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Along with his excellent documentaries, which can illuminate your thinking and help answer many of the questions that exist in your mind, there’s a reason Morgan Freeman chooses to be installed on a car GPS and a more important reason for his popularity around the world. Perhaps it is his quiet, distinctive voice, his friendly smile, or his contrasting ideas from most Hollywood artists, but Morgan’s interest in explaining complex ideas, whether scientific or dogmatic, has made him participate in many films, and documentary episodes.

In this report, we have selected 10 of Morgan Freeman’s documentary works that address your mind and soul. Are you ready for the trip ?!

1 – What Happened Before the Beginning?

Have you ever wondered, “How did it all begin?”, And how did we humans reach that small point in the vast universe and we could make it our home for centuries? Do you have curiosity to learn how the universe began? More importantly, what was happening before the universe formed as we know it now?

“We all heard about the theory of the Big Bang, through which the universe originated; but is that theory the absolute truth about the origin of the universe?” Morgan Freeman asks this question at the beginning of the documentary episode “What Happened Before the Beginning”, and he and a group of astronomers and physicists try to answer this question, giving the viewer a glimpse of the universe before we get to it.

2 – Is Time Travel Possible? .. Journey with time

How many moments have you passed and been wonderful; I wished to return time to live again? QUESTION: “Is time travel possible?” Has been posed by humans for a long time, whether through fictional novels, or even scientific theories adopted by some physicists such as the German physicist Albert Einstein, and the film “Is Time Travel Possible” tries to answer this the question.

In this film Morgan Freeman takes us on a fictional journey mixed with scientific theories, in an attempt to answer this question, and to identify the consequences of travel and movement through time, and will this be in the interest of humans or will cause our destruction and suffering, when imprisoned in a time dilemma Repetitive never finish?

3 – Are We Alone .. Who lives in this vast universe?

Life on other planets and in other galaxies has always preoccupied human thought, and as we always seek to get to know each other, travel to other countries, and mingle with new cultures, it is natural to ask about beings living in this vast universe from which we are not exploited – we humans – Only a small spot is a land.

In “Are We Alone,” Morgan Freeman introduces us to a somewhat bizarre theory, which suggests that in the future man may abandon his body and live an independent consciousness through devices and technology. Do outer space beings have been able to do this already? Communicate with us, but we have not reached this degree of development yet?

4 – Is Privacy Dead… A world without secrets

It is not just Big Brother who is watching you, anyone who is smart and has enough technology can watch you at every moment.

In the “Is Privacy Dead” episode, Morgan Freeman tries to reveal the extent to which our private lives are ever compromised, how technology can kill privacy in the modern world, and since every home has mobile phones and computers; For unwelcome visitors.

5 – Can We All Become Geniuses… Is a Genius in All Human Minds?

Have you ever wondered why geniuses were given the golden mind to innovate and discover what others don’t see? Why were geniuses born, and we brought ordinary people with ordinary jobs?

Can We All Become Geniuses will answer these questions and more, and will present a theory about the ability of every human mind to be genius, but under certain circumstances, or through biological and technological intervention to unleash the genius within the mind of every human being.

6 – Why Does Evil Exist… Is Evil Necessary For The Universe?

Many cultures believe that the existence of evil in the universe is essential for its equilibrium, but there are others who do not see the wisdom of the existence of evil in our lives and the human atrocities it leaves behind.

Where does evil come from? And how to address it without hurting ourselves? Should we treat his existence as a necessity? Or, as they literally say, “evil is a must!”. By communicating with sources from most heavenly religions and religious cultures such as Buddhism, Morgan Freeman in the documentary “Why Does Evil Exist” tries to give us some logical answers from history about these puzzling questions.

7 – Beyond Death .. How do you experience death?

All this science and technological development did not find a successful opportunity with the interpretation and documentation of post-death, and so far after we invaded and explored space, death and beyond is the biggest secret that never revealed itself to us.

Very carefully, with the evidence that he and his team had, Morgan Freeman provided the viewer with as much information as possible from cultures and religions about what happens after death, and by talking to some survivors of the near-death experience; the Beyond Death episode reveals a small part about the mystery beyond death.

8 – The Chosen One .. Meet the elect

Imagine yourself living the age in which the chosen prophet of your religion lived, and you had the ability to talk to him and ask him about life and death. This is the idea of ​​the documentary episode “The Chosen One”, which Morgan Freeman offers us from a different point of view.

Islam was the Prophet Muhammad, and in Christianity Christ was the chosen one. In our time there are some people around them who think they are also chosen in other religions, and Morgan Freeman traveled to these conversations with them, and the most prominent case is an American child believe that the chosen in the Buddhist religion .

9 – Heaven and Hell .. Fear of the end

Punishment, one of the most influential educational methods in humans, and sometimes stronger than reward, you may not want to be rewarded by anyone; but of course you will not like punishment.

In Heaven and Hell, Morgan Freeman tries to discover how the idea of ​​paradise and fire influences the minds of religious people, and how such thinking can determine their fateful choices in life. In this context, he talks with a woman who says she saw heaven in a unique spiritual experience.

10 – Apocalypse .. How does it all end?

We started the list with a episode that talks about the beginning of everything in the universe, and ends it with another one that discusses how everything will end from the point of view of more than one culture and religion throughout history, such as: Ancient Egyptian religion, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

In the Apocalypse documentary, Morgan Freeman travels to more than one country such as India and Egypt to discover more than one concept of the end of the world, the reasons for its rise from the perspective of each culture, and the fate of human beings at those critical moments as documented in their culture and religion.

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