front of him, to start playing in the national league with the team, «Philadelphia Eagles» with an unprecedented success for the player like him before, the movie starred in the actor «Mark and the tower» and directed by «Ericsson Core».

6 – Rocky 1976 .. Victory and defeat are not the goal

Perhaps many people already know the story of the iconic movie about the world of competitions, although he specializes in boxing, and deals with the biography of the ambitious boxer «Rocky Balboa» who struggles over 15 rounds in which fierce opponent may not leave him victory in the end, but left him a lot It is more pride in the march, ambition, and determination than in any other movie.

Perhaps the most famous vision of this work has been immortalized in a famous mathematical wisdom is «does not matter to win or lose; the most important is how to play the game», the movie starred «Sylvester Stallone» and directed by «John J. Fieldson» and nominated for seven Oscars won 3 of them deserved .

7 – Rudy 1993… The movie that cried, men

Another biography of one of the most famous and most emotional sports successes in American football, and a special challenge story where the player «Daniel E. Rutiger», known as «Ruddy» a torrent of rejection in his career is the lack of many requirements The physicality of the players of this blunt sport, where according to the testimony of many experts is poor level and small size.

However, Rudy’s unlimited ambition was to dream of playing for Notre Dame, which he struggled for until he joined the team. Here, the inspiration is evident in the ambitious persistence of his principle and dream and he did not give in to the word “no” no matter how many times he was told the movie, starring Sean Astin and directed by David Inspo.

8 – Seabiscuit 2003 .. Horse or Knight?

Do you believe that everything is possible through ratification and determination? If your answer is yes, this movie will definitely be your favorite. The movie tells a true story during the Great Depression in the United States about a famous duo, Knight and Horse, both of which lack complete fitness. The rider has one eye damage and the horse suffers from a few physical defects, but unlike Satirical expectations of failure; the famous duo achieved remarkable successes that made them not only modern sports but the entire nation. Consider how faith in what you believe and good intuition affect the paths of things, even if it seems otherwise, starring Toby McGuire and Jeff Bridges and is nominated for the 2004 Oscars.

9 – Working Girl 1988 .. Innovative revenge

One of the most entrenched movies of the principle of refusal to surrender, no matter what strikes are directed at you, the movie tells the story of Tess Magel, a business secretary, whose project idea is stolen by her director and kept out of the picture, but she finds a bold way to regain her right by pretending to be a big official. . The funny movie, full of determination and passion for merit and success, won the 1989 Oscar and was nominated for several other awards, starring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford and directed by Mike Nichols.

Although these actions may not represent high or intense doses of knowledge of all different areas of work, it may suffice to reflect on the goals and values ​​that you hold between them and draw out what is compatible with your personal vision and the extent of your ambition and willingness to push your passion and your career to its end.