Excitement or Action movies are always closest to people’s hearts.
In 2019, major international companies produced a number of interesting and entertaining action movies.

Well-designed weapon fights, an impressive array of martial arts, and highly-skilled killers who raise the levels of adrenaline in the viewers!

In this article, we give you a glimpse of the 9 action movies produced this year that have won the public’s admiration.

  • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
  • In this segment, actor John Wick escapes this time because he is being chased against the backdrop of an open contract worth $ 14 million for his elimination.

    And because he broke a major role, he killed someone on the territory of the Continental Hotel.

    The dead man was among the people involved in this open contract, and John Wick must find his way and survive in the heart of New York City.

  • The Standoff at Sparrow Creek
  • The events revolve around a former police officer who turned into a militia individual, who investigates gunfire at a police funeral.

  • Action movies .. Shadow
  • Shadow is an epic tale that takes place in the third century when the king fails to liberate an occupied city and the army chief goes out with a group of volunteers to confront the enemies and return the occupied city to the kingdom.

  • Alita: Battle Angel

  • Great action movie, (Aletta) is an innovation from the era of despair, and Dr. Edo found it mysterious while collecting cyborgs.

    Alita becomes lethal and dangerous, she does not remember who she is or where she came from. But for Dr. Edo, the truth is very clear: it is the object that can break the cycle of death.

  • Point Blank
  • Fear for those we love and trying to preserve his life causes us to deal with criminals and suspects sometimes, too.

    This is what happened to the emergency room nurse, who only had a way to save the life of his pregnant wife with his child, but to ally himself with a suspect in one of the murders in the Point Blank action movie.

  • The Kid
  • Severe Uncle’s violence caused Ryu and his sister’s teens to flee, heading together toward the American Southwest.

    During the trip, Ryu meets legendary criminal Pat Garrett, what will happen to Ryu and his sister due to Pat Garrett?

  • Avengement
  • While released from prison, a humble criminal escapes from his guards and returns to his old rifles to avenge the people who made him a cold killer.

    this action movie is an epic bloody battle to find the soul that it lost years ago in the streets of a merciless city.

  • Triple Threat
  • From the best action movie, Triple Threat, we see a billionaire daughter trying to bring down one of the biggest crime organizations.

    The organization decides to eliminate her before she succeeds in her efforts, so a team of dead and mercenaries appears and tries to protect the girl.
    The movie is one of the most powerful action movies

  • Polar, action movie
  • The world’s most accomplished professional killer decides to retire, burdened by worries and the lives he has lost, discovering that the place of eternity for rest is yet to come.

    As for his former employers, they are forced to return to the battlefield, a single highly skilled man and an army of young killers in one yard. What happens? This is definitely not going to burn you.
    Polar is an hour and 58 minutes long,