We watch horror movies, human drama, and what about you? what about you? What if the reality?

We watch horror movies, dark drama; What if every murder we found was cruel and frightening has origins on the ground? What if the reality is strangest and harsher than fiction?

1 – Dreams of life .. Do not leave spaces between your loved ones

TV sound you can hear on your voice site in London? For three years before anyone discovered it.

“This film is about a mysterious woman, who died on her bed for three years without being discovered.

How did Joyce die? Why has no one missed her in all these years? “Dreams of life” to answer you; only if you can control your tears.

2 – Just, Melvin: Just Evil .. Grandpa isn’t always a good role model

Do you remember grandpa’s tales? Or the wonderful few hours you spent with him on a picnic to buy ice cream? Our memories with our ancestors are often punctuated by overwhelming, unconditional love, as is said in the popular Egyptian proverb: “dearest than the boy, the boy was born”, but not for James Ronald Whitney.

The documentary «Just, Melvin: Just Evil» directed by James Ronald Whitney tried to highlight the cases of sexual harassment and abuse that occur to children by a relative, and this through documenting the history of his grandfather Melvin, who sexually assaulted more than one child in the family, including James Himself.

3 – The Nightmare

You are not asleep, but you are not awake either. You went through that situation before?

This case is called scientific paralysis of sleep, and in some cultures called Aljathoom, a widespread situation plague many people, and make them temporary horror, and the documentary «The Nightmare» embodies that situation frightening artistic embodiment; Others are going through it.

4 – Child of Rage .. How to kill innocence

If you love children, this film is probably the hardest on you, because it embodies the psychological distortion and disorder that can be reached by the child being abused from his family, to realize that it is more than anger, crying, screaming and suicide attempts, there are more dangerous stages.

The documentary «Child of Rage» documented thorny encounters with the child Beth Thomas, who was abused; making her socially disordered as described in the film; To see this innocent face making these shocking statements?

5 – Albert Fish: In Sin, He Found Salvation .. cannibal

The American film «The Silence of the Lambs» and the newly produced television drama «Hannibal» and other world drama, tried to embody the story of the life of serial killer Albert Fish, who was eating the meat of his victims, and these acts were characterized by the dark worlds that embodied this man, but there What is more dark.

The documentary «Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation» takes you on a terrifying tour of the real dark worlds of this serial killer, without any dramatic exaggeration or manipulation of events; to make the documentary more terrifying because of its accuracy and proximity to reality.

6 – The Stanford Prison Experiment

Psychological experiments are sometimes harsher than scientific experiments, especially if they get out of hand.

At the beginning of the 1980s, some professors from Stanford University in the United States of America began a strange psychological experiment of this kind, in order to find out the psychological causes of the conflicts between prisoners and guards, and 14 students from the Department of Psychology volunteered to participate in this experiment, and the result was tragic.

“The Stanford Prison Experiment” documents the experience, the psychological dangers to which the participants were exposed, and the frightening aspects of psychological changes to those who act as guards, as soon as they felt the power in their hands. studying.

7 – Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer

The mental image of a serial killer, a psychopath, or a scatter of hair and blood staining his clothes collapses in front of the documentary “Confessions of a Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer,” which takes viewers on a journey into the mind of one of America’s most famous serial killers. Personal meetings with him and his family.

Jeffrey Dammer killed 17 young teenagers and then ate their meat. In this film, Jeffrey shows a normal, quiet man who tells his interlocutor logic and reasons why he committed these crimes, his elegant appearance, big glasses, and polite hair, all of which give you a different view of the serial killer.

8 – Mommy Dead and Dearest .. Why did you kill her mother?

Do you suffer from the control of your parents? If yes, you should watch this film, just to get the wisdom of it. It documents the life of one of the most cruel mothers in modern history, whose daughter was forced to kill her to get rid of her frightening control over her.

In “Mommy Dead and Dearest” we see a mother who deliberately sickens her daughter so that she remains under her control and does not go out to life and leaves her, forcing her to pretend that she is mentally handicapped to remain under her guardianship, but the girl eventually recognizes a young man who encourages her to kill her mother and escape With him.

9 – Satan Came to Eden … A dream turned into a nightmare

In periods of depression and anger, how many times have you thought that you would like to be alone on an island far from what your eyes used to be?

Perhaps a lot, but a group of young people in their thirties did not stop at imagination but took a bold step towards implementation, but after they left to one of the isolated islands of Ecuador; they did not find the paradise they dreamed of, but what they found may be more terrifying than anything In our imagination.

The documentary “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden” documents the journey of these dreamers, all of whom disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and have not been found or their bodies so far, and the events of the documentary are clouded by darkness and horror as described by one of the critics in the New York Times.

10 – Monster: The Josef Fritzl Story .. Father or monster?

Imagine a girl imprisoned for more than 20 years, no one sees her, no one else visits, not even stood in the sun for one hour. Also, her jailers occasionally visit her to beat or rape, and sometimes psychological torture.

The documentary «Monster: The Josef Fritzl Story» tells the story of a man who locked his daughter in the basement of the house 24 years, during which he raped her hundreds of times, and had seven children!

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