There is no doubt that the dream of getting rich and financial freedom is a dream that everyone can enjoy.

So you will find that financial literacy books occupy an important place in financial planning books and the world’s best-selling bookshelf.

Who among us does not want to make a fortune that obviates him from the need to work and liberates him from the bondage of the job?

Everyone wants wealth and searches for it, but the matter requires knowledge and knowledge of the basics of building wealth, rules of investment and savings, financial economics and others. And of course, the best way to get to know all those details is books.

One’s first step towards getting rich is changing his thoughts and the best way to do this is to read other people’s thoughts.

In this article, I will show you the 12 best finance books, which will definitely have a big role in helping you succeed and obtain your financial freedom, and it is important for you to know well that the beginning of the path is by changing you the way of thinking and if you change it you will have the opportunity In dealing with trade or whatever your business and thus you will know well how to manage your own money, and you will find that I have presented in my 12 best personal finance books that they will provide you with many pieces of information and advice from your predecessors in the experience of obtaining financial freedom, all you have to do is go deeper into Reading these personal finance tips books to get the best results.

books for financial literacy

I mentioned before that developing oneself is the beginning of the path to success and if you suffer from many financial crises through which you do not have the ability to meet your ambition in financial terms, then you will know that the books for financial literacy are undoubtedly being your best assistant in this period, the last thing you want is reading, and this is the opposite of exactly where you will find that by looking at the books of financial literacy you will provide yourself with many ideas and experiences that will sharpen your earning and profit skills, and these books are:

1 – Think and Grow Rich ( Napoleon Hill )

That book represents a great value for all entrepreneurs due to what it offers in the field of getting rich.

Not only that, but there are many who classify that book as one of the most important books ever written in the entire history of self-development and best personal finance book

Every entrepreneur or any business owner must have read this book.

And you will find that the reason for its importance is due to the basic principles that Napoleon was keen to clarify and summarize for each future entrepreneur in order to find his own path towards wealth.

2 – Rich Dad Poor Dad ( Robert Kiyosaki )

It is considered one of the most important books of financial literacy, because Robert offers a comparison between the poor and the rich.

This book is based on the fact that the teachings and origins that made others seek money are what ultimately causes their collapse,

And with the ideas that he presented in defiance of all beliefs, which was demonstrated by the fact that money is the one who seeks after his companions, not the other way around.

The proper personal finance education for kids in terms of dealing with funds is what may help them in the future.

3 – The Richest Man in Babylon ( George S. Clason )

By reading this book, you will have the ability to learn correct behaviors and all the basics through which you can deal with money.

The most important characteristic of the book is the advice contained in it.

The writer was keen to provide advice and clarify it with ease and simplicity so that it can be absorbed and applied through what it offers from a new look on everything related to financial matters, and the book also attaches great importance to saving and investing part of the revenues.

4 – Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom ( Robert Kiyosaki )

If you are looking for a way that may help you to move from the employee’s box to the successful investor and businessman’s box, you will find that this is the most appropriate book for you, because Robert has offered experiences that he drew from his practical experiences.

5 – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth ( T. Harv Eker )

Harv displays in his book the entirety of the mistakes that you might make while dealing with money, and thanks to the advice and information he offers that reprograms your mind and the methods of thinking that you put in place,

and he will give you stories for a group of people who have been able to achieve their endeavors through the adventures they have gone through towards getting rich.

Best books on personal finance and investing

We continue our personal finance article by presenting the personal financial planning books for you to have what helps you reach wealth

6 – The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy ( Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko)

If you are looking for the best finance books for beginners, you will find that the best of all is this book.

Through which you will find that there is a common denominator between these rich people, which appears in their preservation of the means of spending and their living below the means available to them, besides they teach their children to independent success without relying on others.ning books for you to have what helps you reach wealth.

7 – MONEY Master the Game ( Tony Robbins )

The author of this book presented the most complex financial concepts in a simple way, in addition to the fact that the book is appropriate for the various income classes and in front of most of the challenges that may face them in their quest for wealth.

8 – The Total Money Makeover ( Dave Ramsey )

The best books on financial literacy are what give advice directly.

This is what Dave has maintained in his book. He explained that you should avoid buying when you are in debt as much as possible and if you already have debts, get rid of them and do not depend again on it for your expenses and investments.

9 – The Intelligent Investor ( Benjamin Graham )

Benjamin presented his ideas and experiences to all readers despite the different generations, but this book still maintains its place among the best books of financial literacy that stressed the necessity of you to analyze the financing that you own and know your investments well while avoiding relying on emotions as much as possible in Financial decisions.

10 – Rules of Wealth ( Richard Templar )

This book is indispensable as a guide for all financial matters that will bring you more wealth, this is through offering different ways to grow wealth and avoid obstacles.

These were among the most important books for everyone who wants to change their lives for the better and gain the culture of success

11 – Money – A Love Story ( Kate Northrup )

Everyone loves money and this is self-evident, but do we love it right? This book is dedicated to helping you not to let the financial aspect be a source of pain in your life.

It will teach you how to improve your relationship with money, do not make it steal your life and prevent you from an easy life, and do not make it impossible that you cannot provide, so you lose a decent life without it…

12 – How Rich People Think? ( Steve Siebold )

Stop searching for personal finance articles, this book is based on Siebold’s interviews with more than 1,200 millionaires and billionaires, where the writer monitors the habits and ideas of the wealthy, to discover the different things that they do, and that the middle class can do to build wealth like the rich, this book was published in 2010