Korean Series, Drama of a special kind, with her fans and lovers, most of them girls and women. Korean series depend on the romantic trend as a basis for work, and the special relationship that brings the hero to his beloved. Korean drama fans keep their heroes by heart, and every drama for them is a special case. From music to dialogue and movements of actors, the viewer feels that he went to South Korea, lived the events himself, and often attracts fans of romantic comedies such as movies and series.

  • Strong Girl Bong Soon
  • Strong Girl Bong Soon, this drama tells the story of Do Bong Soon (Park Bo-young), a woman who was born with mighty power, so that anything that comes into contact with a little force collapses and crashes in her hands, while Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) The young man who has feelings of interest and love and is the second generation and a rich heir to an outrageous family with crazy leanings.

  • Clean With Passion For Now
  • Clean With Passion For Now, from the best korean series that tells the story of Jang Sun-Gyeol (Yoon Kyun-sang) who suffers from bacteriophobia and runs a cleaning company, meets Kim Yoo-jung who has a joyful personality and does not mind getting dirty. With Kim Yoo-jung’s help, Sun-Gyeol overcomes his fear and falls in love with her.

  • My First First
  • My First First Love Korean series. Drama tells the story of a group of Yoon Tae Oh friends who have moved home for various personal reasons, where they will experience many experiences that include love, friendship and everything in between.

  • Memories of the Alhambr
  • Meories of the Alhambr series, tells the story of a young man named Yoo Jin, after suffering a setback after his girlfriend betrayed him, Yoo Jin travels to Spain for a business trip. There, he stays in a guesthouse owned by guitarist Jeong Hye Ju, both of whom are involved in a mysterious accident.

  • Kingdom
  • Kingdom is Korean Series , events happen in the medieval period of Joseon, tells the story of crowned Crown Prince Li Chang who was sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious disease spreading in his country, this fact threatens the kingdom when it is discovered that it is a terrible and dangerous disease that takes the form of the living dead.

  • Boys Over Flowers
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_obuTvhz2E

    Boys Over Flowers is a Korean series produced in 2009 in South Korea, starring Ku Hye-sun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Hyung-jun

    . Dubbed into several languages, and adapted from Japanese manga called “Hanna Yuri Danjo”.

    This is the best Korean series that tells the story of a poor girl who works in a laundry for clothes and goes to hand clothes to one of the boys in a school for the wealthy and the excelling so he sees him trying to commit suicide and saves him and by this, she enters the school to begin her journey of suffering with bullying and a lot of problems with the 4 richest boys in the school who are nicknamed the four flowers and treat them all deservingly because she is the daughter of his owner The only poor laundry in their school. with each other.

  • Hello My Twinties
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmWqk-Vqy9o

    Hello My Twinties is from the ,best Korean series that tells the story of 5 college students who decide to live together in one place, to begin their journey of suffering with each other.only poor laundry in their school.