If you stand on the roof of a house facing the sea, and look through the telescope to the sky; you will see the deepest point you can reach in space, and the stronger the telescope, you will deepen your view in the outer space separated from the earth millions of light-years, but if you go down the telescope lens to the sea, You’ll only see a stereo zoom for its surface.

The seas and oceans are among the most mysterious places on the planet as well as beyond, especially in their dark depths, which we have not yet been able to fully explore, perhaps making the famous saying echo the tongues of science students: «We know more about space than we know about the oceans».

In this report we have selected 10 interesting documentaries for you; their makers have tried to uncover the mysterious worlds of marine life.

1 – Mission Blue .. Dive with Sylvia and «Netflix»

“The oceans are dying!” Says Sylvia as she intends to save her. From the earliest age, she lived by the sea, and she loved this world where she saw what others had not seen, but now she is 78 years old. Will, we let her do that job alone?

We will dive with her, share this mission in this mysterious blue world, and take you on this journey with the film “Mission Blue”, produced by the company.

Sylvia Earle is a marine scientist, writer, and researcher and has been an explorer with National Geographic since 1998. She has co-created this film to shed light on the beautiful worlds deep in the oceans that we could lose if we did not save marine life from pollution and the threats to it. In this 2014 film, she emphasizes that without oceans there is no life, and without oceans, we humans will not exist.

2 – Strange Deep Sea Creatures .. The amazing ability of fish to adapt

One of the most striking things about the power of nature in all its neighborhoods is the ability of these organisms to adapt, and the survival instinct that drives them to find solutions to overcome the harsh conditions of nature, be it by finding difficult or dangerous sources of food, or long-term change; Living on the harsh environment in which they found themselves from eternity.

The temperature is less than three degrees Celsius, and sunlight does not reach that spot, and the depth may reach hundreds or thousands of meters under the sea, and the pressure is too high to allow the human body to withstand, if someone thinks diving for that mysterious spot of the sea, which lived They have mysterious beings for millions of years that we didn’t know anything about, but that changed after the development of the technology devices used in marine science.

National Geographic takes you through the documentary film “Strange Deep Sea Creatures” on a journey to the depths of some seas to reveal to you a mysterious world full of surprises and strange.

3- Deepest Place on Earth… A visit to the deepest point on Earth!

Climbing Mount Everest – the highest peak in the earth – is a difficult task, but getting to the deepest point on the planet is one of the most difficult tasks. The BBC has had this unique experience to explore that unknown spot in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Humans never reached her before. That journey revealed strange and secret worlds at that deep point.

An underground volcano, exotic microorganisms, and many other surprises spotted in the documentary “Deepest Place on Earth” on a trip with a group of scientists to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in Earth, located in the Pacific Ocean.

4- Amazing life in deep ocean .. Light games

These scenes that you will see at the beginning of this film are not Christmas lights, nor fireworks mounted in the clear sky; they are marine organisms we did not know exist in ancient times, living in the depths of the oceans, where darkness dark, and their bodies such as light bulbs illuminate the bottom The entire dark ocean.


The documentary “Amazing life in deep Ocean” was produced by National Geographic to take you on a journey to identify marine organisms that have illuminated the depths of the sea for millions of years to create a “magical world” – as the filmmakers described it – and we can now see it thanks to technical advances in Underwater photography.

5 – Aliens of the Deep .. Ocean eyes cinematic

Imagine the mysterious ocean world with all its exotic and amazing creatures, presented to you with the eyes of an Oscar-winning filmmaker, to take you on a journey closer to spaceflight and meet objects that look alien to you, Because of their seriousness and extreme difficulty.

When James Cameron, the director of Titanic, met NASA scientists to make Aliens of the Deep, they knew they were sacrificing their lives when they dived into that deep spot of the ocean, but the result was a documentary. In 2005, it was screened on IMAX cinemas and was a satisfactory success for its team.

6 – The Blue Planet .. Full documentation of the world of the sea!

For five years, the team has traveled all over the world, photographing and documenting marine life under the oceans, and when the film first appeared, the media described it as the first comprehensive documentation of the world’s natural history of oceans and seas.

Phytoplankton, large blue whales, and some endangered marine creatures that see the depths of the oceans as a refuge, a last chance to survive, and everything you do not know about this mysterious blue planet called the ocean, you’ll find in the parts of the film series “The Blue Planet” Produced by the BBC in 2000.

7 – «Sharkwater» .. Shark is not the enemy of man

The diver feeds the shark with his own hands, so as to assure every peaceful viewer of these living beings contrary to what the cinema portrayed, and the Canadian photographer and filmmaker Robert Stewart assumed the burden of providing sharks to humans better and presenting their truth through his film “Sharkwater”.

“This is the organism we fear so much that we cannot live without it.” Robert tries to explain to the viewer through this film the importance of the environmental role played by this family of fish, which has lived for more than 250 million years.

8- Extreme Ocean Animals

When you look at the surface of the water calm, while reflected in the sun rays; you feel peace and tranquility, but if you descend down, to the deepest point in this water, above it you will see the daily wars between the frightening and strange sea creatures, which do not look as beautiful or attractive as the fish that You see it when you go on a short vacation to dive and see the picturesque nature of the seas;


The documentary «Extreme Ocean Animals Life Under the Sea»; is one of the events that dealt with the daily life of the ocean floor bus, and answered important questions, including How do these marine organisms eat? How do they reproduce? And when do you fight each other?

9 – Volcanoes of the Deep Sea. Fish living in hell

Marine scientists were aware that the depths of the oceans near the center of the earth where volcanoes erupt, filled with water temperature is too high, and they thought for many years that this harsh hot environment will not allow the emergence or continuation of life, but they were wrong; when man was able to reach that spot, We found what we couldn’t imagine.

The documentary “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea” is a documentation of that unique and powerful life and its beings that have survived volcanoes.

10 – Blackfish .. Do not Tkrjohm of their home!

This whale is wonderful, huge and intelligent, why not catch it from the ocean and trapped in a marine park so that it is a tumbler happy and entertains the masses? That was the worst idea that humans had to deal with this type of whale, killing many people, including their trainers.

The presence of marine organisms in the oceans makes her feel at home, and her presence in a sea park no matter how crazy she is, Telekom – the whale – was not evil, but he was afraid, sad, and angry. That’s what Blackfish tried to explain about this whale that killed so many innocent people, but is it his fault?

The film poses and answers this question, and the worlds you’ll see in the ten films on the list are the homes of marine organisms, and that’s the expected result when a human decides to take them out of their habitat.

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