Few hear you say that horror movies are not one of their favorite genres, horror movie from its beginnings and it is one of the most exciting types of movies enthusiasts for fans and movie lovers, and while science has already told us that there is a scientific explanation for this, most horror fans still do not care much about the interpretation, He is always new and innovative in the world of horror movies.

In this list, some of the strongest horror movies expected in 2020.

The most powerful horror movies expected in 2020:

  • The Grudge
  • the 2002 Japanese classic, “Ju-On: The Grudge”, starring Andrea Riseborough and Demián Bichir in the role of investigators investigating a series of inexplicable violent deaths that occurred in one house.

  • Underwater

  • Kristen Stewart brings to us a Ripley-like character from “Alien” in a deep-sea horror movie by a multi-ethnic team battling supernatural monsters beneath the ocean surface, at a depth of 11 km. We strongly bet that the character TJ Miller would have left early in the movie, and we invite Vincent Cassel’s character to stand up and go on for a while. This movie is from the best horror movies

  • Halloween Kills
  • Following the great celebration of Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the series in 2018, directed by David Gordon Green once again.

    Without burning any events, a movie called “Halloween Ends” was announced shortly in 2021, so we expect both characters to emerge from the following movie in a way that is safe.

  • A Quiet Place Part II
  • The first part is one of the top horror movies. John Krasinski’s character may have died in the previous part, but he will return in the role of the director of this next part of his movie, which was a landslide success and tells about a family – headed by his real wife, Emily Blunt – who has to live in silence, lest they discover where they are monsters who only have the sense of hearing. That movie ended up revealing a possible solution to the crisis.

    This next movie introduces many more characters as Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou join the cast. We hope that this horror movie does not lose the ambition and focus of the first part as its story expands.

  • The Turning
  • A stylish look for “The Turn of the Screw” starring McKinsey Davis, the rising star of “Tully”, is an educator who is used to care for two young brothers “played by Wolfen and Brooklyn Prince” after the death of their parents.

    It is written by the twins responsible for the first two parts of the series “The Conjuring” and directed by Floria Sigismondi, director of Italian music clips, who had never directed a horror movie other than “The Runaways” in 2010.

  • Candyman
  • Jordan Haworth Peele introduces a new look to the man who appears in the mirror, to a new generation in this “spiritual affiliate” of the original horror movie from 1992, whose events go back to the simple neighborhood in Chicago – which turned into a rich neighborhood – and to Tony Todd in the role of the revenge ghost who In his lifetime, he was the son of a slave who was killed in the late 19th century.

    He gave Todd his blessing for Bill’s participation in the writing of the horror movie, saying: “I would love it if someone like him with an intelligence would do it, who will be considerate and deep in the ethnic composition of the identity of the (candyman) identity, and the reason that led him to exist in the first place.”

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It
  • An other one from the list of best horror movies,

    Supernatural investigators, Ed and Lauren Warren return to confront cursed dolls and cursed nuns in the last parts of the movie’s blockbuster movie series.

     Unfortunately, the events of this section do not take place in Pete Enfield, but it is nevertheless supposed to be a film worth seeing.

  • Last Night in Soho
  • Director Edgar Wright’s first experiences in the field of horror movies enter into the psychological classification of breath-taking psychology, such as “Repulsion” and “Don’t Look Now”.


    The movie was co-written by Christie Wilson Cairns (from her work “1917”), and it is starring the two promising young women, Thomasen Mackenzie, and Anya Taylor Joy, alongside the distinguished artists Diana Reg, Terrence Stamp, and Rita Toshengam. We cannot wait.

  • The Invisible Man
  • Universal continues to revive famous monster characters after the failure of “Mummy” starring Tom Cruise, with this latest movie directed by Leigh Whannell (writer of “Insidious”), which is set in Australia.

    The movie is starring Elizabeth Moss. Approval has already been made for the production of a female movie called “Invisible Woman”, written by Irene Cressida Wilson

  • Antebellum
  • Among the producers of “Get Out” piece from the unique horror movies –  Jordan Haworth Peele – come to you another impressive movie that evokes various atrocities and modern comparisons to slavery.

  • Antlers
  • Guillermo del Toro produced this horror movie, which appears as something produced only by Guillermo del Toro, and tells of a small-town teacher (Keri Russell), attracts the attention of a student carrying a terrible erotic secret.

    Jesse Plemons plays the role of her brother, Sheriff of the Town, as Scott Cooper takes his first steps in the horror world, after spending his career so far in simple experiences with him.

  • I’m Thinking of Ending Things
  • We kept the best of the last, a new horror movie from Charlie Kaufman. He is also starring in Lemons as a man who accompanies his girlfriend (Jesse Buckley) to meet his parents but takes her to another awful place. The movie is funded and distributed by Netflix. We are so excited about it.