Christmas is not complete without watching a distinct collection of Christmas movies, with the joy, laughter, and romance sometimes associated with it.

With so many films and their diversity among the classics that we are accustomed to as “Home Alone”, which we rarely spend Christmas nights without, the viewer may find it difficult to choose the appropriate movie to watch during these special times of the year.

So the American magazine “Cosmopolitan” prepared a report on the best films with which you can spend the holidays and Christmas, and we review them below.

1- Love Actually

The film is currently being shown on Netflix, and the movie starring Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, and Keira Knightley tells of the lives of 8 completely different people who are going through the Christmas period, while experiencing miserable emotional distress and they have to pass this period no matter how they do not waste the holiday spirit.
The film is one of the most popular and popular Christmas movies, despite its release almost 15 years ago.

2 – The Holiday

The cinema always links romance with the festive winter atmosphere, and “The Holiday” is one of these films, as it tells about two women who suffer from emotional problems, and they decide to exchange their homes during the Christmas period and move to each other’s town, to fall in love again, and star in the movie Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black.

3- The Princess Switch

One week before Christmas, Margaret, the beautiful duchess decides to become a “Stacy”, the ordinary girl from Chicago, taking advantage of the strange similarities between them, but things get more complicated when Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s handsome prince, while the duchess falls in love with fellow Stacy’s fellow seller, and he starred The movie, Vanessa Hudgens.

4- A Christmas Prince

The film tells of a disguised journalist who is entrusted with the task of merging with the royal family to find out the secrets of the new prince who will take over the throne after the death of his father, but falls in love with him, putting her mission at risk.

5- Arthur Christmas

Arthur, the clumsy son of Santa Claus, has the task of saving Christmas and giving a little girl her gift in just two hours after they send her the wrong gift, and he plays the characters of the movie James McFoy, Sarah Smith, and Bill Nye.

6- Christmas with the Kranks

The film tells about the Cranks family who decides to cancel the Christmas festivity and plan to travel instead of spending big money on unnecessary festive ceremonies, but the neighbors’ annoyances and their daughter’s sudden decision to return with her boyfriend to spend the Christmas with them disrupt all of their plans, and the movie starring Tim Alan.

7- A Christmas Story

It is hard to spend Christmas without watching the classic movie “The Story of Christmas”, which tells about a young child who tells everyone he sees that he wants a Santa Claus as a Red Rider. Is his wish fulfilled ?!

8- Home Alone

One of the classics of cinema, and tells the story of “Kevin” the brave child whose parents forgot at home alone on Christmas night while they went on vacation, and instead of stopping the calamities at this point, “Kevin” surprised by burglars trying to break into his house and decides to confront them on his own.

9- Elf

Starring Will Farrell and he sees some of his best comedies ever, and tells about an adult man he thinks is one of the dwarves of Santa responsible for sending his gifts to children, and he starts to act accordingly.


Some believe that these times of the year are magical, in which aspirations can be fulfilled, but Bill Murray from “Scrugged” did not think that until he met the magician Richard Donner; then his life changed after 3 souls accompanied him a few days before Christmas night to teach him a lesson in humility. .

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