The presence of women on the screen was never as strong and intense as the roles of men, and even as women’s roles increased, the dilemma remained that many of these works were written in men’s perspective, causing many inaccuracies that women did not really think about. And feel the way men think, and in this sense we had to celebrate the cinematic works that have succeeded in highlighting what is going on in the minds and souls of women who bear a lot of contradictions, and most importantly to reflect the image as women see. This is what we have collected in that list.

1- «Persepolis» .. to say «No»

Living in a society that acts from the premise that it has power over its members, in the presence of a combination of intellectual repression and religious extremism is not easy, especially for women, and although it is widespread in some Arab countries in particular, it is not usually presented in works of art with boldness. This is what the Iranian director succeeded in presenting during the animated film «Persepolis» in which she discussed her autobiography.

The work revolves around an Iranian girl living in what is known as the “Islamic Revolution” in Iran in the late seventies, and since the heroine and her family have liberal minds, they suffer from hard rule. With the audacity of the girl and her refusal to live amid intellectual duplication;

2 – «Ghost World» .. Strangers do not look like the world

Adolescence is the stage when people feel weird, and the world is not like them, which may lead some of them to act stubbornly and permanently without justification, while others tend to disguise a false identity to protect the soul from the pain of falling in love or any aches it is likely to bring. Life.

This is exactly what Enid and Rebecca did; they made a decision not to attend university after finishing high school in an attempt not to fall into the trap of a typical future. On the other hand, starting to seek common housing and low-paying jobs are acceptable. The two girls, between Rebecca, the most popular among young men, and Enid, who see the world with cynical eyes, take the film “Ghost World,” a journey inside their different circles that intersect with each other, and with other circles of people who also carry their own aches and fears.

3 – «Amélie» .. And you in the imagination life

Emily is a spontaneous girl who has been given a dramatic justification for life to emerge alone and isolated from the world;

As the years pass, life decides to give it a new chance, stagnant water in its slow-moving world, and helping it to rediscover existence, finally opens its eyes to the ugliness of the physical world and other beauties of which it has not known anything.

4 – «Feancess ha» journey of a girl decadent towards the discovery of herself and life

Francis is a dreamy young woman who behaves with madness and madness, enveloped in good faith, while carrying a lot of fear and anxiety, which is deliberately hidden behind a curtain – almost permanent – from denial. Because, while on the brink of the 1930s, it has not yet succeeded in stabilizing its feet in any way, although this did not prevent it from continuing to live in its spontaneous way, no matter how reckless it seemed to others.

Despite all the challenges that life puts on its way, it does not despair or allow pitfalls to diminish its heart’s passion. Rather, she travels behind her simple and intimate dreams without being afraid of destiny, driven by hope and enthusiasm or perhaps naive.

5 – «Laggies» .. Escape from responsibility title of life

Occasionally, women may not know what they want in life, so they run away instead of making decisions that they fear to bear, Maggie is one of them. Although she is 28 years old, but that does not prevent her from getting stressed once her lover offers her to marry, she decides to give up her responsibilities and escape reality.

Her life intersects with the life of a teenage girl, who tries to forget her problems by engaging in the lives of younger girls and fusion within their noisy and full of justified floundering.