Great Money Making Apps, Everyone spends a lot of money buying a smartphone that has multiple capabilities and it is very innovative, but some don’t use Money Making Apps or enjoy these features and benefits of their phones.


For example, you can earn a lot of money with your smartphone,

but how can you do that?


In this article, we will tell you the best money-making apps, anytime, anywhere.

1- Swagbucks app

Swagbucks app is one of the distinguished money making apps for android and ios on the go and leisure, especially in the USA

Once registered, you can participate in dozens of polls online anytime and anywhere.

Besides, it also allows you to post your comments about the local shopping experience in certain stores in your vicinity, and you can join the Swagbucks online polling community simply by registering in the app.

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2 – Make Money app

Watching videos, giving opinions, answering questionnaires, performing free trials for services and applications, all these simple things that you can do in your spare time give you some money through the Make Money application.

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3 – TaskBucks app

TaskBucks app is mainly aimed at residents in India and the Indian subcontinent, it is one of the best money making apps for android phones, it works in a way to review some products, write the required experiences, and complete some other small tasks.


4 – CashPirate app

CashPirate is one of the easiest and the best money making apps to make money for PayPal

Just try free products, watch videos, and invite your friends to get good profits. You can easily withdraw your profits in your PayPal account.


5 – Google Opinion Rewards app

One of the best android and iPhone apps that pay you money. This application is somewhat different, it is based on your answers to the experience of using Google products and services, and you will not take money from it, but you can collect points by using applications, books, magazines and Google movies that are not free from the Google store.

Once you sign up, they will give you surveys every week, and the rewards may be from 25 cents to $ 1 or more.

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6 – Ibotta application

Ibotta application is among the saving money apps and not making money as it allows you to get special offers on daily purchases while shopping, traveling, dining or any other transactions as it is characterized by many special offers that help you to save money.

And you can check-in to receive daily vouchers on many products of different brands and stores registered within the application.

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7 – Rewardable app

If you live in the USA, this application may interest you to get from it a lot of money in cash only with some answers to questions about some stores after you registered in the application, you can get an amount ranging between 5 to 20 dollars and get them through Paypal.

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8 – Gigwalk application

This app is available for people residing in the United States and some parts of Canada, by completing some tasks you can earn money by taking a picture of a place.

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9 – CheckPoints app

This application is specially designed to make money for shoppers because it does not give money in cash but rather gives it in the form of points, gifts and rewards by playing some games and watching videos.

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10 – App Trailers

When you see a video clip inside this application, you get half a cent, and you and your desire to earn money from your smartphone the more you watch, the more money you earn.

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11 – Rakuten application

One of the best money making apps PayPal, This app is considered the shopping window on the world as it provides you with the ability to buy any product you want on the Internet and also provides you with the possibility to book movie tickets and theaters, and whenever you buy and shop through it, you get a price in return for that as a kind of advertisement for purchase Through its platform, and in case you can collect more than 5$, you can get it by withdrawing from Paypal.

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12 – iPoll

This app is considered one of the best money making apps for iPhone and Android through opinion polls, as the application offers you many surveys that you have to answer and that is for you to earn money, and you can transfer points to Amazon cards.

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13 – Sweatcoin

If you are not practicing sports, you should reconsider this matter.

You can, through this app, earn money for the exercise of sports, when you implement the steps that the application offers you, you earn money, which you can later take to buy sports tools.

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14 – Foap

You can use this app from profit by uploading pictures, you can take daily traditional pictures, whether for your home or your children or for the road or the sea or whatever you want and raise them on this app and the agencies will buy them and you get the money.

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15 – Vova

The Vova app is the best, undisputedly, for every person who is serious about money making apps, except that he is an Android or IOS user.

The app is originally for the field of shopping and buying products online, but it offers a profit feature that gives you jewels for every friend who installs the app and uses it and additional jewels when he buys through the application.

Other than the money that you can withdraw directly to your account via PayPal, you can request many great gifts from the site that reach you to your home (great gifts such as phones, smartwatch, clothes, and many special gifts).

This photo is proof of payment for this app.
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16 – KIKI

One of the best apps to earn gift cards, it does not give some cents like other sites but rather it is an app that can be a primary reason for making a lot of money.

The idea of the app is that you will create your personal page similar to the Facebook page, and add pictures and videos, and whenever you add new posts, your profits increase, and also positive interaction with your posts, such as commenting on them, contributes to increasing your profits quickly.

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You can request to withdraw your profits as soon as you reach $ 75 via various methods such as Bitcoin, Paypal, Google Play Cards and other special gifts.

17 – slidejoy

Slidejoy is one of the android apps that pay you money and provides you with a lot of profit in return for displaying ads on the lock screen on the Android phone, it calculates the number of views and adds points to you via your account on the app, and from here Money is transferred to your PayPal account

It is one of the honest apps that can be trusted without hesitation, but at the same time, it achieves some simple dollars for you and cannot be relied upon to make a lot of money


In the end:


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