Overweight is a crisis that many people are experiencing, especially with the proliferation of devices that provide us with comfort and exemption from hard work, in addition to takeaways full of fat, which is used by workers for long hours outside the home; because there is no time to allow healthy food between Family.

But if you’re seriously looking to lose weight, we’ve picked a bunch of movies that will get you started.

10 – Shallow Hal … Your view of yourself or others’ view of you?

Before you start making a plan to lose weight; ask yourself: Why do I want to change my body shape ?! Do you want to please others or you want to prove your will to yourself and maintain your health ?! If the purpose of losing weight is others or a partner who asks you to stay in your life, you should watch this movie to realize that someone who loves you must love your person and soul also with your body, and that person should accept your shape as you please and not according to personal criteria.

In this film, the hero suffers from his superficial thinking and judges others by appearances, and therefore falls under the influence of a magic spell that makes him see the outer shape of human beings as characterized by their spirit and character. If you are not a fan of foreign films, you can watch the Egyptian version of the movie “My Sleeper”.

9 – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape ..

How to set a good example for your children?

The film is set in a dramatic context about what Gilbert is going through with his family, after the death of his father who left him a mentally handicapped brother, a mother with obesity, which makes her suffer from many physical and psychological diseases, in addition to her inherent bedding upstairs from home. Weighing fall parts of the house basis.

This film paints a vivid picture of the future that awaits you if you leave obesity in control of your life, and will put you in front of an important question: Is the image of the obese person who can not move because of excessive food; is the image that you want to leave in the minds of your children from you after you leave the world?

8 – My Mom’s New Boyfriend… The time is right to start

The film begins with a young man who leaves his mother’s home to join a prestigious job in another country, leaving behind his sad and fat mother to leave, but when he returns more than a year later, he finds a surprise waiting for him: his mother has lost a lot of weight, and has become more beautiful and exciting Of a girl at the age of his fiancee. There was a strange surprise for him, the men who fell in love with her and chased her all the time, but the biggest surprise was that one of those men might be wanted by the international police, and a series of “comedy” adventures begin.

The film is a good incentive for everyone who thinks they are old, and it has become difficult for him to get rid of weight gain that impedes his movement and negatively affects his health. Watch this film if you have the desire to lose weight, regardless of your age.

7 – Rocky .. Get ready to run!

A series of rocky films, presented a lot of enthusiastic scenes while practicing Rocky, boxing champion to prepare for one of the decisive games, and the music accompanying these exercises was successful in spreading enthusiasm in the heart of the scenes. Watch these movies if you want to lose weight based on building physical and healthy fitness, and will give you the enthusiasm to start running, the easiest and least expensive sport.

6 – Million Dollar Baby .. Find out what the will does

Losing weight and gaining a sporty body is not an impossible dream as the lazy part of your mind depicts you. Therefore, the willpower can reach you to the limits you never imagined. Watch in this film the girl who dreams of being the world boxing champion, and how the will enabled her to Realize her dreams, despite all the obstacles she faced.

5 – Fat … Should Love Be Motivated?

This film discusses the denial that controls obese people. The film portrays the problem through the obese hero who refuses to give up his harmful eating habits, despite warnings by doctors that he may die prematurely due to excess body fat.

The hero treats the food in this film as if he were his partner or the love of his age, but when the hero meets his true love, is this enough motivation for him to save his life in order to spend a long life with the woman who loves him, or he sticks to food as his only love? That’s what you’ll discover when you watch the movie.

4 – Super-Size Me .. Realistic experience of fast food damage

Are you a takeaway lover? Is it the main reason to increase your weight?

This film was directed for you, because the director of this film wanted to shed light on the takeaway industry, by eating McDonald’s meals for a whole month, with a video documentation of all the damage to his body because of this quality of food, in addition to revealing the veil Harmful methods used by takeaway restaurants, in order to provide fast meals in a short time.

3 – Without Limits … Never set limits to your dreams

This film captures the life story of American runner Steve Prevontaine, full of inspirational attitudes, which encourages viewers to continue to run after his dreams, literally and figuratively. The director in this film embodied the scenes of running is an attractive and enthusiastic, watch this film if you need a strong psychological impetus towards achieving the dream of weight and ideal body. Don’t set limits for your dreams.

2 – Fatso .. Do you need specialized help?

Sometimes a passion for food is something that is beyond human control, a form of medically recognized addiction. This film reveals the inner world of food addicts, and how their mind can find a reason to eat at any time. When you watch this movie, you realize how much you need Specialized help for weight loss, whether it should be psychological or medical.

1 – To Be Fat Like Me: Slimming is not a measure of beauty

In this film, his skinny hero tries to penetrate the worlds of obese people, so she is close to her classmate who is obese, but the heroine exploits that friend for personal purposes, and the film reveals to you in the end that slimness is not a measure of beauty, as evidenced by the skinny girl’s ugliness Her character Despite her slim body, watching this film is important for anyone who intends to start losing weight, until he realizes that its thinness will not be a justification for his arrogance or personal flaws.