Power, Drugs, Religion

Civil wars are one of the important factors for the country’s delayed development as if it were an internal cancer that feeds on its own good. Religious conflicts also have a stake in those wars. In this article, we present to you seven of the most important documentaries that explain the most prominent civil wars in ancient and modern history.

 1 – The Cocaine War: Colombia

Who has seen the Spanish drama series Narcos, whose story is about the life of Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar, is well aware of how a savings merchant can spark a war in a country if that country stands against his own interests.

Wars and conflicts between the Colombian government and drug cartels are not the most serious war in that country, but the wars between the drug traffickers themselves, which escalated into civil wars that made Colombia a battleground all the time, the real danger that Colombia faces most of the time.

In the context of these civil conflicts, there are many alliances and battles that have surpassed the most powerful action films in Hollywood. To see the full story of Colombia’s civil wars, watch the documentary «Colombia’s Cocaine Civil War».

2 – Civil War in Roman civilization… The ugly face of Rome

There was no worse time. When Roman Emperor Alexander Severus was killed in 235 AD during a coup organized by his soldiers, Rome was already under external pressure from barbarian tribal attacks on it and did not need further dispersion and tension, but with the death of the emperor began The most famous political crises in the history of Roman civilization.

This difficult period in the history of Roman civilization was called the crisis of the third century, because the civil war resulting from the division of Rome into rival parties continued until the late third century AD, when Emperor Diocletian succeeded in a series of reform successes, which resulted in the end of that long civil war and the stability of the country .

Why was the Emperor initially killed? What are the losses caused by the civil war that lasted for many years? How did Rome finally settle? This is what the documentary «The Roman Empire: Crisis of the 3rd Century» tells you.

3 – Religious civil war in France .. 8 million dead

From 1562 to 1598, France experienced a continuous civil war, unrest, and unrest among the Roman Catholics and Protestant Christians in France, and was classified as one of the most dangerous religious civil wars in history, because of the famine, devastation, and murder of 8 million people.

It began slightly when French clerics condemned Martin Luther’s liberal ideas at the beginning of 1521, but his ideas continued to spread secretly until the 1550s; until reformed churches were formed demanding the right to freedom of worship; The death of King Henry II further exacerbated the situation, and the war, which lasted for nearly 30 years, began. If you want to know the mysteries of the full story of that war, and the consequences left behind, you should watch the documentary «The Wars of Religion»

4 – Civil War in Greece .. Aftermath of world wars

When World War II ended in 1945, European countries began to take their breath and rebuild, while Greece entered a second, more ferocious and violent war, increasing the number of victims and deaths in World War II by more than 3%.

Since the end of World War I, the crisis began in Greece and did not enjoy much political stability; due to repeated coups, the formation of dozens of governments in a short period did not allow the country to enjoy a stable political unity, and the conflict has been going on between the Communists and various governments of Greece, and between the monarchists and Republicans as well For the full details of that devastating civil war, watch the documentary «Greece The Hidden War».

5 – « snake venom »… The first civil war for Sudan

Half a million victims and 17 years of conflict in a civil war dubbed “snake venom,” a conflict that arose in Sudan between 1955 and 1972 between the northern part of Sudan and the southern region, which was demanding regional autonomy.

After the UK and Egypt signed an agreement providing for autonomy for Sudan, South Sudan sensed the enormity of the power entrusted to the northerners to govern the country, which started the first civil war in Sudan, and to know the circumstances of that war and its consequences you can watch the documentary «Sudan’s 22 Year War: The Longest Conflict In Africa ».

6 – Freedom from slavery… American Civil War

Between the states of the North and the States of the South, this war was waged in America, which lasted four years, and the purpose of the fighting between the two fronts was for many differences and conflicts, but the most important was freedom from slavery and abolition of this concept in the United States of America, and the war lasted between 1861 and 1865.

When the war began, many thought that the overwhelming majority was due to the northern forces due to their industrial development from the northern states, but the result ultimately came in favor of the forces of the south when they succeeded in the eradication of slavery in the United States, and this is due to several reasons you can know by watching the documentary « Eighty Acres Of Hell Full The American Civil War ».

7 – Lebanese civil war .. the war of 17 years

Between the Lebanese front led by Camille Chamoun, the Lebanese National Movement groups led by Kamal Jumblatt, and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) of all strengths and spectrums;

The war, which began in early 1975, has resulted in more than 120,000 casualties and nearly 80,000 homeless, due to the devastation left behind by the war and the demolished houses lost by many citizens who have no interest in the ongoing war… To learn more about the history of that painful war, you can watch the documentary «Lebanon Civil War».