Mystery still controls many mental and psychiatric illnesses, and we are often terrified if we pass by a street next to a mentally ill person who sleeps on the sidewalks because we cannot anticipate the actions of the “crazy” person, and perhaps Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is the most famous example of that quality of movie.

In this article, we present you with 8 horrifying mental illnesses.

1 – windigo psychosis .. Silence of the lambs!

Eating cannibalism is a scary idea for any sane person, but it is a very tempting idea for anyone suffering from windigo psychosis, because it finds an urgent desire inside to eat human flesh, and called this disease Windigo relative to one of the monsters in ancient European mythology, and this monster was a scary mix of human And animal, craves human flesh and hunts them for his daily diet.

Cannibals have spread to many parts of the world to this day, leaving in our minds frightening and terrifying ideas that have enabled us since our childhood. Perhaps those ideas would have stopped feeding themselves if we hadn’t heard of cannibals again, but moviemakers could not. Many of the movies that epitomized the mental illness of windigo psychosis or cannibalism came to light on the screen. , And achieved a global mass.

The movie was based on a true story, which tells the life of a wealthy and intelligent man but who craves meat only human flesh. It had a terrifying effect and gave the movie a state of melancholy and sadism, but it succeeded in reaching the imagination of unbridled viewers, which encouraged many moviemakers and drama To produce multiple dramas and cinemas for that unique story.

2 – Split: a disorder of multiple personalities

A disorder of multiple characters is different from schizophrenia, or schizophrenia. This is because the patient suffering from it oscillates between more than one personality, not just two, as schizophrenia suffers. The symptoms associated with the disease are the forgetting of basic information about personal life, or separation from reality while being with friends or family as if he went to another place consciously. Longer feel its presence in luck The patient is usually not aggressive towards others.

Split is about a young man with a disorder of multiple characters, but the movie is a scary embodiment of the disease.

The movie revolves around a young man who lives in more than 20 characters, including women, children and men, one of the characters belonging to an evil man kidnapping girls, while the patient is preparing for the exit of the new and final character of his body, a character called the patient «beast» because of his supernatural abilities Such as the climbing of walls, and inhuman muscle strength, and this development added by the movie is a fanciful development of the disease in order to add a frightening atmosphere to the character of the hero, which already turns at the end of the movie to his last character and the most powerful and dominating the other characters, the character «killer» monster.

3 – psychological memory loss .. Do you remember about the real you ?!

This type of amnesia is called psychological, because it affects the patient due to severe psychological trauma, while the brain cells remain intact organically, and the most important symptom of the patient’s forgotten important information about himself and his identity without realizing this decrease in his memory, causing tension in his emotional relationships And the time periods that the patient forgets may belong as long as the traumatic event involved him even if his mind is forced to cut many years of his memory, but the mind does not get rid of those memories, but keeps them in a deep dark point in his subconscious mind.

Shutter Island is based on a psychologically frightening idea, posing a question that can touch every viewer: “Is what you remember about yourself true? Is all that happening around you is your real life? ”,“ Are you a criminal and a murderer or a peaceful man as you see yourself? ”

At the beginning of the movie, we learn about the investigator who visits a mental institution for psychiatric patients with criminal behavior, to investigate a case of escape from the clinic but looking for patient number 67, which caused the death of his wife when he burned the building in which they live. A deserted island and isolated from the outside world, due to bad weather, where the interrogator and his colleague are prisoners among a group of mental patients and criminals, and at the end of the movie poses his industry to shyly theory that explains the mystery of the failed search for the dangerous criminal, which is that the investigator himself is the number 67 patient, and each doctor around him His co-investigator, and that experience Habkoha to face the patient Bhakagueth and recognition of his crimes committed by the hideous, but he does not remember the injury loss of psychological memory.

Did you in your life a serious crime and completely forgotten and now live in the real world ?! The artistic output of the movie is not measured by the validity of medical information about the disease, and therefore the psychology opinion of the cinematic embodiment of the disease

4 – Amnesia Jobi .. What you forgot and lurks in your home

This type of amnesia differs from psychological amnesia, as it erases one event from the patient’s memory until the psychological and neurological effects of this traumatic or traumatic event are gone, while his entire life continues at a stable pace until any catalyst occurs. Nerve trauma stored in the patient’s subconscious mind, then the mind begins to send signals to the patient reminds him of that incident.

Horror movie What lies beneath Take advantage of this idea in the employment of a dramatic scary. The wife of the famous doctor bids farewell to her only daughter who is going to study at a university outside the city where they live. Psychologically, she visits the psychiatrist certifying that she has a mental disorder.

As the movie unfolded, the wife remembers that the girl whose ghost was trying to communicate with her, had a relationship with her husband, which she discovered two years ago but her mind chose to erase the girl’s features and her love affair with her husband, but the husband killed that girl and therefore chased her ghost for revenge Although the heroine was not suffering from amnesia, she recognized the girl’s face from the very first moment and did not have to go through the horrific search for the identity of a ghost in her home.

The makers of this movie have built a complete fantasy story on a simple mental illness that anyone who has experienced a difficult or embarrassing situation may have suffered, and his mind decided to cancel it from his memories forever, and fed the symptoms of the disease when the heroine, with visual and acoustic techniques, embodied mental illness terrifying embodiment, has nothing to do with nature Disease on the ground.

 5 – FEAR: Borderline personality disorder ..

Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness that affects the patient for organic reasons such as inheriting the disease from a family member, or brain deformities, and for psychological reasons such as violent neurological trauma in childhood.

Borderline personality disorder is motivated by irrational thoughts. This is because of his constant fear of rejection, whether in friendships or emotional relationships. He often harms himself and others around him if he or she does not control his or her reactions well. Criticism, in turn, accept praise with an overly emotional welcome.

There is a bright side in the personality of the person with this disease, which hides behind his dark side, and that is the basic idea on which Fear built his story. It revolves around a teenage girl who meets a handsome and charming young girl who rushes on his handsome, but he chooses the heroine of the movie for him, and this fascinates her and makes her In spite of her parents’ warnings that her dream knight looks suspicious and frightening, the relationship develops from a romantic to a physical relationship. A shortly after, the dream knight turns into a terrifying nightmare, when the charming hero shows his dark side and begins his violent criminal acts and the life of a teenage teenager Wigs to a continuous series of fear and panic.

The dark side that the movie portrayed for this disease may not be far from reality, according to doctors confirming patients with Borderline personality disorder, but until the patient reaches this stage, his brain cells must be severely malfunctioned, besides that the patient is more likely to hurt himself more than Harming others, therefore, the symptoms of the young man in this movie are identical to the disease but at the same time are not common symptoms of the disease.

6 – imaginary disorder .. rare disease and a distinctive movie

Delusional disorder is an uncommon disease, and it is difficult for the person to distinguish between reality and illusion, and to see visions and events of his imagination, but from his point of view they are as realistic as the real events, the makers of Donnie Darko took advantage of this disease and built a scary fantasy world in the mind The movie hero.

The movie revolves around a young teenager who is exposed to a strange accident and then begins to see fearsome fantasies and fantasies that lead him to commit a series of crimes, but the embodiment of Delusional disorder in this movie is exaggerated for the purposes of drama, because the patient, in this case, sees impossible fantasies in fact, and here The seriousness of the disease lies, because the events that he thinks are really about his personal life, his friends and his work have already taken place on the ground, but in the movie, the teenager’s fantasies were mostly unrelated to reality.

7 – Agoraphobia… The Ripper is Outside!

Agoraphobia is the fear of being in public, or anywhere outside the home of a person with the disease. People with this disease have physical symptoms if they decide to do something they fear. Symptoms are heart rhythm disturbances, blood pressure disorder and in some cases, You may reach fainting, especially if the patient is forced to act which he fears. Copycat’s movie has terrified the disease when his industry added a new element that enhances the disease within the movie, the serial killer.

The movie revolves around a psychiatrist who was diagnosed with phobias in public places, after experiencing a horrific incident with a serial killer. He stuck to her house and started her work from within, until a new serial killer emerges that brings back the crimes of the first serial killer who was then arrested, and the investigator is forced to cooperate The sick doctor, given her previous experience with the original serial killer, qualified her to predict the actions of the fake serial killer. when He faces his illness and challenges him.

8 – Behavioral disorders… Stanley Kubrick masterpiece melancholy

Conduct Disorder affects the patient from the age of childhood and adolescence and may develop with age if not controlled and treated, and the symptoms associated with the disease in the patient’s destructive desire and provoke problems, breaking the law, and hostile behavior with those around him even his family and friends.

A Critical Mind-wrecking Artwork by Critique of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, about a young man with behavioral disorder dominated by sadism, and with his young gang practicing a lot of violence and rape, until he is arrested. And applied to him some psychological experiences, which are no less cruel and violent than his previous actions, the movie – according to psychology – is a cinematic embodiment of the maximum that may be upset behavior disorder.