For those who love Spanish-language drama, here are 10 Spanish series other than «Narcos» worth watching.

1- La casa de papel .. romantic capitalist adventure!

One of the most famous Spanish soap operas is a story that you might think is typical; a genius man collects a group of thieves to rob the central bank of Spain, who is in charge of printing money, but after two episodes you discover that there is a bigger and more important goal for these thieves than just stealing a few thousand money And, with that thief band that held nearly 80 hostages inside the bank for a whole week, the series takes you on a distinctive and dreamy adventure.

The series «La casa de papel House of Cards» starring the Spanish actor Alvaro Morte, who played the role of Professor, the head of the gang and the mastermind of the theft, and the participation of the tournament Spanish actress Itzier Itono, which acted as an investigator who negotiates with the professor for the release of the hostages, and the evaluation of the series On the IMDB site has nine points of 10.

2 – El Chapo .. How to become a professional drug dealer

If you are a fan of the series «Narcos»; you may like the American series «El Chapo Elchapo», which is also one of the Spanish series, and the series revolves around the life story of Mexican drug dealer Joaquin Guzmán Loira, known as El Chapo, from the eighties until its fall in 2016.

El Chacho played the role in the series Mexican actor Marco de la Humberto Poster, and the series has so far only released two seasons, and IMDB followers gave him eight points from 10.

3 – El Señor de los Cielos .. Prince

Once again a trip in Spanish within the worlds of action and excitement for drug dealers in Colombia and Mexico; through the series «El Señor de los Cielos Prince of Heaven»; inspired by the life of the famous Mexican drug dealer Amado Carillo Fuentes, who was the leader of Juarez Cartel, which was a group A major drug dealer in the 1980s.

The series began in 2013 with an American and Spanish production, and released the fifth season last year, the series starring Mexican actor Rafael Amaya and actress Carmen August, and his assessment on the site IMDB with seven points from 10.

4 – Gran Hotel .. Spanish version

Do you like the Egyptian series Grand Otel? If the answer is yes, you may want to watch the original version of the series and speak Spanish, because of the multiple dramatic differences between the two versions, and if you do not watch the Egyptian series; this is a good opportunity to watch the series for the first time in its original version, which takes place in a distinctive mix of romance, mystery and excitement.

The series «Gran Hotel Grand Hotel» on three seasons between 2011 and 2013, and achieved success and good viewing rates, which encouraged the Egyptian drama to transfer to Arabic, the series starring the Spanish actress Adriana Osiris, and the series revolves around the family owns a hotel and reside in it, This family and visitors and staff have close relationships and complex dramatic lines between crime, romance and comedy.

5 – Vis a Vis .. The high price of love!

A naive young girl who falls in love with her boss, who takes advantage of her love and engages in legal offenses; is imprisoned for nearly seven years; to find herself on a day and night in a women’s prison, and the adventures, most of which take place inside the prison, begin between the relationships between the prisoners. And their relationship with the guards.

The Spanish series «Vis a Vis or face to face»; the drama takes place in a similar framework to the American series «Orange is the new black», and is participating in the series starring the Spanish actress Maggie Civantos and Alba Flores, and gave the followers of the site IMDB Serial eight points from 10 in the evaluation.

6 – Hospital Central .. Emergency room in the Spanish series

For the fans of the long series, here is the Spanish series «Hospital Central» Central, which is set within a hospital in Spain; where we live with doctors and the rest of the hospital staff; their private lives, and the complex relations between them and their patients; This through nearly 250 episodes; Over the course of 17 seasons since 2000.

The series is overshadowed by an atmosphere similar to the American series «ER Emergency Room», and starring the Spanish actor Antonio Zabalborough, Angel Rocco.

7 – La Ingobernable .. The most important homeland!

When they got married, they had many ambitions to improve the situation in Mexico, and as the first wife of the President of Mexico; she finds her husband day after day away from the original goal behind their dream of governing the country, and after losing her full faith in him; she decides to break away from him, but this poses many challenges for her. That she must face by herself.

The Spanish series La Ingobernable is an uncompromising woman who is seeking peace in Mexico, which is not easy, starring actress Kate del Castillo, and her husband and president of Mexico, Eric Heiser.

8 – Las Chicas del Cable .. Freedom for women too?

“To be a woman at the time; that means freedom is a distant dream”, a statement by the heroine of the Spanish series “Las Chicas del Cable Communication Girls”; a comprehensive expression of the idea of ​​the series, set in Spain in 1920; For the first time, four women are given the opportunity to work.

This new working life opens new doors in front of their eyes; doors of independence and freedom, and each of them begins to break the bonds that tie her to her father, husband or any other sergeant telling her that she has no right to act in her life, the series starring Spanish actress Maggie Civantos with the participation of Blanca Suarez , Angela Cremonti, and Nadia de Santiago.

9- El Principe .. Call of Duty or Love?

A professional Spanish intelligence officer, assigned to a major mission against a drug dealer, travels to Morocco to track down the target, and everything goes well until something small is not expected by this officer; falling in love, but the crisis worsens because the one who fell in love with her. Target sister who seeks to catch him.

The Spanish series «El Principe Prince» is set in a mixture of romance, action and excitement, starring the Spanish actor Alex Gonzalez, and actress Hiba Abok.

10 – Velvet .. elegance and love in the fifties

This series is for fans of quiet and classic dramas, it is a social drama that displays a range of interlocking relationships with many paradoxes and surprises. The Spanish series «Velvet Velvet» set in a fashion house in the Spanish capital Madrid in the fifties; to form a permanent show of elegance and romance.

The show aired three parts between 2014 and 2016, starring Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre, with the participation of actress Paula Echevarria.

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