Welcome to my blog I’m super excited to share with you guys this guide exactly how you can make money with google spreadsheet – $500 per day with Microsoft Office with no budget and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or you can use google spreadsheets as an alternative for free as a beginner. So let dive in and show you the formula of How to Make Money with Google Spreadsheet financial.

Formula Feature of Google spreadsheets

If you want to make money online with a low budget and start your financial life, you can easily scale to over a thousand dollars a day using excel spreadsheets I’m also going to show you a second formula at the end of this article that you can use to make money from this.

It’s super simple, everybody uses office and excel it’s no big or fancy tool that requires a lot of skills you’re not going to be using it directly, I’m going to show you how to actually make money with Google Spreadsheet with this it’s going to make sense as we go through this article and all you need is a pc and an internet connection and obviously of course excel.

Make Money with Google Spreadsheet with no skills

If you know what a mouse and the keyboard are that’s all you need to make money online with this no skills are needed super easy to do and we’re gonna get straight into this to make money with Google Spreadsheet.

Over here that’s started turning into a profitable business, that’s super easy to do I found like a little trick that a couple of bloggers and YouTubers are using literally to make basic Microsoft excel tutorials and they’ve built multi six-figure businesses every single month or every single year doing this “make money with Google Spreadsheet”.

The Simple Formula to Make Money with Google Spreadsheet

Take a look at some of the YouTubers, they make simple videos that teach people what the different blocks, the different abcd, and the one-two-three, means simple skills simple tricks, and simple tips on how to use excel.

Examples: People Using this Google Spreadsheet Formula

I actually want to show you a couple of channels on how to use formulas and functions in google sheets 7.2 k views 

Make Money with Google Spreadsheet

Here’s another channel over here simply dedicated to Microsoft excel reviews or tutorials and they just teach you how to use specific functions so for example how to use excel’s x lookup function how to work on multiple sheets at once, easily convert pdfs to Microsoft word format so they’re doing different tutorials and videos on Microsoft excel and office as well. 

Make Money with Google Spreadsheet on youtube

The Simple Guide to Make Money with Google Spreadsheet

So what you want to do is you want to go and create a youtube channel don’t worry we’re not going to only rely on Adsense you’re going to make money from day one no AdSense and no monetization is required. Automatically this is going to be a second way from Making Money with Google Spreadsheet.

This is really easy, really simple, and something that a lot of YouTubers don’t know about so what you want to do is you want to go and create a simple Microsoft office tutorial channel you can name it for example office tutors or something like that, something simple along those lines just uses a business generator online, go and create your channel and this is what you want to do to Make Money with Google Spreadsheet:

You want to come over to udemy.com and you just want to go and search for example “excel” search “excel”:

Udemy to Make Money with Google Spreadsheet

Scroll down and you actually click on the price and you click on free you will find over 8000 free courses on Microsoft excel that’s over 8 000 potential videos for your youtube channel

udemy free courses

all you want to do is go and remake these videos in your own words you can use a voice generator

if you’re not comfortable using your voice but if you want to build any successful business online you need to get over the fear of creating content showing your face getting out of your comfort zone you’ve got nothing to lose but doing this.


So I recommend recording your own videos put them onto your own tutorial youtube channel and educating Microsoft office windows teaching people how to do something on a computer is one of the highest-paid niches on youtube you can sometimes find channels with only 20k subs earning more than a gaming channel with over 200k subs just simply because that content pays about 20 times more.

Check Also:

I quickly want to give you an idea of what these exact channels are earning on a daily and a monthly basis and even a yearly basis because it’s just interesting to know but make sure to keep reading because I’m going to get to the parts of how you can actually make money from your youtube channel from day one without actually being monetized so over here is that channel called “technology for teachers and student” they currently get anywhere between 11 000 and 38 000 dollars a month 

passive income about Make Money with Google Spreadsheet

that’s a lot of money every single month just to be teaching people about excel we’re doing this over time it doesn’t happen from day one.

Remember there are a lot more users on youtube today it’s a lot easier to grow a youtube channel today there’s a much bigger population a lot more people a lot more active on youtube so all you want to do is just come back to “SocialBlade” have a look at what these channels are earning anywhere between 11k 

I could promise you youtube is more earn earnings are more accurate to this one over here the 17k

In-Depth Guide to Make Money with Google Spreadsheet

But what you want to do is you want to come over to “idplr.com” after you’ve created your youtube channel now and you just want to search office, search “Microsoft office” or “office” or any term excel word etc.. and click on enter and over here I found an exact ebook that’s got to do with the secrets of Microsoft office.

The secret of microsoft

Now what’s nice about idpli.com you are allowed to use these ebooks any way you want to, you can resell them, you’re allowed to reuse them rebrand them keep them as your own, and claim them as your own and do what you want with them.

 You can actually, make a ton of money off this ebook of your youtube channel. So all you want to do is you want to go and create a similar-looking landing page that’s like a launch page where you have like a free limited-time ebook that is just being launched.

A series being revealed to the public just recently and you want to collect your subscribers, and viewers email so for example this title over here you’ll just say “how to solve a problem and master Microsoft office“.

Google Spreadsheet landing page

And then you just want to have “your email address over here” then what you want to do is you want to have that people take them to this checkout over here where you can sell your ebook between 5 and 10 dollars and make simple five and ten dollar sales over and over again.

Why you want to keep it quiet cheap is because you want to make it affordable for people, if you can get 5 dollars from 5 000 people that’s over 25 000 in sales, I mean take a look at some of these videos over here they’re getting well over 18k views in just two weeks 1.1 k views in just six hours.

youtube to make money with microsoft office

Even if just 20 of those people converted into sales and you actually tell people in the description of your video go grab a free Microsoft ebook masterclass so five times 20 could have been a hundred dollars made on this video in just six hours.

Let’s say 100 people converted that’s 5 times 100 which is 500 people that have converted into sales like you could have just made often six hours of views that’s the power of youtube and traffic and over time you’re also going to be earning on this amount of views I would say about 200 to 400 a day so you can easily scale to a thousand dollars a day that’s 500 in sales of your ebook that’s another 500 in ad revenue.

And then what you can also go and do is you can go and create for example on Udemy a paid course if I click on paid courses you can create a more in-depth Microsoft office tutorial on udemy charge let’s say twenty dollars for that and now you can make money from your ebook your course and youtube ad revenue which is three streams of income

Passive Income with Google Spreadsheet

Coming in two of them being passive because obviously youtube is active work recording your videos but your youtube videos are naturally gonna get you sales on your ebook and sales on your course which is passive income.

So if you guys want to get landing pages as I used before so I use a tool called “builderall.com” it only costs one dollar, it’s like and then that’s your first month every month thereafter it monthly expenses costs 29 a month. So just benefit from the 1st-month plan, as I said the first-month plan is just for $1.

If you want to get all of these landing pages and get tons of sales and have your own checkout and eCommerce system so all you’re going to do is you’re going to click on create new sites over:


Choose “professional templates” and take a look at this I’ll actually go and choose the exact template that I saw for you now so just type in the search bar “opt” click on search and just click on select this page:

 Click on “save” it will build your website for you will take about a couple of seconds and just click on “edit page“:

Create landing page with builderall

 of that specific page you’ll see it take a couple of seconds and there you go so you can now go and edit the text for example “master office ” for example, enter your email and then take them to the checkout page where they can go and purchase this ebook so Builderall is an amazing tool to sell products and create your own funnels online.

The End

In the end, enjoy your life and start your passive income now, follow my personal finance blog and don’t hesitate to contact me about money management, income, and expense, track income, etc .., I’ll be happy to help

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