Tragedy Of Refugees film shows; The immigrant does not cross the sea twice, because the boat that transports him to the other beach often settles on the bottom of the sea, and if he is destined to survive, he may be infected with eternal teromas from the sea, and he will not cross it again.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than a million refugees have arrived in Europe since 2015, and more than 41,000 people risked their lives to reach Europe, by the sea in 2017, 913 people are feared to have sunk this year.

How was the refugee journey to the desired paradise, the upcoming list of films may answer you some of the answers, but it will not convey the full tragedy to you as the owners lived, of course.

  • 1- Fire at sea… The sea is not a means of transportation
  • Can you imagine yourself in a boat carrying women and children at sea, as the waves stormed the boat, trying to contact the authorities and nobody was helping you? This is what the dramatic documentary film “Fire at Sea” shows, as the boat was carrying migrants on its way to the Italian island of Lampedusa, the escape gate to Italy, in the same road that witnessed the sea fire 4 years ago, when a boat carrying Somali and Eritrean refugees sank.

    The boat sank in flames because the passengers tried to request the distress of the Italian coast guard by waving a burning piece of cloth, which led to the burning of the boat, does it carry an apology to the refugees about Europe’s failure to help immigrants at sea? This is what we discover from the movie directed by “Giafranco Rosy”.

    The film is an Italian production, by Eritrean director Gianfranco Rosi. The film won several awards, such as the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival, the European Film Award for Best Film, and Oscar was nominated for Best Documentary.

  • 2- The land between… Life on the Edges
  • They cannot stay, they cannot leave, this is the situation of migrants who stay in the mountains in northern Morocco, looking to cross to the island of Melilla, which is a Moroccan island geographically, occupied by Spain and subject to its sovereignty, but the European Union forces Morocco to control the border areas, Immigration is organized.

    The film begins with a group of Africans from Mali, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, and Cameroon. Political refugees and fleeing war, stranded at the border, crossed thousands of kilometers and were stuck in the middle of the border in the space between life and death.

    Not everyone was illegal immigrants, some of them were working in Morocco, work stumbled, debts accumulated, and he was forced to leave Morocco and live in the jungles on the border, he had no other choice. Can you imagine life on the isthmus? Sleeping in camps in the cold, chasing the police in the mountains, beating them, confiscating their little money and burning their belongings in exchange with bandits, all this and more in the first movie, directed by the Australian director and musician David Fidel, and the film won the award for best film at the Environmental Film Festival in Paris, and the Best Film at the Migrant Film Festival.

  • 3- la pirogue .. the sea is synonymous with death
  • What would a fisherman do, having to be a boat leader, without previous experience, carrying 30 men on their way to Spain? We are embarking on the bumpy road with Senegalese director Moussa Toure on a journey of 30 different dreams that will be fulfilled upon reaching the other shore. Europe, even with its economic crises, will be more merciful than its inhospitable countries.

    What makes a migrant say: “Even if the boat’s engine broke down, we carried the sea to the shore, and the birds ate us, I would not regret it?” The answer is explored by “Toure”, and the director directs the film to 30,000 immigrants from West Africa, who traveled on a boat under the temptation to travel to the West, between 2005 and 2010, five thousand of whom died. It is reported that the ” Tragedy Of Refugees ” film won the Best Film Award at the Munich Festival in Germany.

  • 4-My life as a refugee… The story of the Sons of War
  • In the documentary, footballer Diane Lovrin tells the story of the displacement of his family during the Bosnian war, remembers his story and the story of those who do not want immigrants in their country, Lovrin understands the need to preserve their lives, but also thinks about those who have no homes, and desperate to protect their children, and obtain the basics of life.

    This Tragedy Of Refugees film tells the story of the Diane family’s escape by car to Germany, on an arduous journey across the border, then playing the ball, moving to Croatia, and showing archival scenes of the three-year Bosnian war, in which about 100,000 people were killed, pictures of the child’s religion, and photographs of Sarajevo in 2017. The movie raises a question: Will those who survived the massacre survive its memory?

  • 5- 2015 Mediterranea «Mediterranean Cemetery»
  • In cold and gloomy lighting, the movie tracks what will happen to two friends from Burkina Faso on a cruise to Italy. The trip of two friends from Burkina Faso, who wanted to cross the sea to Italy, for a better life, they had to collect money, in order to obtain a place in the boat, usually, no one can have previous personal experience, for such a trip, it is usually done once in a lifetime.

    But the question: What comes after Heaven? Will the Samaritan migrants find what they crossed the sea for? The Italian director, “Jonas Carpegano”, monitors the breathtaking sea journey, and beyond in Italy, how does society treat them? Does it accommodate them? He understands their color differences, especially those coming from the continent, or does Charles Simic say, “No one loves refugees.”

  • 6- Welcome .. We do not welcome refugees
  • In the truck carrying the goods, a group of young men trying to travel illegally from Calais – a town in northern France – went to the United Kingdom. The film is about Bilal, the young Iraqi man from Kurdistan at the age of 17 who came from Iraq on foot for three months. He was among the infiltrators who failed to cross into London. Bilal had to learn to swim, thinking that he could swim across the English Channel to London. Will Bilal manage to swim for 10 hours in sub-zero temperatures? This is what the French director, Philippe Louret, answers in the film.

    The Tragedy Of Refugees film has been nominated for the Cesar Award for Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Promising Actor.

  • 7- In this world… No city for immigrants
  • One of the toughest and most ruthless films about immigrants by British director Michael Winterbottom. The Tragedy Of Refugees film revolves around two Afghan refugees, who live in a refugee camp in Pakistan and are looking to emigrate to London. If you have been living in Shamshato camp near Peshawar in Pakistan, with 53,000 refugees, in inhuman conditions, since 1979, after the invasion of the Soviet Union and then the invasion of America, you will not be surprised by the teenagers’ attempt to Jamal Al-Din and Inayat Allah, the hero of the movie Get to Europe, even on foot.

    How do teenagers travel from Pakistan to London by road? In a totally tinned cart with little food and water? The film’s advertisement carried the phrase “The road to freedom has no barriers”. What freedom does the movie mean? Exiting the land of wars, or freedom that we gain from leaving this world? The Tragedy Of Refugees film won several awards, including the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival in 2003 and the British Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2004.

  • 8 – IRAQI ODYSSEY… One way return trip
  • In this Tragedy Of Refugees film, the refugee tells his story himself. The Iraqi-Swiss director, Samir Jamal Al-Din, collected the stories of his family, to include them in a self-documentary film ” Tragedy Of Refugees “, in which his family tells the story of their departure from Baghdad, an epic that simulates Odysseus’s journey towards the return of Penelope.

    What do the generations of Samir’s father, and the younger generations, hold in their stories about their long journey and diaspora in all the cities of the world? And their distribution between Moscow, Paris, New York, and New Zealand? Samir wanted to create a collective memory, for the displacement of Iraqis, and the history of Iraq in the last 100 years, the role of an anthropologist, to reveal the story of 4 million Iraqis displaced throughout the world, represented in the story of his family, and their memories of immigration, dictatorship, daily booby trap, oil, And war necessarily.

    Can Sameer and his family return to Iraq as Odysseus returned to Penelope? This is what the Iraqi director from the diaspora answers. The Tragedy Of Refugees film is a Swiss, German co-production, nominated for Best Foreign Film by Oscar 2015.

  • 9- Terraferma 2011… The dead are bad publicity for the sea
  • “The sea used to be full of fish, now the fishermen stumble in the sea, in some neighborhoods, and many of the dead.”

    On the Italian island, people gain from fishing, and from tourism, the people of the island live on the seashore that hurls the shipwrecked who can swim, and they continue until they reach the beach almost dead, tourists alienate from the island because of the shipwreck who spoil their day.

    What will the island’s tourism workers do about the migrants who reach the beach? The law does not obligate them to do anything, but, on the contrary, it punishes those who cover up an illegal immigrant, do they have to save them or leave them to come periodically to return them to their country? Or get them dead? The Italian director Emmanuel Cristallese puts the heroes in this Tragedy Of Refugees film with a moral dilemma, so what can they do?

  • 10- Eden is west .. the road to Paradise goes through the sea
  • best film to describe the Refugees, Eden is west a comic, black and fantasy movie about Elias, a naive young man whose identity we do not know, tries to migrate by sea, Elias’s identity was not known, as is his plan for an unknown migration, his journey appears as if from an unknown side to another unknown side, most of the time was silent, and when he speaks all His language is broken.

    Elias threw the sea on the shore of a Greek resort called Paradise of Eden as if he was making fun of him, Elias had to cross the border to Paris, he also had to cross the language barriers, the languages ​​varied between the Greek, English, French, and German films.

    The Greek-French director «Costa-Gavras» presents the story of those who uttered by the sea on the shore of Paradise, literally and figuratively, but they are exposed to harm, then they continue searching for another heaven, and so on without end.

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