Do you see yourself as a writer who hasn’t gotten his chance yet? Or are you a writer who achieved success in the first step, then hardened his place, and does not find the audacity to take the next step?

The literary profession is not easy, and some may think it is a quiet profession, and they imagine the writer sitting on the sea with his papers or his computer feeling happy and writing lines inspired by his imagination, without knowing the struggles that the writer lives in his mind. If you are a writer or interested in the secret worlds of the book, we have chosen for you ten films that we recommend you to watch.

  • My Brilliant Career .. Have you sacrificed for writing?
  • I love movies about writers and The profession of a writer is somewhat different from other professions because it depends on the writer’s creative ability and creating the necessary atmosphere for this creativity. My Brilliant Career movie revolves around that idea when it is imperative that the young girl who lives in the early twentieth century choose between a career She is successful in writing, and between a stable life in marriage and forming a family, just like any woman will fall in love with a man, which puts her confused for some time. If you are preoccupied with the idea that writing requires some sacrifices in the writer’s personal life, then you should watch this movie.

  • Wonder Boys .. Do you find it difficult to write?
  • In the movies about writers Is there a writer who did not go through periods during which he found it difficult to transfer what is on his mind on white paper? Or worse yet, when he does not find in his imagination what is worth writing, this case called Writer’s Block is a natural show that every writer goes through. If you are going through this period, you should watch Wonder Boys, which is about an older writer, who has gone through seven years, missing the ability to write any new literary work, after he won a prestigious literary award.

    During the events of the film, the writer falls under severe mental pressure because of the necessity of writing new work and separating it from his wife. Through these events, the film takes you in a series of situations that can help the writer to overcome that crisis and return to creativity again.

  • The Shining .. a lot of work without rest takes you to the path of dullness
  • from the great movies about writers, The Shining film reflects you the scary face of the world of writing, through a fictional story about a writer traveling with his family to an empty hotel, to relax and write, but the author discovers that this hotel is haunted by some evil spirits that succeed in capturing it, and begins to try to harm his family.

    This novel was written by American writer Stephen King and transformed by director Stanley Kubrick for cinema, and together they succeeded in symbolically embodying the psychological suffering that the writer is going through if he acquires a specific idea, and he cannot write it on paper because of his dullness after working and writing for long periods. If your writing is overwhelming, you should watch this movie, it might encourage you for a rest period that may be necessary for you.

  • Deconstructing Harry .. Or how do you take advantage of those around you for a new business?
  • The writer usually makes the life of those around him the source of his inspiration for new stories, and in movies about writers this film, the writer takes advantage of the life of those around him very directly, as if he documents the positions and crises he experienced in his family and life on paper, and this exploitation greatly angered them, especially after the success of one of his novels that She made him a famous writer flocking to readers, and during the events of the film, fictional characters from reality begin to appear and attack the writer, and a lot of rich and interesting dialogues take place between them.

    If you rely on the lives of those around you to inspire new stories, then you should watch Deconstructing Harry; it may help you discover the difference between inspiration and expose the personal lives of others.

  • Secret Window .. Writing is a path of madness
  • Do you tend to isolation when revelation comes to you?

    This movie about writer, it makes you think about isolation at the time of writing again. The thriller Secret Window revolves around a writer who resides alone in a house in the middle of the forest, with the writing machine he loves, and begins to write a new story, then an unknown person visits him and accuses him of stealing one of his books, and a series begins One of the exciting events that raise the question: Is what is happening real or all of the writer’s imagination?

  • Factotum… A journey in the imagination of Charles Bukovsky
  • If you are a fan of writer Charles Bukovsky, then you should watch this movie, and if you did not know Charles Bukovsky before that moment, you should also watch the movie, prepare for a journey in the imagination of Bukovsky, and the Factotum movie is from the top movies about writer revolves around a writer who finds it difficult to continue one work for a long time, in addition to his passion for alcohol, which makes him search for a woman who shares the same madness and the same alcohol, and this film is a good embodiment of all that the writer suffers if society tries to impose on him a routine life formula.

  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly .. What stops you from writing?
  • Laziness is the first enemy of every creative person, many ideas circulate in your mind like movies and you do not find the ability or the courage to start, if you have the complete idea in your mind, and all that is missing is a strong impetus to start writing, you should watch the movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” His events about the life story of the French writer Jean-Dominique Bobby, whose body was completely paralyzed, and he was unable to move anything but his eyelid, and by blinking the eyelid of one of his aides who uttered all the letters in front of him, he composed a complete novel.

     The question after watching this movie, which you must ask yourself: What prevents you from writing?

  • Barton Fink… Are you writing about the cinema?
  • When you write to publish a book about you this is an issue, and when you write for cinema this is a completely different matter, literary writing gives you the freedom to be creative and you are the director, producer and all the staff, but if you want your book to turn into a movie, there will be other criteria that you must Take into account. Barton Fink is a writer who heads to Hollywood to fulfill his dream and be a screenwriter and discovers the difficulties he has to face to be part of this world.

  • An Angel at My Table .. a mental defect or talent?
  • Has anyone accused you of going crazy before? Or did you feel that you are a stranger among your family and friends? Sometimes the author lives in this situation when his mind sees things around him differently and is difficult for others to understand.

    If you suffer from this, An Angel at My Table will help you bypass it. The film revolves around a young girl whom her family deems strange about them, they thought she was mentally ill, and sent her to a psychiatric and mental institution, and she continued to feel a sense of alienation until she started writing a novel, and the events took another turn.

  • Permanent Midnight .. on the side effects of writing
  • The process of creativity is a stressful process for the mind, and therefore some creators sometimes resort to drug use in order to help their imagination to be creative, or to escape the mental pressures that the writer falls under while writing one of his novels, and the movie “Permanent Midnight” takes you to the world of a book that tries to overcome His addiction to heroin, and the movie takes place in an exciting and comedic framework.