In the past, for most of us, cinema meant either Arabic, American, and sometimes British films, a glamorous Hollywood world with inspiring and inspiring stories. Although this has changed little by little in recent years.

European, Asian and other films are making their way to an audience that knew nothing about them, and with the succession of good films, there was a fan base looking for that type of film. So, whether you are a fan of non-American films or still do not know anything about this world, but are ready to break into a new space of cinema and drama;

10 – «Toc Toc» .. Comedy black of a special kind

A Spanish film based on a French play released in 2017, a black comedy drama that makes you laugh but at the same time opens your eyes to things and feelings you didn’t normally notice in a plot.

The work revolves around a group of obsessive-compulsive patients who accidentally meet in the clinic of a famous psychiatrist, and with the delay of the doctor they have to deal with each other; But over time, they decide to find a way to help each other control their symptoms.

9 – “Forgotten” .. Can an entire life be an illusion?

A Korean film produced in 2017 that belongs to the category of psychological horror and mystery, is characterized by being full of exciting events and twists. He tells of a young man who moves with his brother and parents to a new home, where they warn him against breaking into a closed room that should never be opened;

Then things get even worse when his brother is kidnapped for a while and his character has changed! Although the hero tells his parents all that, but they deny him and accuse him of exaggerating, he decides to follow his brother to find out the truth, leading him to a series of exciting events that turn everything upside down so that you will never forget what you will see.

8- «Perfect Strangers» .. Simple game exposes everything

An Italian social drama produced in 2016, achieved tremendous success both massively with revenues exceeding $ 31 million or cash; even 16 countries decided to reproduce the work and provide its own version of it, including America and some Arab countries such as Egypt, the UAE and others. Copies have already been issued such as French, Hindi, Mexican, Spanish and Korean.

The film’s plot is very simple but very real and frightening; it tells of a group of friends who meet at dinner at someone else’s house, and there they decide to play a game they do not realize its consequences; its only base is to leave their cell phones in full view of each other. Whenever a message or call comes in, they should share it publicly, putting them in trouble when their secrets begin to be exposed, and if they realize that their seemingly close and close relationships are purely a claim.

7 – «The Invisible Guest» .. Surprises to the end

A Spanish film produced in 2016, rated by the public and critics as one of the best films belonging to the crime category, and is suitable for lovers of “Blues Twist” and lovers of endings that are able to surprise. To prove this, the lawyer who will defend him persuades him to tell the whole truth.

This in turn leads to a series of escalating events and contains many surprises, which soon reveal serious details that necessitate the viewer to re-evaluate the situation and change his convictions towards the heroes. Once he does, he is surprised by new information that destroys everything he has built and makes it rearrange events again! Surprisingly, the makers of the work repeated this more than once without losing their grip on the threads of the story.

6 – «The Lobster» .. «Constitutionalism» as no one entrusted

Co-produced by Britain, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Greece, it was released in 2015.While it has been critically acclaimed and nominated for the Oscars and won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival, the public’s perceptions of it were mixed due to the darkness of its plot.

The film takes place in an imaginary world, where all people must live in pairs, who are unable to find a life partner; they are forced to go to one of the resorts that have the only one; they must either find a new partner with a clear common characteristic – to happen within 45 days. Only – or be turned into an animal of its choice and exposed to hunting.

Because the hero has been separated from his wife, he is forced to go there and in the face of lack of time he tries to pretend to resemble a woman who reveals his lie and threatens to report him. By a miraculous coincidence, he can escape from that raging hell; if he finds himself in another group – by contrast – that includes fugitives and criminalizes falling in love, threatening to kill those who violate it. Of course, unfortunately, the hero finds his perfect partner within that group; he must either escape again and return to the first group or close his heart forever.

5 – «Wild Tales» .. Tales about anger will rediscover yourself through it

An Argentinian film produced in 2014, nominated for «Oscar» and Palme d’Or at Cannes, while some critics selected the best drama in the year of its release. The audience gave him a rating of 8.1 on the site «IMDb» and ranked 184 in the list of the same site, which includes the best 250 films in the history of cinema.

The work is six separate short stories, but they all revolve around the theme «the same» .. Anger, those emotions that arise out of nothing suddenly; Vtlip owners monsters broken and if they behave in ways they never expected.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the film was the simplicity and fairness of the stories, to the extent that makes any of us a potential hero, which makes the viewer immersed himself inside the story, and at the end can only ask himself: See what he would have done if the place of the hero?

 4 – «Two Days, One Night» .. Game of life and death

A French-Belgian-Italian film produced in 2014, nominated for “Oscars” and “BAFTA” and competed at the Festival de Cannes, despite the simplicity of his idea, it tells of a Belgian woman who goes through a personal tragedy that makes her depressed and lose her ability to accomplish or regain her passion for anything. Things get worse when her co-workers vote to fire her in return for the company giving them a bonus because the employer will not have to bother the salary of the heroine and the bonus at the same time.

In the face of severe humiliations to her boss to regain her job, it is decided to give her the opportunity to convince her colleagues to re-vote for her instead of the bonus within one night. Despite all the experience of the heroine and her enormous sense of weakness and defeat in front of life; but she decides to try to witness over the events moving between the homes of colleagues may persuade them to disqualify their personal need for money and abort their dreams in order to return to work .. Will it succeed?

3 – «Mommy» .. appearances deceptive and conclusive provisions absurd

A Canadian film produced in 2014, received a high public rating in addition to winning several awards, most notably the jury prize of the Festival de Cannes; Although about motherhood, he highlighted it differently. The 50-year-old widow is living alone and her only son and teenager have been placed in a boarding school because of ADHD.

The heroine is dominated by an unstable lifestyle both in her field of work and even in the level of her emotional relationships, making her always provocative and irritable, especially in light of her endless financial crises. Her life, however, collapses further when her son is expelled from school for excessive violence to the detriment of others; she finds herself required to look after him.

 As events unfold, we discover how appearances are deceptive, and how the decisions we sometimes make are forced to do not because they are the closest to our hearts, but because they are exactly the right ones at that moment.

2 – «PK» .. was banned from the show and loved the audience

An Indian film released in 2014, characterized by its unconventional story both in general and even at the level of Bollywood cinema itself. The work-centered plot combines fantasy and comedy, but at the same time it offers a rich and contemplative idea.It revolves around a man from another planet coming to Earth for rapid exploration, unless he reckoned to steal the device that would enable him to return to his world, forcing him to live. Among ordinary humans, while trying to adapt and decode that contradictory and hypocritical society.

Because the hero does not possess only pure instinct falls a lot of comic positions, and in the face of the difficulties of life decide to resort to God and take refuge in faith in order to save him and return to his homeland. Before being surprised by the multiplicity of religions, which in turn drives him to search behind each religion; deciding to embrace the religion, which will find answers to his questions, which seem to be impossible.

It is noteworthy that the work was banned from screening in India because of its thorny subject, but that did not prevent him from success so that his revenues amounted to 130 million dollars of the total budget did not exceed 14 million, in addition to being ranked 69 in the «IMDb» list of the best 250 films in the history of Indian cinema .

1 – «The Broken Circle Breakdown» .. about love, music and other things

A Belgian-Dutch film produced in 2012, won at the time of the screening «Cesar» for the best foreign film and also nominated for «Oscar», very suitable for fans of music films and rural songs, although it should be noted that the drama excellence.

The work speaks of a musician who has his own doubts and problems with God, and a woman with an unruly personality but at the same time believing in God’s power and will. The two meet; they fall in love at first sight and despite the obvious differences between their personalities, the pregnancy of the heroine makes them decide to marry.

The days pass them happily, before life surprises them with their child’s cancer.This threatens the stability of life.As events unfold, we see how invalidity deals with affliction, how relationships are affected by adversity even in the presence of love, and, more importantly, how people cannot return to their first bases even after the storm.

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