There are lots of guides about how to make a blog profitable, but in this article, you will find everything you need on how to start a blog and earn money

We talked in a previous article, about how to make a successful blog with some advice related to the content industry, and it remains to answer an important question: “how to make a blog profitable you created so well and spent years developing it?

Can this blog become the first source of income that you can rely on completely?

The answer is simply


your blog can become the first source of income after a period of time and the great effort you will create distinguished content through which you can gain an audience that will make you profit and interact with the ads that you display on your blog, always keep learning how to make a blog profitable

There are bloggers who earn money amounting to millions of dollars annually through advertisements

Back to the article on how to make a blog profitable.

Make sure that the size of your earnings will depend primarily on the size of your audience that you gained and interested in the content of your blog, it is natural that the more this audience the more clicks on your ads, and the more companies contact you in different areas to place ads or write reviews or articles about them.

You will be able to determine the price of advertising based on the size of this audience, so in this article, I will mention to you the most important ways about how to make a blog profitable and at the end of the article I will mention some tips that will help you to achieve the largest possible return from your blog.

And the profit methods that I will mention to you in the next paragraph are the ones that I already use to make money from this blog, which you can also easily apply in your blog:

So, here are my complete steps for how to make a blog profitable

1- Banner ads

banner ads, how to make a blog profitable

They are banners that some companies ask you to put in specific places of your blog in exchange for a monthly or annual amount according to the agreement, and the most important places for those banners in order are:

• Top of the site next to the Header logo.
• Below Header.
• Above Article.
• Below Article.
• The ads in the sidebar.

When displaying ads in any of these places, always make sure they are relevant to the same niche as your blog because compatibility between the ads and the blog is one of the most important strategies for the success of the advertising campaigns.

It makes no sense for me to place an advertisement for a cooking or fitness site or a site displaying historical stories on a blog about finance or blogging tips

Visitors came to a blog related to finance or blogging tips for their interest in this particular niche and what is related to it and not for their interest in cooking, fitness or history.

So you want to know how to make a blog profitable?

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Then continue with me …

2- Google ads

how to make a blog profitable from google ads

Before we continue, you’re reading about how to make a blog profitable because you don’t want to pay for getting traffic. You want it for free, right?
Well, read this article

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic: 5 Best Ways

They are text or visual ads that automatically display ad content that takes into account the behavior of the user according to his interests, and the profit is calculated by clicking on those ads.

It is known (PPC pay per click), and it is one of the most important forms of making money online, but it needs a good number of visitors to achieve convincing profits.

Just as it is in the profit from your YouTube channel, it is recognized that every 1000 views equal one dollar, that is, to earn 100 dollars you need a hundred thousand views, and to win 1000 dollars you need a million views.

As for the most important advertising companies in this field, the largest of them is Google Adsense, any website, blog, or YouTube channel can subscribe to Google Adsense in simple steps and with certain conditions that preserve the rights of the two parties (the advertiser and publisher).

These conditions achieve the maximum benefit from advertising campaigns for both parties, and for this reason, it is the best advertising company in the world and the most feasible for what is paid by advertisers through the Google Ads service.

And subscribing to it only needs to create a Gmail account and then after creating the account you go to Google Adsense, then click on sign up and then fill in the required data and agree to the conditions, then wait for the refusal or acceptance through an email from Google.

In the case of approval, you will be able to put the custom code and start profiting from your blog or YouTube channel, provided that you create that channel with the same approved AdSense account.

how to make a blog profitablewith google adsense

If your attempts to sign up for Google Adsense do not succeed, there are alternative companies that offer the same Google advertising service with a payment method for clicks.

And the best of these companies after Google Adsense PopAds, Propellerads can be more easily subscribed to than Google Adsense, but they are not as famous and powerful as Google.

3- Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are advertisements that you place on your blog within articles or in banners that are profitable when a visitor purchases the service or product displayed in this ad.

And not just by clicking on the advertisement as in Adsense ads and known (PPS pay per sale), and they are more profitable than paying for clicks.

how to make a blog profitable with affiliate program

The best way to place this type of advertisement is to write articles that benefit the user and then put links to companies that offer products or services related to the subject of the article and benefit the user when purchasing them.

To subscribe to affiliate ads, there are links provided by most major sites that sell services or products via a link at the bottom of the site called Affiliate program as shown in the image.

Some sites write in the link of the Participating Ads Partners Program or Referral Program, and some sites require a large number of visits to agree to your request and some are not required.

After clicking on the affiliate link, write the required data and wait for the response to accept or reject via your email. Upon acceptance, you will find a link in your affiliate account, copy it and place it wherever you want in your articles. You will also find banners if you want to display banners.

how to make a blog profitable with Amazon Associates

There is a distinct program besides that provided by an Amazon site called Amazon Associates that makes you profit by writing articles about the products that you choose

Some people ask these questions:

how to make money with a blog for beginners?

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how to make a blog profitable?

As I mentioned earlier, Adsense and Affiliate program are the best ways to make money blogging

4- Make reviews and assessments

Reviews are the most important ways to profit from blogs and YouTube channels, and its writing articles that express your opinion about a specific product, service, or website of a company that is even remotely relevant to your blog field.

The more famous your blog is, the more major companies ask you to write articles about it, and this type of marketing is known as Article Marketing.

I advise you not to write articles except on credible companies that are worthy of review and provide excellent services and products to users, thus in the future when your blog grows and gains a large audience it will always attract the big companies that want to advertise on your site.

This is what I do in the blog because many companies and electronic stores want to do a review of their products or services on the blog, but I do not accept randomly and try to choose the best and most distinctive.

5- Providing simple services

You can also profit your blog by providing some simple or mini services such as designing blogs, sites, and applications, or designing logos, writing articles and research.

Or translation services, marketing campaigns for a company, or provide advice in the field that you master for the price you set.

The more you are professional and provide valuable information for your blog visitors, the more they trust you, and the more comfortable they feel about buying your services.

You can view your services by making a page professionally and placing the link for that page in the main menu, or you can view those services in your articles by providing rich information and then placing the link at the end of the article.

Information about how to create a successful blog post or how to make a blog profitable and then tell your audience that you are ready to provide those services with full professionalism, and you can provide e-marketing services such as improving the site in the search engine to increase visits and so on according to your field.

Now that you have a general knowledge about how to make a blog profitable, let’s jump into the tips of this article

Tips on how to make a blog profitable

At the end of the article, the advice I promised you to become familiar with the most important aspects of blogging profit and make the most possible return in the content industry:

1- If you do not like what you are doing, you will not reach anything and there is no need to exert yourself because you will not have the motivation to achieve success, which in turn will bring you profit.

2- If your first goal is profit, not a success, or provide benefits to users, then most likely you will not achieve any profits, and I have a previous blog from which my goal was profit only, but it was not successful at all.

3- You must continuously create interesting and useful content, as the content industry needs height, patience, and continuity, and it will not be that easy until you reach a large audience that trusts in the information or advertisements presented, this tip is really important on your journey of how to make a blog profitable

4- The public or visitors to the blog are your customers who represent the basis of the blog’s income and profits, so keep your customers and in order to preserve your customers you must interact with them by providing the content they need, and not to ignore their comments and inquiries, answer them quickly and reliably.

5 – Do not multiply ads excessively by placing banners and pop-up ads everywhere because that distracts the reader and annoys him and may leave the site when every few seconds he has to block an advertisement that interrupts him from reading the article, which is why some browsers currently provide settings to block ads completely.

6- Monitor your ad performance and then remove ads that are not profitable to you because they are just a burden on the blog and may slow down your blog.

7- You will start taking profits, but after years, your profits will grow slowly in the beginning and then at some point, it will increase rapidly until you become your first source of income, so you can devote itself to making the content.

8- Do not despair in the early years when your application is rejected by the major advertising companies every time you try, and when your audience begins to grow make other attempts.

9 – Do not put ads on your blog that are not related to the content you provide, because that will waste money on the advertiser and will take a negative image of you as a publisher because the visitors of your blog did not interact with the advertisement, how to make a blog profitable not about just placing ads

Because as a publisher, he often looks at the size of the audience and does not think much about one of the most important marketing strategies of ad alignment with the blog on which the ad will be shown.

10 – The fair price for advertising on the site per 1000 visits is 25 dollars. If the number of visitors to your blog per day is 3000 visitors, then the banner price will be 75 dollars per month in the distinctive places beside the logo or under the header or the top of the articles.

Don’t Stop here always keep learning how to make a blog profitable

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Finally, if you have a question about how to make a blog profitable or the best way to display ads on your blog, I will always be happy to answer it.

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