” Series Addicted ” Know the deep psychological reasons behind it

With the pressures of life and the inability of many to keep pace with the world and its speed and shocks, or sometimes slow in catching up with their dreams, they need to break with reality, and go to the imagination perhaps to forget a little or to charge energies and while some do so through reading, travel, vacation, or even daydream There are those who prefer to do so by following a multi-season international TV series, knowing that they are so immersed in another world that is completely capable of swallowing them.

This is because, besides the dramatic pleasure they get from these works, they will also be able to move away from their stress or burden them when they are semi-full-time to follow the lives of others, they do not mean anything to them and see them in their normal lives Tkfahm days between success and failure, love and wrong choices, happiness and collapse On the one hand, on the other, they are realizing that all human beings have their own suffering, and that after all, there is still a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Strangely enough, some do so knowingly that they will not be addicted to what is being seen and it becomes difficult to separate it from the screen of the laptop or television for a long time, and it may even be in fact started watching in the hope of reaching that stage of full fusion within the work and between his personalities, He escapes for as long as he expects on the ground, while others are surprised after a short period of time that their association with the dramatic work they see is exaggerated and their attachment to heroes has become almost satisfactory, suddenly finding themselves there halfway with these “fictional” characters, meeting their loss, And rejoice for their successes, and senses They are accompanied by shadows on their daily lives, one after another, which is common among fans of long dramas.

In this article we will try to review the reasons that cause the addiction of the series, by dealing with the five most famous series addicted by its authors, so that they now have their own language and titles that distinguish them.

(1994_2004) Friends

Friends, is a popular American comedy series that won one Golden Globe and is ranked 40th in the IMDb list of the best series, featuring ten seasons over ten years, to which the generation of the 1980s and early 1990s associated.

This series appeared as a breakthrough in its time, it aims only to follow the daily life of six friends, which led some at first to accuse the series of insignificance, but after the completion of his followers discovered that it is one of the closest acts of realism, between «Ross», the pro-stability, floundering relations and love Rachel, the pampered girl who is forced by life to grow stronger and learn to rely on herself, and the eccentric Phoebe, who refuses to live except in accordance with her own laws, and «Monica» loving control and cooking and perfection what Makes them always demanding and selective, and Andler »light shade which is not coaxing his confidence behind the jokes, and« Joey »TV actor who relies on the submerged Karesmth to get close to girls. All of them meet together daily and always to witness their journey with life.

This richness in the characters and the most important realism within the viewer to find from the heroes who can identify with him and feel that there are those who resemble him in this world, and that he is not alone, to come after the step of unification with the favorite hero puts himself onlookers, wishing him what he wishes for himself, and may even He rediscovered and reassessed himself through this character, all of which would have increased the public’s engagement with the work.

What is beautiful about this series is that it gave its followers not only people who identify with them, but also imaginative supportive and reassuring in the presence of comfort, to imagine each spectator himself the seventh friend of this gentle group, which is characterized by not claiming idealism at all.

Contrary to what is expected of a comedy that some might think superficially, the series has been rich in the quality of relationships it presents, it not only displays emotional relationships based on ordinary love as the only engine but there are other strong and influential relationships such as friendship, brotherhood, and even the relationship between the companions of housing Focused on the work, and thus different groups were able to find what they represent in the midst of events.

Because the series lasted ten years coinciding with the transition of the heroes from the 1920s to the 1930s, it was natural to witness many developments and maturity stages experienced by the vast majority of heroes, between the experiences of marriages and separation, pregnancy, adoption, career upgrading, and even to change the career field and start from scratch.

All of this gave the work more realism and brought it closer to the viewer’s personal life, especially if the spectator began to follow the work at a stage near the age of the heroes, and encountered the same developments in periods of time to watch.

(2005-present) Gray’s Anatomy

Grays Anatomy, an American series, started in 2005 and is still going on in September. The series is dramatic, social, medical, won two Golden Globe awards out of a total of 69 awards, and 206 nominations for other awards.

The series revolves around a group of doctors working in a hospital in Seattle. Although most of the events take place between the corridors of hospitals and inside the operating rooms, the work is very social, as it deals with the personal lives of these doctors in detail, and the large number of strong medical serials to which the public such as House Scrubs, Private Practice, and even ER are old, but Grays Anatomy has a special pride in the hearts of his followers, for several reasons, the most important of which are:

The main heroes of the first five seasons, their distinct and influential personalities that did not stand in the way of becoming friends over time (Meredith’s strength, Christina’s genius, the humanity of George, the magic of Derek and the rudeness of Alex), And the goodness of «Easy»… etc), their continuous presence together on the screen and the diversity of their personalities led to the attachment of them and easy identification with them until they became part of the daily scenes of life, before the first catastrophe, the death of one of the characters and the departure of another.

The audience will discover how Shonda Remis, the writer, does not think twice about killing anyone who begs him to leave the series so that it is normal that almost every season ends with an accident in which some heroes go to their victims, not only losing viewers but also experiencing their absence violently. What seems to some unjustified.

Viewers begin to practice the rituals of loss, and try to discover how life will continue after the departure of those who loved them and used to live in their company, which makes them after each departure make a decision to flatten their relations with all-new heroes who will come after that, hoping that they have learned the lesson They allow them to fill any vacuum in the heart, but they fall into the same old traps, and they are associated with the sequence of events and penetration between the folds of stories.

Grays are also characterized by the interrelationships between his heroes, making matters more entangled, so getting out of this circle becomes like looking for the end of a spider web. There is also the immense and huge evolution that the heroes have gone through, which very closely resembles the details of real life, making Grays one of the most dramatic series that emphasizes the role of time in drama addiction.

Imagine following a dramatic 13-year-old and heroes’ age, watching them mature emotionally and intellectually, graduating at university and starting their careers, marrying, giving birth, aging or dying, actually seeing the wrinkles of time engraved on their faces, smears of grief with their eyes as a result of their defeats. While digging on your face and your eyes like them, all this makes work closer to real-life than to imagination.

Strangely enough, death to its cruelty and unpalatability was one of the reasons for the viewer to believe the work, because our real life is immortal to no one, everyone loses death dear to him, and all the stories do not necessarily end with happy endings, which leads to the celebration of spectators every scene on the screen because it does not guarantee who Who will die at the end of the season.

An important final point that can be added here (and also applies to Friends) is the selection of drama makers of unknown action heroes whose real artistic breakthrough came through these series, so the audience recognizes them so that they only know the names of the characters they play.

For example, more than a decade after the end of Friends, the audience still identifies Jennifer Aniston despite her later fame as “Rachel”, while Patrick Dempsey is always mentioned as Derek, a 12-year-old at Grays Anatomy, which puts television stars Later they are in trouble. Follow him if he changes his skin,Or to confine the star himself in the same character dictated by the public and vows in it, to become rare to follow models that succeeded when I went to the cinema after prominent roles and long on television.

(2013-2008) Breaking Bad

An American series that won two Golden Globe awards, although it did not exceed five seasons, but it brought a strong and clear fuss at the time of its release, and won the approval of critics and the public together as the fifth place for the best series on IMDb! He even broke record-breaking viewership time, and even the last episode was watched by 10.3 million people at the time of the premiere in the United States alone.

Breaking Bad, a television series that combines drama, crime, thrill, thrill, and science, starred Brian Cranston, who was previously known only to the father in another television series, Malcolm. Because of his role in the purely comic series, it was strange to understand the secret of being chosen to act as the hero / Walter White, a chemistry teacher who exploits his passion for chemistry and his love of science in making meth after he discovered lung cancer and that the rest of his life a little time, what It makes him want to secure the future of his small family, before he develops from being the maker of one of the biggest traders.

The surprise was that Bryan excelled in the starring role to the extent that the cinema opened the doors to its breadth and soon to run for the Oscar from the film Trumbo, which also distinguished the series – besides the amazing and smooth performance of his heroes – is the writing that the owners were concerned with the fine details both at the level of drama and character building Or with respect to chemical equations and compounds.

Because of the very complex plot and the huge developments of events it was natural for the public to be in a state of constant panting to know what is going to happen, especially with the dramatic escalation that was carefully explaining the characters gradually explaining the gradual transformation that is happening to each of them, explaining the secret of their transition from the opposite to the opposite without raising this exclamation. Or accused of making too much.

With each episode, the ceiling of the thrill rises more and more.

It is worth mentioning that the end of the series is one of the best end of the series in the history of the drama at all, and no one disagreed, on the one hand came epic confirmed the idea of ​​moral retribution, and on the other best authors to write characterized by full suspense, and answer all questions without leaving any outstanding , And most importantly, this happened without theorizing or underestimating the viewer’s intelligence, so that the followers can only turn the page really with the word end, without looking for a moment back or the need to think about the fate of any of the heroes after that.

(2017-2010) Sherlock

A British crime-related series, featuring contemporary stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose hero was the special investigator Sherlock Holmes, ranks 12th on the IMDB list.His last season was shown this year, where the series consists of four seasons, an average of almost every two years and three Episodes for the season plus an exceptional episode in 2016, i.e. the series first on another consists of only 13 episodes.

In spite of the relatively long time interval between each season and another, this did not prevent his followers from attaching to him and waiting for him on the warmest of coals, especially since the time of each episode was about 90 minutes, so it can be considered as a film in terms of events, time and mass production, And attention to detail and strong plot, which is characterized by the British drama in general and where it far outweighs the American drama, they are not only intended to fill the time, but they are also looking for a dramatic and complete material, enough to gain the satisfaction of the public without telling his thirst to the end he always needs more.

The series has drawn attention to it for more than one reason, the first of which is ambiguity.The idea of ​​the puzzle and trying to find a solution to it arouses curiosity, making the viewer sit on his fingertips throughout the episode, trying to know the answers to questions and find solutions before Sherlock, which is often not the case.

Presenting anecdotes in a new modernist dress has also had a strong impact on getting the audience to enjoy the work while Sherlock sees the use of modern technology in explaining everything we cannot read beyond his lines, all sponsored by the brilliant performance of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, You can not feel with them for a moment that they are not Sherlock Holmes, a troubled and complex genius, and his friend doctor John Watson, who knows how to combine the practical and human side without being overwhelmed by the other.

The makers of the series were smart enough to make the work not only focus on the police side of the stories, but also on the human aspects of the life of his heroes, which increased the viewer’s attachment to the characters seen on the screen, making the relationship between them deeper and more impact.

Because the series excelled in dramatic escalation, it was normal for viewership to increase over the years, while the average number of viewers of the first season 8.4 million viewers (in the United Kingdom alone), the number increased to 10.2 million in the second season, and then 11.8 million in the third season .

(From 2011 – 2019) Game Of Thrones

The more frustrated we are with life, the more we want to escape and postpone the confrontations, which leads the followers of the drama to focus with him, and with the heroes of his tales.While some may prefer to choose dramas that resemble their normal lives, they are able to identify with what they watch, others tend to watch Fantasy-based works, ensuring that they are as far away from reality as possible, giving their problems far and full-time to pursue an existential crisis that is not their own, and a journey for others.

One of the first reasons why fans could follow Game of Thrones or the so-called Clash of Thrones – the most vociferous British / American series around this period – is based on George Martin’s epic series, The Song of Ice and Fire.
It is a fantasy class, set in an epic drama of two fictional continents in which seven families struggle to control the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

The show began in 2011, to continue until now, where it is showing the seventh season these days, the series has grabbed its followers heavily for more than one reason, on top of them:

The quality of the drama offered by the work: As mentioned, fantasia remains the best way to escape from reality, as well as being the first choice of the basis for the people of fertile imagination.

Characters, plot and dramatic escalation: all written in a dramatic and very interesting way motivates to continue to follow without a moment of boredom.

There are no correct predictions: Well, whatever your expectations, you will not usually be able to deduce what will happen in the future.This was one of the strengths of the workmen who have mastered the genius of the viewers of the series.Whatever your expectations are confident that it will be disregarded and will never be true, to remain The book is able season after season to surprise and shock the audience, which makes the adrenaline of the viewers at its highest throughout the season.

The writers of the series do not fear death: any hero – whatever the size of his role or influence – can suddenly die without introductions as happened with «Ned Stark», which everyone thought the hero of the first season, if it dies before the end! To keep the series going after him without any flaw or strangeness, and as far as that idea seems tragic, but it emphasizes that the real hero here is the plot and details of the story, not the people in themselves.

Heroes are pure human beings: Although the series Fantasy in the first place, but this does not make heroes superheroes are not touched with them, most of the heroes if not all combine good and evil within them, and most importantly, they have a deep human weakness, just as befits ordinary human beings, which makes spectators not Able to inflict utter hatred or unconditional sympathy on any of them, all of them have their positions in which they act well and others who have selfishness and act according to their whims.

Production: The production of the series is very large, one ring costs about ten million dollars, that is, the cost of one season is 100 million. What makes photography, directing, decoration, fashion, visual and sound effects to the highest level, which satisfies the artistic taste for fans of this type of drama.

Political projections: Because the series is full of power struggles and governance has become easy to find political projections commensurate with many of the thorny things that are currently taking place in the world, to become more interesting work and attention.

Female characters: Most of the female characters in action are the best example of a strong woman who can reach her desires, or at least able to seek without letting what she experiences with life break her or disco

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