This is because you only watch it on the news screens, and you get the final result, but behind the scenes where the political kitchens and decision-making, there are a lot of exciting events and drama, something that many dramas have been able to embody viewers in an attractive manner gives you political lessons in a fun and exciting. We’ve selected 10 dramas – not the most famous ones like House of Cards – that you can watch if you want to learn what’s going on in the political kitchen.

1 – The Newsroom … Is America the best country in the world?

Why is the USA the best country in the world?

The series begins with the question asked by a student during a university event, but the answer is no, America is not the best country in the world, and its people are illiterate and their lives revolve around making money to pay bills, the series shows you since the first episode That the American dream is nothing but a nightmare. Through the newsroom of a political program, whose presenter tries to be objective and transparent in addressing his debates, we recognize a great deal about what is going on in the political kitchens around the world, and the relationship of America to global political decisions and their impact on the course of events and political agreements.

2 – Manhattan .. Wars destroy even those who are trying to end it!

This series takes us back to the past, to tell us what was behind the scenes of politics during the Second World War, and the makers of the series chose «Manhattan Project» to be the fulcrum of the events of the series, explaining the consequences of the desire to end the war in favor of America, by making a bomb Nuclear gives the United States the upper hand to end the war in its favor, the sponsors of this project was kept secret, even the Vice President of the United States did not know its existence, and therefore the results of this project disastrous because it was not subject to any laws or control.

Unlike The Newsroom, which chose to get you into the political kitchens of current events, Manhattan’s makers chose to give us a glimpse into the history of politics, at one of the most important periods of modern history, World War II.

3 – Commander In Chief .. What would happen if the world ruled a woman?

The first and last season of Commander In Chief was released in 2005, but it did not capture a large percentage of viewers and its makers were satisfied with only one season, despite the exciting hypothesis of the series.

The series revolves around the vice president, who finds herself overnight sitting on the seat of the President of the United States of America, after the death of the President sudden death after a healthy illness, and highlights the political changes that can occur if the world ruled a woman, and perhaps the series does not get the mass Significant because of the rejection of the idea of ​​a woman in charge, which proved the American people to vote in the recent elections.

4 – Spin City .. Learn how to manage a big city!

Spin City revolves around a local government that manages New York City, under the direction of the city’s mayor. The government is made up of a deputy mayor, a press secretary, and some employees. In a funny comedy, we learn about the inner politics of cities, and the constant conflicts between government officials and media organizations. And how media advisors can manipulate the media through unclear statements.

You should watch this series if you are bored of watching complex political dramas and inlaid with deep dramas because this series – over six seasons – discusses all the events of political cuisine in a cynical and simple.

5 – Boardwalk Empire … Political or moral decisions ?!

The events of the series Boardwalk Empire take place between 1920 and 1933 in the United States of America, when that period witnessed many incidents of domestic violence, alcoholism, and political corruption, until the US administration was forced under any moral pressure to ban alcohol trade within the United States, the events of the series explain to you what It happens in the political scenes in order to enact a law, resulting in drastic changes affecting the daily life of the citizen and in harmony with the ethics and customs of society.

6 – The West Wing .. Where America manages its interests in the world!

The West Wing is one of the most important parts of the White House, where the Office of the President of the United States of America and his team, and the operating room from which America manages its interests around the world, and discusses the most important issues of US national security, which are usually related to global political events, this Over the course of seven seasons, the series highlights the most important political cuisine in the world, American political cuisine, and how complex political relations are managed inside and outside America.If you need policy lessons about managing America’s influence around the world, watch this series now.

7 – The Good Wife .. Role played by the wife of the politician!

The series revolves around the wife of a man of prestigious political status, who chose to give up her legal position in order to support her husband in his political work and be the head of a successful family, but after decades of staying at home in support of her husband, decides to return to her job again, when the press reveals a scandal Nationality belonging to her husband.

The Good Wife sheds light on the role played by the politician’s wife behind the scenes, as well as rebelling against the mental image of the politician’s wife submitting his scandals to the public, as Hillary Clinton did with her ex-president, you should watch this series if you want to see How political kitchens are managed from a feminine perspective.

8 – VEEP .. Funny Politics!

“This series keeps our mental integrity, it makes us laugh instead of crying,” said one of the writers of the comedy series “Veep” or “Vice President.” The series embodies the scenes of the White House political kitchen cynically, but it is not far from the truth. A good source of information about politics and presidential elections, and at the same time for entertainment.

9 – The Americans .. What do you know about the Cold War?

The events of the series take place in the 1980s, during the Cold War between the United States and Russia, and through two Soviet spies living in northern Virginia, claiming to be an American husband and wife; the series sheds light on the scenes and details of the Cold War between the two countries.

If you don’t have enough information about that important era in world history, you should watch The Americans, as it is a historical political lesson about that era, but in an interesting dramatic framework will not get you bored or deadlocked.

10 – Political Animals .. Series predicted the political future!

The Political Animals series, which aired in 2012, revolves around the former first lady, who is running for president, but does not get enough votes for the post. She is appointed secretary of state, which is very similar to the events of the recent US presidential election, and the loss of Hillary Clinton. In front of Donald Trump.

The makers of this series have tried to bridge the domestic family crises facing the minister, with the foreign political relations that she faces in her job in an attractive dramatic setting. Watch this series if you want a short and entertaining lesson on political relations between countries, sudden fluctuations that make enemies friends, and vice versa.