Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest has become a popular marketing method recently, and it has increased a lot with the development of marketing through social media platforms.

Because of the nature of this platform and its difference from the rest of the social media platforms, it has become a preferred marketing method for many people and companies alike, and there are even those who prefer it and rely on it exclusively for marketing and this is what we will talk about today the Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

In this article, we will learn about the Pinterest platform and Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy, explain its difference from the rest of the platforms, in terms of the advantages it offers in the field of online marketing, and we will show you a strategy that helps you use this platform in marketing your products or services. So lets Dive in the Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform where users explore visual content (photos and videos), and share what they find interesting or useful with their friends.

Pinterest also provides a feature to track certain topics (Following) such as art, architecture, technology, sports, to show them pictures of these areas on their home page.

Users can either upload images from their computer, or pin images and clips they find online using Pinterest.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy (Boards)

Posting on Pinterest is a bit different from Facebook, and in this platform, it is called Pinning, because the platform works in a similar way to the wooden boards you pin the image to.

You can create your own board and give it a suitable name related to your field of preference, and then add images to this board, you can move between the Pins in any board.

The following images show you what each board section shows you:

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy viralstorie

The nature of Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

If we want to understand the Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy we need to learn about the nature of Pinterest marketing.
We can summarize the marketing process on Pinterest in a simple sentence:

“More images and Fewer words”

where the marketing process revolves around adding images of the products to be sold, whatever they are, and the sizes of these images are usually 1500 x 1000 pixels and display the content vertically.

After designing and adding images of the products or services you want to market, the process of publicizing these images comes.

which can be achieved with payment through the Pinterest platform itself, or follow some strategies and methods related to spreading on this platform and displaying your images in front of a large audience of those interested in your field.

As it became clear to you from the previous lines, the essence of the Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy is the images. If the images are admired by a large number of users, they will share them, which will bring you spread and, accordingly, sales.

Note here that the marketing process differs from its counterpart on Facebook where it may combine high-quality written content with an attractive image and achieve good results.

While on Pinterest the space available to write content is very limited, so it is important to focus on the ability of the image to attract the attention of customers, which requires design Innovative and unconventional.

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There are many software through which you can make an attractive image with the required standards, the most important of which is the famous Photoshop.

If you are looking for online image design platforms, I recommend the Canva platform, which provides you with a free image library through which you can design a distinctive image of the product or service you are marketing for.

You can also choose the dimensions of the pre-made Pinterest images on the site, which makes it easier for you to process the design.

Why Pinterest for Affiliate marketing?

With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the largest social platform in the world at a rate greater than the rest of the social media platforms.

But when it comes to attracting new users, studies do not show Facebook outperforming this segment, as recent research indicates that Pinterest has taken the lead in user growth with a growth rate of 57%, while the number of Facebook users has increased by only 6% .

This means that many people are turning to Pinterest, and many big businesses are turning their attention to this platform because Facebook marketing is not working well.

Nate Elliott, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research, says: They are looking for another platform to find the kind of interaction that Facebook didn’t offer.

While Pinterest was built with the intention of being a social commerce platform, Facebook was built to be just a social media platform, ( like Twitter and Instagram).

Therefore, Facebook is now trying to become a better fit for the e-commerce field, by adding new marketing tools and updating the look of its pages. It is also focusing on selling on Facebook, in other words, it seems to be trying to evolve to keep pace with Pinterest.

On the other hand, Pinterest continues to achieve amazing growth and has even outperformed many other social media platforms.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

Like any marketing method on the Internet, Pinterest marketing needs to implement a specific strategy to achieve the goals required of it, the general goal is to market products or services to sell them.

This is done by achieving presence and spread on this platform, in a way that guarantees the marketer access to customers interested in the product and then achieving sales through this platform.

In the following lines, we offer you steps that we recommend applying in the mentioned order to reach effective Affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

1. Create a trading account on Pinterest

This step gives you access to the tools that Pinterest offers you to measure your image viewer and click statistics, and other statistics that help you understand the nature of your customers and measure the impact of your images on them.

You can create your Business account from within your regular account in the following way:

Go to the main page, then go to your account picture at the top right of the site, and click on the arrow pointing down next to the picture and click on Convert to business as shown in this picture:

Convert to business on Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

2. Start by adding high-quality images that represent the product or service you are promoting:

Make sure to add a picture for each product you promote, don’t forget a product or refuse to add it just because you think it won’t be popular or interactive on this platform.

In Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy, this is a big mistake that many marketers make on this platform. The marketer may notice that one of the products he is marketing for is not popular with one of the other marketing methods he uses.

The marketer thinks that the product is the problem and begins to remove it from other platforms or does not care about marketing it, without realizing that the matter may be related to the platform itself and the audience on it and not to the product itself.

The bottom line of this Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy is that at the beginning of your use of the platform, add all the products that you market to, (even those that have not been popular on any other marketing platform, who knows, may achieve success on Pinterest) and based on the performance of the images of each product, start excluding or modifying.

In any case, Pinterest excels in marketing handicrafts, decoration works, and fashion products more than any other platform, which has attracted a huge audience of those interested in these products, which did not find its way on other platforms.

3. Choose the appropriate keywords for the niche of the product you are promoting

The space available to write on Pinterest is limited to the product image name and description, although this is quite enough for the Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy.

However, being the leader on the platform needs to use keywords that fit the niche of the product or service that you are marketing for, and by the way, they are not chosen randomly, but rather are searched for and targeted specific words, which is similar to what website owners do in order to improve search engines.

You can rely on some of the tools and features provided by Pinterest to help you find suitable keywords for your photos such as:

1. Auto-complete search words feature

This is a great feature of Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy.

They are suggestions that appear to you when you search for a specific word or term, to add it to the words you are searching for, and suggest you the best order for the most accurate words and terms to use in your search based on what users are searching for on Pinterest.

keyword autocomplete on Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

As you can see in the previous image, I typed “make money” into the search field, and Pinterest automatically showed me more accurate terms and words, which I can use to describe my image if I want to market a similar topic or product.

2. Keyword Suggestions on Pinterest

After I searched for “make money”, the autocomplete feature, below the search field, Pinterest showed some search terms based on what users were searching for.

The difference between this feature and the previous feature is that the number of suggested words is greater, which gives ample room to choose the appropriate word for the product or service you are marketing for.

keyword suggestion on Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

3. Search Options:

Another feature of Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy is Search Options.

This feature shows you the ability to limit your search to a specific category, so instead of searching for images or Pins, you will get a huge number of results that need to be classified.

You can search for pictures of products only by selecting Product Pins or search for picture or board collections, in which you can study the most popular collections and use them to design your collection.

You can specify search options by pressing All Pins next to the search field to show you the available search options, as shown in this image:

Search all pins on pinterest

4. Use More ideas for Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

Another important feature provided by Pinterest that many marketers overlook, perhaps because it does not appear directly until after you create your first board on the platform.

This feature suggests to you images that fit the niche and field of your board, and it also shows you the most famous images added by the most important influencers in your field, that is, they are already successful images and additions that you can study to improve your way of displaying product images and writing their description.

You can access “More ideas” by logging into your account and then clicking on Boards and choosing your group of pictures or the Board that you want to see new ideas related to.

Click on it and then click on “More Ideas” to show you a group of pictures that fit the field of your group.

(Note that this group changes every time you click on More Ideas, so if you see an image that works for you add it to your group right away) Use the following image for further clarification:

More Ideas on pinterest

5. Follow influencers in your niche

This may not seem like a feature offered by Pinterest, but we recommend that you follow influencers and those with experience in your field on Pinterest for their Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy: image design, and keyword ranking.

This will help you understand the elements of their success, and then apply them to your Pinterest Affiliate marketing strategy, which will guarantee you success on this platform, because you are simply implementing what successful people in your field do.

You can reach the influencers in your niche through the writer of the field in which you want to search for influencers, then select the search options to be about people instead of images and click on them, as shown in this image:

Pinterest influencers for Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

There are also special tools that enable you to search for keywords and Boards that are suitable for you, according to the field of your product and then target them, such as (and the order does not indicate importance, each of these tools are effective):

4. Take advantage of other visitor sources to increase your popularity on Pinterest

One more Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy is to take advantage of your visitors.

Do you have a blog where you promote your products using content marketing? Excellent.

Take advantage of your blog visitors and encourage them to share the content they liked on their Pinterest accounts.

If you want to follow this method, make sure to add a Pinterest button on your blog or website in a visible place for the visitor to facilitate the sharing process.

You can also focus on redirecting the flow of visitors between the platforms you use in marketing

because sharing an image from Pinterest on Facebook and vice versa is an excellent way to convert your visitors from one platform to another and increases the effectiveness of your presence on these platforms

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5. Keep posting

Your post rate or the number of posts doesn’t have to be related to the number of products you market to, but you can post everything related to your industry such as tips and guidelines.

You may be surprised that the interaction of your customers with these publications is greater than their interaction with the images of your products.

This is not a bad thing, but on the contrary, this means that you provide a benefit to your customers, and prove to them that your presence on the platform is not only aimed at selling your products, but also in order to provide useful content as well…

6. Interact with your posts

We do not mean that strange behavior that Facebook users sometimes do when they like posts that they added themselves on their personal pages on the platform!

Rather, we mean interacting with your customers on your posts, because you will inevitably receive comments on the photos and posts that you will add on Pinterest, do not ignore these comments, but rather interact with them and answer the questions of your followers or thank them for their useful comments.

This increases engagement on your posts, which Pinterest prefers, and therefore sees your account and the content you provide is useful.

Pinterest will start suggesting it to other users who are interested in your niche, which increases your followers and the number of audiences you can market your products to.

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7. Choose the right time to publish your new product photos

The timing of posting images or Pins is one of the most important factors for your success in Affiliate marketing on Pinterest, like posting on any other social media platform. The timing here refers to several factors, namely:

  • The time throughout the day.
  • The time throughout the week.
  • Publishing on special occasions and holidays.

You can find out the appropriate timing for publishing through the statistics provided to you by Pinterest, which by paying attention to and reviewing them.

you can find out which of the photos you posted received interaction, and when and which of them were ignored or received weak interaction.

Note that monitoring timing means monitoring interaction patterns, so be careful in your calculations so as not to confuse poor engagement due to timing with poor engagement due to other factors, such as poor design or your audience not liking the product itself.

8. Rely on Google and Pinterest statistics to know the extent to which your customers interact with product images

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for keeping track of the behavior of your visitors and customers and if you start to monitor and review it with the statistics that Pinterest provides you in your Business account, you can easily access the images that have the best interaction, or that do not achieve the desired success with customers.

Then you can adjust your strategy to fit these stats, you can post images that generate high engagement or use them in paid promotions.

You can edit creatives of images that aren’t popular or engage, change their written content, or even remove them entirely.

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9. Rely on paid promotion from time to time

This is an important thing of Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy.

The truth is that the use of paid promotion on social media platforms is an oppressed strategy from all parties because social media platforms want to convince you that achieving sales without them is impossible.

While a huge number of their users see that it does not succeed enough.

Which of the two parties is right?

The answer is not very clear. Both sides are right, but both sides ignore many factors. Paid promotion will actually make your sales, but it depends on your strategy in using it.

For example, when we talk about using paid promotion for Affiliate marketing on Pinterest, we recommend choosing the best products that you are marketing for, and that have already achieved good interaction with your customers to promote.

Do not promote a product that your audience does not like, because this will make you spend a lot of money and make few sales (and you may not make sales at all).

Because simply paid promotion helps you reach an interested audience more and faster than traditional strategies, but it will not force your customers To interact or buy a poor-quality product or they don’t like it.

More clearly, use paid promotion from time to time, for products that have proven successful with you and have been accepted by a good number of customers, and therefore you want to reach a larger number of customers to increase your sales from them, but traditional publishing cannot do that.

Other Awesome Pinterest affiliate marketing strategies to make sure you share great and unique visual content on Pinterest:

  • Use branded images without faces – you get 23% more Pins on the platform than those with faces.
  • Create and share branded videos to promote your products and company. 75% of Pinterest users say they are more likely to see branded videos on topics that interest them.
  • Pay to use Pinterest’s sponsored video feature if you have the budget. Share photos and videos that show your products in action so viewers can visualize themselves using them more easily.
  • Avoid excess empty (or white) space in your photos – photos with 30% less free space in the background are superimposed on the background.
  • Create 30-90 second videos because they are proven to have the highest performance.
  • Create specific boards to share the most useful data for your company


In this article about Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy, we discussed Pinterest affiliate marketing, and although it is considered one of the most successful online marketing strategies.

Have you ever used Pinterest in marketing or even in social media? Share your opinion in the comments about the effectiveness of this platform as an online marketing and social media platform.

People also ask about Affiliate marketing on Pinterest strategy

Can I do Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog?

YES, of course, just search for an affiliate program that doesn’t require a website like Clickbank, Amazon…

Are Affiliate Links Allowed on Pinterest?

YES, you can add pins with affiliate links to your Pinterest account as you want

Can I make money from Pinterest?

YES, you can make money from Pinterest by displaying ads on your blog

Does Amazon allow Affiliate links on Pinterest?

Yes, you can pin affiliate links on Pinterest. You just need to follow their guidelines

How to do Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website?

1- Sign up for Affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank …
2- create an awesome pin using a free tool like canvas
3- Publish your pins with your affiliate link

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