Since the beginning of the documentary history at the end of the 19th century, many people considered the documentary one of the most powerful means of cognition next to reading and increased interest in it.

Whenever a documentary is mentioned, the image of documentaries that capture the animal’s environment or those that pose a thorny investigation of a well-known popular issue comes to mind immediately, but documentary makers sometimes try to show stories of issues outside of this generally accepted theme in order to focus on that particular issue amidst the momentum. The traditional informatics, a collection of films that came out from the ceiling of the curriculum with the traditional axes, and successfully dealt with stories, and strange topics that may not have encountered many of us .

1 – Crazy Love .. Blind and distorted and eccentric love!

The documentary, “Crazy Love,” produced in 2007, deals with the case of the successful American lawyer, Bert Beaujaj, who fell in love with a beautiful young woman named Linda, and began a short-term affair with her before Linda discovered that he was married to another. He emigrated to correct the anomaly even after he appeased her.

After that, Bujaj did not try to appease her; he sent a mysterious person to her house to pour acid on her face, lost her eyesight and severely distorted her features.He was then arrested to be tried and imprisoned for 14 years.However it may seem a normal drama story; His release was surprised by the news of their marriage!

This case, despite more than 50 years of its occurrence, but the strange behavior of «Linda» is still a mystery, and caused widespread controversy among all, especially feminists defending women’s rights, especially after the involvement of «Bugaj» – during his marriage with «Linda» – 1997 In Crime Tracking Another Lady Used To Dating Her!

2 – The Imposter .. Return and trick

The film deals with the disappearance of the 13-year-old American boy, Nicholas Barclay, who mysteriously disappeared in 1994 following an unhealthy home environment and a life full of problems. After three years of grieving parents and bitter attempts to reach him, his body was not found to confirm his death. “Under disappearance”.

Three years later, in 1997, the US authorities received a call from their Spanish counterparts informing them of the presence of an American boy in a shelter who admitted to being an American. He escaped from an international gang of human trafficking, and after the authorities matched his descriptions and photo with the disappeared boy, he was officially declared to be « Barkley disappeared and the authorities informed his family and brought him to America to rejoin his family, but it was not normal as heavy suspicions began to arise everyone around him, the simplest of these doubts was that «Barclay» was blonde hair blue eyes, but the return was dark hair brown eyes!

After a sensational investigation, one of the biggest frauds of modern times has been discovered by discovering that the boy is not a “Barclay.”

3 – Married to the Eiffel I offer you my husband .. Eiffel Tower!

The documentary “Married to the Eiffel Tower” is a film about the rare medical condition known by psychology as «Oblecophilia» or «Object sexuality», which is the sexual and emotional attraction to rigid material purposes in various forms, and reviews several cases, the most controversial is the story of the American lady «Erica Labri The former soldier and the shooting player who in 2008 announced her marriage to the famous «Eiffel Tower» in France through a few simple ceremonies, after a true love story, and very complex «« Erica »officially changed its name to« Erika Latour Eiffel ».

During the film, the American psychotherapist Jerry Brook explains that the emotional and physical attraction to inanimate stems mostly from the desire to control and manage the relationship under human conditions because it makes sense that he can do it without the other party.

4 – In The Realms of The Unreal

The short film Oscar for the best long documentary of 2008 tells the story of the unknown artist and novelist Henry Darger, who lived a lifetime as a simple dishwasher in a restaurant, who died in 1973.After his death, he discovered a highly versatile and complex collection of works of art. Among the drawings, epic fiction writings totaling 15,000 pages of fictional storytelling about the legendary epic of seven young girls fighting mysterious evil forces, as well as a collection of eccentric cartoons of young girls during their marvelous journey in several situations and situations described only by Dah complexity.

Henry Darger lived a harsh life without parents, and spent a large period of his youth being held in a psychiatric care center for showing some deviant behavior at a young age, after which he worked on a routine life almost free of human beings between his monotonous work, his small apartment without any gesture, or attempt Him to show his hidden talents.

It is noteworthy that after the discovery of his unknown works today became the name «Darger» one of the most names that appreciate their artistic and literary tremendous wealth; unlike the controversy around him when he accused many art critics, psychologists and the press – such as the investigation of the famous «Guardian» 2005 – « Darger says he possessed a serial killer or serial killer, perhaps a pedophile, especially the girls who appeared in his paintings completely naked and sometimes male genitals, but despite all these unproven claims, the story of the unknown genius Henry Darger remains one of the strangest stories that were not To believe it if you don’t see A in this documentary.

5 – The Institute .. Between reality and fiction

This documentary deals with a strange story that began in the state of «San Francisco» in 2008 with the appearance of some posters on the lighting poles and radio transmitters by an institute called «Jejune institute», announces some strange products and devices that do not meet the description and classification, for example: Vital Orbit Human Forcefield and Poliwater, a Trans-time Camera that can visualize the past!

Over the next three years and until 2011, the name of the Gijon Institute was published on the Internet and social networking sites, and was able to recruit or recruit more than 7,000 contestants, participants or scholars without knowing many details, but only by invitation. Mysterious illustrator of this person (founder of the Institute):

Sometimes they don’t even know what they have in common. Sometimes they are closer to a sect that preaches an ideology that aims to reach absolute truth, and then sometimes it looks like a virtual reality game, or alternative reality, because of the nature of participation, which may involve following certain commands to reach the stage. Next, some of them might be surprising like receiving a call from a public phone asking the participant to dance in the street! Sometimes they follow signs and markings in the city’s landmarks, which lead to the following signs, or may not indicate anything at all, the documentary itself is not easy to grasp its content that explains the story of that mysterious institution, which painted a very thin line between reality and fiction and its most mysterious end by stopping This institute by an institution without convincing explanation.

6 – Crumb mania

The documentary with the nickname of Robert Crump was produced in 1994, in which Crump himself tells the story of his life, and his beginnings as a cartoon artist, who contributed greatly to the creation of the iconic American pop culture, and also deals with the hidden aspects of the obvious sexual obsession with bodies. Women in his strangely sketched drawings of powerful women are prominent bodybuilders, and his stories and drawings also mocked sexual deviation in humans, and the relationship to his difficult upbringing between his father, who was physically and verbally abusive, and his mother’s mental illness that influenced his vision of the world, and his success. His failure and even the persecution of critics and the public for his works, which were strongly attacked at a time when Western culture was open, inherited this feeling of anger towards everyone, and even burned and destroyed all his works in 1972 after a tantrum towards one of the producers of his famous comic book Fritz the Cat, which changed the content of his original writings In favor of the novice work then.

7 – Tickled .. bunny hole

This analogy is quite accurate. This documentary is very similar to Alice’s trip to Wonderland by entering the White Rabbit burrow. The dramatic documentary deals with the story of Australian journalist David Farrer, who accidentally clashes with clips on Facebook for some strange activity. The thing began to spread in a shy manner called «tickling», which is two people «male» tickles each other after restricting his movement so strongly to cause tickling in a kind of suffering and torture. When he caught his attention as a homosexual, he made the obvious observation to everyone: this sounds quite gay, and he did just like any curious journalist and began to look into it and even sent a direct message to the Facebook page or company.

The shocking response came when he received violent responses from the page asking him to stop following them, verbally harassing him, and abusing his sexual orientation crudely, and then it was the spark that made «tickling» the first goal in the life of «Ferrer» to devote all his time in the investigation There are several leads that lead to a perverted person with a strong influence and huge funds, with a previous criminal record, and events escalate between threats by this person to face-to-face confrontation with the journalist after the completion of the film and even during his screening at the «Sun Festival» Dance, famous for the independent film, ended up producing a second part cut The film deals with developments and a direct clash between the two people, which ended abruptly due to the sudden death of that person in March 2017.

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