The world of animals is mysterious and full of stories, and many of the productive actors such as Discovery Channel and National Geographic trying to convey those worlds best to viewers through distinctive documentaries, using modern technologies, and rely on a skilled and courageous team, roaming the planet daily to come to us with pleasure Safe viewing of dangerous and exciting animal worlds.

We have a selection of these films, which you should watch if you love the animal world.

1 – The Beauty of Snakes …

Have you ever asked yourself: How can an organism that has no limbs like arms and legs enjoy such agility and strength as a snake?

The snake is capable of defeating an elephant, a crocodile, and a human being. This is despite its small size compared to those living beings. In more than one ancient civilization, peoples treated the snake as sacred, given its strength and prestige, which is easily noticeable on the crowns of kings in ancient Egyptian civilization, in faith The snake is a powerful and charming creature with the ability to protect the king from his enemies.

If you’re a snake lover, or you have a lot of questions about why it thickens, its strength, and its ability to defeat any object it encounters, watch The Beauty of Snakes as it takes you on a journey to the worlds surrounding the snake, and the internal anatomical worlds of its body.

2 – Creatures of the Deep Ocean .. See a world you will never see in reality

Are you a sea lover? This mysterious world that we do not see in our daily lives.

If you are a deep-sea lover and dive to see marine organisms up close, you should watch Creatures of the Deep Ocean because it immerses you at the deepest point in the oceans, which the human body cannot withstand pressure, and recognizes you as marine organisms, perhaps you will not have Opportunity until you actually see it.

At that point of the ocean, which is so deep, marine scientists sent pressure-bearing devices deep into the oceans and recorded the daily life of marine organisms living in total darkness, near the ground, where volcanoes are mixed with ocean water.

3 – Earth … From pole to pole around with animals of the planet

Do you like animals in general and do not have a favorite animal? Earth is a gift for you.

This film was filmed over a year, which began in January from the North Pole, and introduced viewers to the most famous animal living in that region, then the journey extends from north to south, showcasing a distinct number of animals living in areas passed by Filmmakers, until it reaches the South Pole in December of the same year.

The film was shot in high-tech, screened internationally during 2007 and 2008, and received numerous awards.

4 – Cats 101: Domestic Housecat .. What do you know about your pet?

Dogs and cats are the most prevalent pets around the world, and your cat may be trying to hold your hand as you read this report, or your pet dog looks at you grievingly for attention. If you’re a dog or cat breeder, you should watch the 101 series of dogs and cats.

The series gives you important background information about breeding cats and dogs, how to train them easily, and warns you about the wrong eating habits around the world about breeding these animals, such as constantly introducing fish to cats, while being harmful to their health. For the cat series from here, and for the dog loops from here.

5 – Walking with Prehistoric Beasts .. What do you know about the dinosaur?

Over three hours, BBC, in collaboration with Discovery, introduces you to the latest technology, shaping life on the planet in the prehistoric era, when dinosaurs were home to Earth, through the documentary Walking with Prehistoric Beasts.

We have seen dinosaurs in many dramatic and animated films, but this film differs from that type of film, as it presents the true form of life of dinosaurs, discovered by biologists and history from the study of fossils, and not a fictional world in a dramatic film.

6 – African Cats … The Realistic Version of «King of the Forest»

The animated film The Lion King has been a huge success and fame in many countries of the world. If you are a fan of this film, have you ever wondered what the real everyday life of Assad is, and how does Assad raise his cubs?

African Cats takes you on a lively tour, with some families of African big cats, and introduces you to the customs and traditions agreed among these majestic animals.

8 – Monkey Kingdom… A Monkey Struggle Story!

Monkey Kingdom aims to inform the viewer of the suffering suffered by the monkeys, to survive in the harsh jungle life, by tracking a young monkey and his mother, living in ancient archaeological sites deep in the jungles of South Asia, and although the monkey and his mother are the main focus of the film, The film shows you the daily life of the monkeys in that geographic region, and tells you about the stories of the struggle of the monkey for food, and many of the funny situations that the monkey accepts his cheerful instinct.

9 – The Crocodile Hunter .. Adventures with Steve Erwin

Crocodile Hunter is a collection of documentary films made by fancier Steve Irwin, who is famous for adventures within the animal world, was not afraid of the most dangerous species of snakes, or the largest types of crocodiles.

Watch The Crocodile Hunter if you want to gather as much information about crocodiles and reptiles in general, but in an exciting and entertaining setting.

10 – Mutant Planet .. How did animals take their final form?

This film presents you with a different view of the animal world, and answers an important question: How did animals take the final shape we see now?

In the movie series Mutant Planet or a moving and transforming planet, the filmmakers tell you about the stages of biological evolution that every organism on the planet has gone through until it took its final form among us now. The film contains a lot of information and surprises, along with an insight into the vital history of the planet.

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