Do you want the best survey sites online?

Do you want the best ways to make money online for beginners?

In this post, I will introduce you to the Best survey sites online which you can earn over 1000$ per year.


The best survey sites on the Internet that I’ll show you today are the best ever at the global level. These sites get millions of visits and profits every month from new and old members

All you have to do is answer the questions that are usually “What is your age ?, What color are your shoes ?, What kind of your phone? Etc.” and many simple questions from your point of view, but they are valuable to the site owners who pay You get these answers.

can we start?


1 – Mobrog

Mobrog is a good site for profit by filling out the surveys and expressing your opinion on many things that he’s asking about and he pays you for every poll an amount in dollars, for example, some surveys are for 0.61$ and some are 1.5$ and so on.

You can collect your rewards through PayPal with ease and the lowest amount of payment It is only 6.25$ and it also allows payment via skrill, registration on the site is free and available to everyone, and it also allows you to invite friends and profit system for every friend who registers and completes three surveys, you get 0.63$ .

2 – YouGov

YouGov is one of the most popular survey sites, it is a British company, and it is a totally honest company, it pays 50$ for 5000 points that you collect from surveys that are sent to your email and every survey Filling it qualifies you for an opportunity to win some prizes, such as iPad or iPhone.
This is not the points you collect. Payments are made via Western Union service in the country where you subscribe.

3 – Toluna site

Once you register on the site, it gives you 500 points, and the withdrawal is 10$ for 77,400 points, but you may think it is a lot, but do not worry, so the lowest survey will be 500 points, and with your account information you get 100 points for all account information, you can earn as well as 500 points by inviting each friend, The site is free.

4 – Meopinion

A great survey site also, which is available on several surveys that take in return for each survey and questionnaire that you fill out a sum of money and payment is done through multiple methods, the most important of which is Paypal.

You can get your reward after completing the surveys and you get 25$ as a minimum for the payment process.

In the end, these sites,I had a personal experience, didn’t like to add any other sites that are not sincere, or in the true sense of the sites that I do not know anything about

5 – Swagbucks:

Swagbucks surveys N°1 of The best survey sites online, one of the most popular free and most reliable online profit sites in the category Surveys and Profits sites, from watching ads and videos to playing through this site.

Almost the site paid more than 600 million $ to users, Swagbucks, the distinguished and extraordinary website, provides you with special offers for profit, such as “playing online games, watching videos, skipping offers, viewing advertisements, conducting surveys, making online purchases, etc.”

6 – OnePoll

OnePoll is one of the best sites to make money online, due to its global reputation and its have many advantages that attract new users to it from all over the world so that they can make money online, even university students, children from an early age, youth, and even the retired. They can use these unique sites to make money online.

You will get your profits in many ways by skipping some offers, performing some surveys, watching some videos and other easy offers over all categories. it’s online surveys that pay cash or PayPal

OnePoll is one of the first survey sites around and always has fast and fun surveys to answer.

The survey takes about 3 minutes at 20 points for each survey (average) it will take about 10 hours to earn 40 pounds.

Check This ultimate guide:


7 – LifePoints

LifePoints is the outcome of combining two popular sites, MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, to create LifePoints.

So you are working on a famous and distinguished site and before they were famous sites for everyone and a lot of users around the world were using it to make money online.

The amount for each survey is approximate: 1£.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the average survey and gives you 100 points. So you can earn about 3 – 5 pounds an hour.

8 – InboxPounds

Who among us does not know the distinguished InboxPounds site to make money online with surveys, and it also has a mobile app, which will make it easier for you.

You can win while sitting at your leisure, or even on transportation, by completing some tasks.

You can earn by playing games, reading emails, searching online and much much more.

The amount for each survey at approx: 20 point – 1 £.

If you are looking for a little difference, InboxPounds makes making money online more interesting.

9 – Vindale research

One of the highest paying online surveysthat work to provide questionnaires and surveys for many products belonging to a group of the most famous and best international companies such as Nike, Samsung, Amazon, Disney, Volkswagen, and other companies,

When you collect and get 50$ and more, you can withdraw it and transfer it to your balance via Paypal or check.

10 – Panel opinion

PANEL OPINION is one of the best survey sites online.The site offers a variety of profit ways such as profit from cosmetic testing and through community posts, the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 euros, the minimum for each survey is 4 euros or 50 points, and the method of withdrawing money either Paypal or money transfers, each poll takes Between 10 to 15 minutes.

11 – Survey Junkie

This site is one of the most popular survey sites to make money and earn rewards, it provides surveys and when you answer them it will give you points that you can exchange for money and that when you get 1000 points, it will be transferred 10$ to PayPal and you can also get gift cards for free


Be careful that your answer is correct and not fraudulent because they know very well whether you are honest or not from your answers and accordingly you will get very expensive prices for what you do while if your answer is correct you will get high prices and this is based on their system.

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