While all people dream of the keys to financial success and changing their lives for the better, only a few are the ones whose dream turns to try and implement plans and programs, but most do not adhere to them (research shows that those committed to their plans are less than 10%). So why do we make plans and then don’t stick to them?

Wise men and psychologists believe that the person tends to prefer himself at the present time rather than caring for the future self, we want to enjoy the immediate benefits and positives at the present moment over choosing to enjoy later, especially if the costs of our choices are not clear in the future. The benefit you get from spending your money on a new phone is immediate, while your need for this money will not appear until long after.

8 keys to financial success:

Every moment in your life is an ideal opportunity for a new beginning for the financial success you’ve always dreamed of. When there was no determination there was a way!

Working to develop yourself is never too late. Instead of waiting when conditions will change on their own, take the lead. This is what you should do today. It is a journey punctuated by challenges, failures, and hopes, but it ends with the achievement of glory, luxury, and contentment.

1 – Arrange your priorities in your life and work

This is the most important among the 8 keys to financial success

We are all overwhelmed by the chaos in all aspects of life, we lose a large part of our time and thus lose an important part of our lives. You should know that everyone who lives his life by chance and occasional circumstances is always subject to problems, and he suffices from life with very little.

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Stephen Covey says in his famous book (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) He did not find that the common denominator among most of the successful people is the hard work, or good luck, or human relations, although these things are very important, the denominator The participant He has found above all of these factors is usually setting priorities

‘putting first things first’

financial success quotes

You have no choice but to review your priorities and rearrange your life based on your awareness of your actual goals in life.

2 – Use your free time rationally: keys to financial success

Using your free time is one of the important steps to financial success, there is no doubt that your day is filled with preoccupations, as is the case for any person who lives in a world of rapid development and modernity in technology and social media. However, in the midst of your daily preoccupations, there is much more free time than it seems. For example, the time wasted each year on soap operas and social networks is enough to read 200 medium-sized books.

“Limited time” … a vulgar justification behind all aspects of a person’s failure in this era!

financial success quotes

The best financial success stories: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg

Every day, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, wears gray jackets not because this is fashion. He said, “I really want to get rid of all the unnecessary in my daily life.

I want not to think of trivial things that are not related to my goals and do not meet my goals.

financial success quotes, Mark Zuckerberg

If even Warren Buffett and Bill Gates find time to read and learn, you too will. If you don’t turn on the TV, you will find plenty of free time for other things. Be aware that cultivating a new habit becomes an easier task if you have enough motivation.

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3 – Adjust your financial habits

A bunch of bad financial habits can cost you what you cannot afford and anticipate a lot of problems. It is obvious that we always warn when it comes to expenses and large purchases, while we tend to spend negligently on what appear to be small sums and forget that a small diversion can sink a ship no matter how big!

It is true that it is difficult for you to get rid of your bad financial habits, especially spending. It is more difficult to adopt private health financial habits related to saving money for investment later. The secret of this difficulty lies in the fact that our relationship with money, in general, was formed since childhood (the family – the friends- the TV …), and it was deposited in our depths to rule our behavior in old age.

It is your financial habits that determine your financial destiny in the long run.

Adjusting your financial habits and rebuilding them again according to a sound financial approach, will not come to you from one night. The first thing is a clear vision, then a sincere desire for change, then a firm decision and planning. And adjust what you can then you will be closer to achieving financial success.

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let’s continue on 8 keys to financial success

4 – Understand the power of saving and stick to it

Although everyone understands the importance of saving, the vast majority fail to implement it. If you ignore saving and your savings balance is zero! You are in danger, unstable, and your financial situation insecure.

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Saving is not an absurd accumulation of money. Rather, it is a program that aims to deduct a portion of your periodic income for the sake of your future, your prosperity, the quality of your life, and the life of your family.

Borrowing makes you happy today and exhausts you tomorrow. As for saving you, it will exhaust you today and make you happy tomorrow!

Savings is the sport that will help you succeed in your financial success journey because you will not be able to grow and invest your money if you cannot control it through saving first.

5 – Do not seek wishes, but set goals

In these 8 keys to financial success, I need to make sure I cover everything you need to reach your financial success, it is truly unfortunate that many people do not have real financial goals, and don’t have a clear vision about their financial future, and therefore they will not get more than what life donates to them in a semi-random manner!

You may have some financial ambitions, but you may lack accuracy, specificity, and clarity.

So renew and develop your financial goals, write those goals in a paper so that you see them daily, that your mind can program them.

Draw a roadmap to reach the goals that you have clarified and defined, and strive towards them, and make sure that the biggest obstacle away from you is your failure to pursue them.

6 – Start as early as possible: keys to financial success

If you just wait for the right moment to happen, you will miss many opportunities. Start early and reach better results. The sooner you start, the more your chances of achieving financial success are many. It is considered a golden rule that works in all areas of life.

Even if you do not have enough money now, the start early and even if you invest a small portion of your income early, you may be able to benefit and achieve important financial returns in the near future.

7 – Get help from others

You should learn to seek help from those around you. Without help, not even the most successful people today succeeded.

You will definitely need your way to achieving your goals – even if you are a lot of experience and knowledge – to the experience and expertise of others, it shortens the way for you.

Take advantage of the experiences of others who have preceded you in your field, consult others with experience in your work to provide some effort and time in searching for a solution or in the ability to make a decision.

8 – Be thankful

We often suffer from workloads and family responsibilities to the point where we miss interesting moments in our lives. We forget how to assess the possibilities that come to us on its legs and the assistance we get every day.

Focus on what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t have. Instead of looking for what is missing, look around you, for sure that you really have a lot compared to most people – and be grateful!

Thanks and gratitude is the glasses that make you see, notice and recognize the blessings around you. Thankfulness and gratitude (a feeling not rude) is one of the causes of abundance and blessing in life, for a grateful heart is a magnet for the blessings around you.

the end of 8 keys to financial success

We all know – theoretically – the importance of getting up early, eating healthy, or sticking to deadlines, accomplishing our plans with their appointed times, and seizing opportunities before we miss their time. Change it. The act is the decisive factor that transforms ideas into financial flows and tangible reality, and it is what makes the difference between good wishes and true dreams.

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