If you have just finished the great series peaky blinders, Boardwalk Empire will be your second best offer. The series, written and produced by Terence Winter – the owner of the series “Sopranos” and the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” – is shown by the “HBO” television network, combining everything, whether beautiful costumes, drama, or the crime element, or distinguished acting, Or the striking plot.

The series is centered on the character of Nucky Thompson, who is played by actor Steve Buscemi. He works as treasurer of Atlantic City in New Jersey, and at the same time, he is the largest marine smuggler in the state.


In the series “Sons of Anarchy”, produced by the “FX” television network, Charlie Hunnam – (Pacific Rim) – plays the role of Jackson “Jax”, who is the vice president of the “Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club” known as Redwood Original. Acronym for “SAMCRO”.

We don’t want to give much information, because that would burn the events of the series for you and all viewers. But if you are a fan of modern Western drama, which features motorcycles and reveals government corruption and illegal organizations, put this series on top of your list.


The events of this series take place during the Victorian era in England in the wake of the murders committed by “Jack the Ripper”, and it revolves around the investigations carried out by the detective investigator Edmund Reed «Matthew Macfadyen» and his team of investigators, who form the section (H) responsible for the neighborhood «White Chapel »East of the British capital London.

Although the “Reaper Street” events take place in 1889, and not in 1919 like the Peaky Blinders series, you will feel about it the same way you feel about Peaky Blinders, as if you were at home since the first episode. You can watch this show on the Netflix network.


And since you are on Netflix, you should watch “The Sinner”, starring Jessica Bell, in the role of Cora Tanetti, a troubled young mother with a disturbing past, and Bill Pullman in the role of Detective.
The story revolves around a man who must find the truth of a crime that Cora does not mention.

And if you crave to watch another thrilling story full of mystery and conspiracy, and of course a healthy dose of crime, watch “The Sinner” the next time you have time to watch a TV series. With its two seasons (16 episodes), you can easily watch this series on a weekend or two.


We love crime series, but do you know what we love too? Tom Hardy “The Champion of the Venom Film, Also Known as Payne in The Dark Knight Rises”. And if you are a fan of Peaky Blinders, you know that Tom Hardy appeared in the series with the character of Alfie Solomon. After a short period of work in that series, he moved to the taboo series “Taboo”, produced by the company “FX”.

The mysterious, stressful and interesting series takes place in London during the 1812 war (which broke out between Britain and the United States), as the adventurer James Keziah Delaney (Hardy) returns to his homeland after he inherited from his late father a shipping empire. Seeking to make the business profitable, Delaney soon realizes that he also inherited his father’s many enemies, who are ready to do anything to get what he owns.


If you haven’t watched the epic introductory episodes of “Breaking Bad”, then what are you doing? The series “Better Call Saul” from AMC is perhaps the best show you’ll ever watch in a long time.

The series tells the story of Jimmy McGill, who explores many of the ethical dilemmas “often of his own making” and how he deals with them. And since it’s a series full of crime and outright lovable criminals, Better Call Saul is definitely worth seeing.


This series, which belongs to the American West drama in the eighties of the nineteenth century, and starring Michelle Dockery – known for her role in the British series “Downtown Abbey” – in the role of widow Alice Fletcher. He tells the story of a city almost entirely inhabited by women, after a tragedy in a mine. The problems come with the visit of an outlaw named Frank Griffin «Jeff Daniels» during a cruel chase of his former protector «Jack O’Connell».

And if you’re a fan of shooting in open spaces, back-to-back encounters, and lots of good old ‘cowboy’ movies, you’ll definitely not be disappointed. During its seven episodes, this series was designed for addictive viewing and is ready to watch on Netflix.


Nicknamed “Loki”, Charles Luciano was an auxiliary figure in the “Boardwalk Empire” series, but in the “Making of the Mob” series, “The Gang Industry”, an eight-episode series broadcast on AMC, is considered the master Luciano is the star of the show. The series, in which Ray Liotta – known as “Goodfellas” – begins his story in 1905, and continues for more than 50 years, after Luciano came to power.

This engaging, informative documentary that inspired the production of a second season, titled Chicago, tells the story of the Capone. So when you finish this series you’ll have a promising backup. Is it not better to learn and entertain at the same time?


Best, hi you! Yes, you! Listen, if you can read the following in a movie announcer voice, that would be great. It’s not mandatory or anything, but it makes that even more fun.

Corruption. Greed. Lies. In a world where money is the only important thing, one man dares to set materialism aside and confront pure evil, starring Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis, the Showtime series “Billions” broadcast by Showtime.

Okay, stop joking. Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Paul Giamatti an American attorney general who made his personal mission revealed to Robert Axelrod, the wealthy hedge fund manager, relying on domestic circulation and bribery to grow his empire.


While you are visiting Showtime, watch another excellent series presented by the network called “PENNY DREADFUL” “The Awful Pennies”, and this series full of fear and wonderful fantasy horror is set in Victorian England. It features well-known figures from classic literature.
Inspired by Gothic fiction, and based on the terrifying notes of Pence famous in the past, this series is full of blood-black fantasias that most Peaky Blinders fans cannot resist. This series must be watched in its three seasons.