Do you want to watch top anime of this year? get ready

Anime is widely known around the world, and originally means “manga” – Japanese comics. The anime is for all ages, unlike animation that usually only for kids.
we have selected the top 10 anime for this year

Get ready and bring popcorn to spend your free time in front of TV

 1 – Attack on Titan

The story revolves around the life of Erin Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert, who live in a world where the rest of mankind lives in cities surrounded by huge walls because of the sudden emergence of giants, huge creatures that devour humans.

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2 – My Hero Academia

The story revolves around a boy with no supernatural power in a world where most people have supernatural powers and those without supernatural powers are rare.

3 – One Punch Man

A storytelling about a character called Saitama, a hero with a superpower, as he overcomes all his opponents with a single punch, so he is always bored by the lack of a worthy opponent, so he seeks by fighting evil to find an opponent worth it.

4 – Promised Neverland

The story revolves around orphans living in an orphanage where you want it when a person reaches the age of 6 is often adopted, but some stay more. The oldest persons in the orphanage are 11 years old. The manga is about Emma and Norman’s two biggest children trying to escape and discover the outside world.

5 – “Kimtsu no Yaeba” or Satan’s killer

It is a story about rumors that have existed since ancient times about demons eater, are in the forest, which is why the local inhabitants of the town do not venture out at night.
Legend has it that Satan’s killer wanders at night too, chasing these bloodthirsty demons. For Tangier, these rumors will soon become part of his harsh reality.

6 – Dororo

The story revolves around an orphan boy named Hyakkimaru, during the Sengoku period, Hyakkimaru was born in a distorted manner, without facial features or internal organs. This was because of his father who made a deal with the demons so that he could protect the earth and increase its wealth and prosperity.

7 – Black Clover

It tells the story of two orphaned friends living in a poor church, but one of them dreams of becoming a magic emperor, even though he does not have magical powers, unlike his friend who excels in wind control.

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8 – bungou stray dogs

The story focuses on talented people with supernatural powers and uses them for various purposes including holding business, solving puzzles and performing tasks assigned by the mafia. The story follows mainly members of the Armed Investigation Agency and their daily lives.

9 – Mob psycho 100

The story revolves around the boy “MOB” where he can bend spoons and lift things with his mind at an early age, but gradually refrained from using his ability in public places and explodes if his emotional capacity reaches 100%

10 – Diamond no Ace

The story is about Sawamura Eijun, moving to a high school and joining the baseball team. There he meets a talented player and together with the team they will try to persevere to win.