The truth with the eyes of a woman

A six-part drama series produced in 2017, starring Helen McCurry, in which she played a human rights lawyer and is known for gravitating to lost causes, insisting on seeking the truth no matter how difficult it is.

One of the cases in which it is decided to plead is a murder in which one of them was convicted 14 years ago, and therefore has the determination to prove his innocence, no matter what the effort, or attempts to unravel.

«11.22.63» .. A secondary teacher trying to prevent the assassination of Kennedy

A short, dramatic series based on a book of the same name by Stephen King, an eight-episode work that combines drama, mystery and science fiction, starring James Franco.

The plot has a secondary teacher who has the opportunity to travel through time and back to the past, specifically to Texas in 1960; trying to prevent the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, but some unexpected events stand in the way of his quest, will he succeed in overcoming it?

It was noteworthy that the work was produced in 2016, and then won a public evaluation of 8.6 points on the site «IMDb», while at the technical level of the work nominated for the «Emmy» among several other nominations.

«The Night Of»… The face of ugly justice

An American series rated 8.5 on IMDb, nominated for three Golden Globe awards, and ranked 157th in the list of the site, which includes the best 250 series in history. He is adapted from another British series, “Criminal Justice,” a season-long eight-episode series starring Reese Ahmed, John Tortoro and Bill Camp.

The work combines drama and crime but is characterized by human and social angles rather than ambiguity. It revolves around Nasir Khan, an American Muslim student of Pakistani descent, living in isolation from society, and choosing for his life a simple pattern unlike the commonplace His age.

Suddenly his life is turned upside down when he meets a friend’s invitation to a party, because of this ceremony meets a girl who attracts him and spend the night with him before he wakes up the morning, if he was killed, the only accused of killing her, and worse that he does not remember anything about his last night.

Then the events continue, but instead of shedding light on the pleadings and attempts to acquit the hero; More importantly, how can American justice be a criminal who is only interested in proving the charge against the accused even if he is in fact innocent?

«And Then There Were None» .. Who is the culprit?

A British series produced in 2015, a masterpiece adapted from a novel by the same name by Agatha Christie, of which 100 million copies were sold, making it the best-selling novel by Agatha Christie. First released in 1939, it is ranked number seven on the list of bestsellers worldwide.

Going back to talk about the work, it fits those looking for a very short series, because it consists of only three episodes, and is characterized by the fact that it combines drama and mystery; Invited them not found.

Then the pace of events begins to escalate when it becomes clear that each of them is accused of a crime; and then kill the heroes one by one, who might be the culprit?

«Houdini» .. All you want to know about the greatest magician in history

This work differs from the rest of the list in that it is not only a drama, but a biography, which tells the story of Harry Houdini’s life, how he challenged the difficulties he faced from childhood, and his determination to realize his impossible dream of being the greatest magician of his time.

The 2014 American-Canadian series, starring the famous star Adrian Brody, won the Emmy Award, a season of only two episodes, although the duration of each episode is one and a half hours.

«Olive Kitteridge» .. Suffering refines humans

Social series may not be the favorite drama category for the vast majority of the audience, but this does not negate that it has its murids who know very well how much fun it is. So if you are a social drama enthusiast, this is the right thing to do.

It is noteworthy that the series was released in 2014 and includes four episodes, starring star Francis McDormand, which is based on a novel by the same name. It is one of the short series that achieved great technical success at the time of its presentation and even won eight «Emmy» awards out of a total of 13 nominations, in addition to a nomination for three awards «Golden Globe».

«The Newsroom» .. What is happening in the scenes of the media

A drama series that was released from three seasons between 2012 and 2014, but the total of its entire episodes does not exceed 25 episodes, although this does not underestimate its artistic importance until it was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards, in addition to being ranked No. 139 in the list «IMDb», and earned Based on an overall rating of 8.6 according to the location itself.

The series was written by Aaron Sorkin; It is suitable for fans of the drama on journalism, as it revolves around a news anchor who is surprised by his team and has left him to work on another program, which forced him to break his vacation and try to adapt to his new team amid the challenges that arise, which revolves within the framework of exciting stories Backstage reflects the world of journalism and media.

«The Beauty Inside» .. Inner beauty is better and kept

Released in 2012, it is only six episodes that combine drama, comedy, and romance, albeit most characteristic of plot individuality.

The hero of the series, a young man named Alex, wakes up every day and finds himself in the body of a new person of different age, nationality, or even sex, which is what the hero lives with, especially since he always keeps his soul no matter how different the body. But things change completely when he falls in love with a girl; he realizes that if he reaches her and meets her again later, she will never be able to distinguish him because every time he will be in a new body.

«Awake»… Life between two worlds

Fantasy series combines drama and mystery, released in 2012, and consists of a single season of 13 episodes, composed by Kelly Killin, and starred by Jason Isaac, Laura Allen, and Dylan Minetti.

The story of the work revolves around a family of a father, a mother and a son. Then the hero begins to live between two parallel worlds, where the wife is alive in the first world while the son died, and vice versa in the second world, and then events continue.

«Lost In Austen»… The journey of searching for love is ending?

If you are a fan of “Pride and Prejudice” or a romantic, fantasy or fantasy, you will love this series, a British work released in 2008 and composed of only four episodes.

Amanda, a romantic girl living in London, and one of the most admired writers of Jane Austen, even refuses to marry someone because his offer to marry her was not dreamy enough.

Suddenly her life changes when places are mysteriously exchanged with Elizabeth Bennett, the heroine of the novel “Pride and Prejudice”. Especially when Amanda spoils the mainline with the original novel!