Parents usually do not want their children to watch violent or horror films, as well as some moral reservations about sexual scenes.

They don’t want to waste time watching movies but want movies that affect them positively without watching just for fun.

This category is suitable for older children, and most importantly who love/absorb this type of film where information and facts in their initial form without beautification or frills of imagination.

I Am Eleven (2011)

Australian documentary film, which began filming in 2005 to take many years and filming around the world, where the work includes meetings with children at the age of 11 from different countries, and talk with them to know their views and impressions of life and dreams for the future, and most importantly what they feel when they reach that critical stage And completely separated between childhood and adolescence.

Bully (2011)

An American documentary about the bullying of children in school, the club, transportation, etc., and how it affects and destroys the child’s psyche, whether that child is the victim or even the victim of others, and some may even lose their entire lives… The film addresses this important issue dynamically and effectively from the perspective of the children themselves as well as from the perspective of parents, which makes the film worthy of family viewing.

Girl Rising (20130

A US-Indian drama-documentary film about nine heroes with nine girls from different countries around the world (Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Afghanistan, and Nepal). The film presents what each girl faces in these closed societies, including the oppression practiced on women and girls, and the injustice and problems they face between unfair child labor, the marriage of minors who have not experienced anything yet and many other details. These girls are filled with hearts of optimism and their minds with awareness and insight, knowing that only education can illuminate their way and open them all the doors that have long been closed.

Maidentrip (2013)

American documentary film shows Laura Decker’s journey The girl who was born at sea and spent the first five years of her life in the waves, which made her always wish to return to that life, so at the age of fourteen make a decision to sail on a journey of two years and then proceed to implement, to become the youngest person Absolutely go on a single cruise around the world.

He Named Me Malala (2015)

A documentary, a US-UAE co-production that has attracted attention and won numerous awards, explores the life story of Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, who won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle to defend her and other girls’ right to education in Pakistan. She was shot, and her position did not change or budge from what she believed and continued in her journey of conviction and determination, making her an example to follow.

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