Who’s the killer? Perhaps it is the last person you can expect. The murderer may be the one investigating the murder itself, or sometimes there is no crime at all, and the alleged victim fled to fabricate her death to someone who wants revenge! In crime scenes everything is possible and suspicious; until the truth finally appears.

In this article, we show you some of Netflix’s best crime series, whether they are original series produced by the company or series that were keen to show;

Hold your breath and get ready for excitement and mystery!

1 – Mindhunter… Are you a fan of serial killers?

Let us open this box with all its complex mental illnesses, bad and dark experiences in life. What does it live and grow in a serial killer mind that spends the rest of its life behind bars? This question that American investigator Holden Ford wanted to answer through the events of the crime series «Mindhunter».

This series is inspired by real events in the 1970s by the American investigator John Douglas, who conducted numerous friendly interviews with more than one serial killer in an attempt to explore the reasons why an ordinary citizen is a thug and a killer. Is she a bad mother? Is it a rape of a child? Is it racism? So you know the answer you should see this series.

2 – Making a Murderer .. Enter the real world of crime

After 20 years behind bars accused of sexual assault and murder, the judiciary and the world discover that he is innocent of this charge. Stephen Avery, a DNA expert, has tried to expose some corruption cases in the application of domestic law, but in turn finds himself accused of crimes he did not commit, and lost two decades later. That story has already happened.

Through a 10-year work, he filmed and documented the series Making a Murderer, presenting the viewer of the American story of Stephen Avery with all its ambiguity and mystery;

3 – Alias ​​Grace .. Crime or madness?

This time, let us fly away from the atmosphere of American crime, and the rapid events of our modern age, and take us to Canada in the nineteenth century; Is that person a criminal, a murderer, or a psychopath, not responsible for her actions?

Inspired by real events, the Canadian series “Alias ​​Grace” is for fans of historical events and quiet drama filled with emotion and psychological depth, and is based on the novel, which was released in 1996 with the same title of the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, and starred in the series Canadian actress Sarah Gadon.

4- La Mante… The deadly mother

He chose to be a police investigator. But the reason for this choice is not great at all. Damian, a policeman, suffered a psychological trauma as a young man; when he saw his mother arrested, he could not move a finger, and he could not imagine as a child what his mother could do until she deserved that cruelty and the police dragged her body out of the house in front of her little son’s eyes Damien knew at the time that his mother was a serial killer.

The French short series «La Mante» gives you a philosophical theory of murder; the mother was killing all men who harass children and rape them, and she was satisfied with the long years of imprisonment for the price, but after her son became a successful man in the police, a surprise comes between mother and son. Does he reconcile and forgive her?

5 – Happy Valley. Crimes in the quiet valley

Suicide teenage daughter, addicted sister trying to recover, grandson of rape. This is the vortex of British investigator Catherine Cowood, and she has to deal with all these events calmly, and this is what has already succeeded; until I realized that the man who caused the suicide of her daughter has come out of prison and became free; to begin a series of chases and search for this criminal .

The British series «Happy Valley» introduces you to the world of a woman who may seem solid and quiet, but inside a volcano trying to keep quiet; until you find the person who deserves to erupt in it, and starring the British actress Sarah Lancashire.

6 – The Killing .. Who killed Rosie?

Sarah Linden did not give her police comfort and peace, but turned into a curse that dominated her emotional and family life as a mother of a 10-year-old child; she is emotionally involved – and too much – with the victims of the murders she investigates; until she was detained in a psychiatric clinic and returned to work. After the convalescence begins the events of the series «The Killing».

But once again she falls into the same trap, neglecting her family and son; her life revolves around just one question answered in two seasons of excitement: the murder of teenager Rosie Larsen, who was tortured, chained and locked alive in a car, and thrown into the sea to die by drowning. , Who killed her? .. is the last person to think of!

It is worth mentioning that the production of this series initially belong to the network of channels «AMC», but stopped production after the third season; decided «Netflix» to show the previous parts of the series with the production of a fourth part, which was already shown in 2014 on the Netflix network, Although Netflix does not show this series now, it is easy to get from other download sites.

7 – How to Get Away with Murder .. Study the law or circumvent it?

Study the law, is it to implement it, or to circumvent it?

Black attorney Analis Keaton chooses a team of new law scholars to be her team. Do you teach them and respect the law or show them in practice how they can circumvent it and escape murder? In the series «How to Get Away with Murder» the second answer is correct, the series produced by «ABC», and shown on the network «Netflix».

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis takes us through four seasons so far on a journey full of mystery and excitement when she helps more than one person escape a murder, including herself as events unfold, as well as many human and emotional relationships. Complex and hiding behind more than a surprise.

8- Luther .. Dedication to work is a blessing or a curse?

Luther gives his work the priority in his life; he carries the burden of solving the mystery of murder cases as if he were his only task in life, and now he knows the criminal, and make sure he was involved in the murder, but this goal is not easy; they are deadly smart and psychopaths; To justice. What will he do?

The British series «Luther», starred by the brown star Idris Alba, takes you on a journey to the darkest point in the human psyche, tells you how evil can control one of them and pushes him to leave his humanity behind his back. If you are in love with the drama of dark psychological crime, you should watch this The serial.

The series was first aired on BBC One and is now on Netflix.

9 – Rake .. lover issues lost

After watching the dark British series, let us fly to Australia when the crime meets comedy in one fun and exciting action too, with attorney Clever Green, a lover of lost cases, and defender of hopelessly innocent defendants, from political protesters to cannibals.

The comedy and crime series «Rake», starring Australian star Richard Roxberg, and his first season in 2011, and show his fifth season during the current year 2018. The series was first shown on the channel «ABC1», and presented to Netflix, but it is worth mentioning that the Arab residents They have a hard time watching the series on Netflix’s website, since it is broadcast only in some foreign countries, such as England, Australia, India, America, and Canada, but in return it is on other viewing sites.

10- The Following .. League of serial killers

One serial killer is capable of threatening the safety of the town in which he lives, but when this series is paranoid and has more goals than just killing a group of innocent people, here lies the disaster.

In the American series «The Following», serial killer Joe Carroll sought to form a gang of serial killers who carry out his orders according to his strange beliefs, and Detective Ryan Hardy must control that mess. Are you ready for an exciting and scary hunt?

The series was produced by the company «Fox» but stopped production after the third season, and at that time Netflix advanced and displayed the full seasons of the series on its network during 2016; prompting some viewers of the series to write a petition demanding Netflix to produce a fourth season of the series, but it was not decided Now, the series is available on many download and viewing sites.