how to be a successful blogger or how to create a successful blog

Blogging and content creation is one of the most enjoyable fields, and one of the few fields that always requires innovation, creativity and continuous development, and to create a successful blog on your own, it will not be difficult and the cost that you think will not be so easy.

Every distinguished work, no matter its size, requires a lot of time, effort, and vigil sometimes, until it reaches success and excellence, and remains at the forefront for the longest time possible.

I wrote this article after years working in the content industry if you want to create a successful blog to market your ideas, products and services in simple and uncomplicated steps, this is your first step on how to start a blog and make money from it

I will mention in this article tips and tricks that will keep you on the path to excellence in blogging and avoid unnecessary problems and troubles in the future.

The right start of the blog will be the most important catalyst for its continuation and development more smoothly than the wrong start and then having to make complicated changes or adjustments that cost you a lot of time and money.

Definition of the blog

A blog is a platform that relies entirely on the content written in the form of articles or blogs in various fields of life, and the difference between the blog and the traditional site lies in the fact that the blog relies more on categories and includes under each classification articles that are published daily or weekly. Or monthly.

As for the traditional site, it depends more on fixed pages that display products or services in which additions or modifications are made from time to time.

Blogging is a very important form of e-marketing – if not the most important – and this method is called (Content Marketing) and more than 90% of the large and distinguished companies rely on this type of marketing in the first place because it is the most important and most powerful publication tools to persuade Internet users to market ideas, products and services.

So, how to make your blog successful ?

4 Practical steps to create a successful blog

After defining blogging and its importance as an effective marketing method, this detailed explanation helps you in creating an integrated successful blog in terms of appearance, choosing the niche that you will write on, choosing the hosting company, how to market that blog and publish the best possible content.

The quality of the content is the most important, and if we give an example of that, there is nothing better than that the content in the blog is like the heart in the body.

All that will come in this particular paragraph are four simple steps that do not require you to experience programming or web design and will apply them yourself, so let’s dive in:

how to start a successful blog ?

1- choosing a blog niche:

The step of choosing the niche or field in which you will write on your blog pages is not a simple step and it is the step that will determine your success or failure in the future.

The niche, if chosen carefully according to what you love and master it and excel in it, so you must know how to write a successful blog post, you will be able to write all ideas and skills that you may need in any field of life.

Before talking about how to choose a blog niche, you should know that blogs are divided into three types which are the most popular, and your blog will often be one of them:

1- A personal blog:

In which you write down your personal, political, economic, religious, educational, and other thoughts and ideas, among other things that you personally master and the experiences that you have passed or learned.

2- An educational blog:

In which you write articles and educational explanations supported by pictures and videos sometimes in a field that you master from different areas of life. This blog is an example of an educational blog.

3- A news blog:

In which you write press reports and local or international news in several aspects of political, economic, sports, technology, etc., and this type of blogs requires significant time and effort and a team that works continuously to keep up with events and transmit them to the public on a regular basis.

The topic that will be the focus of writing and blogging in your blog can be inspired by several things such as:

1- Your field of work:

In which you excel and want to transfer some of your experiences in this work such as graphic design, decoration, website and application development, accounting, or modern management methods that you have learned and tried in practice.

2- Exciting life experiences:

Passed by you or someone close to you, such as a travel or residence experience in a country, or a satisfying experience that you have overcome or a family problem you want to transfer to others to benefit from it and help others to overcome it.

People love reading personal success stories and all that motivates them to build a stable life or change a life for the better.

3- Training courses :

That you have completed in a field that people need, such as trade and e-marketing, blogging strategies and content industry, or in the field of entrepreneurship, self-development, information security, networks, and others.

4- Personal skills:

That you master, such as writing, art, photography, cooking, a handicraft, or health and fitness, or educational skills that help build a healthy family.

5- Opinions and research:

That you have undertaken in the political, economic, religious, historical or social fields that teach people how to become more civilized and developed.

What’s important, as I said, is to master the field in which you will write because the inevitable fact is that if you do not write new, useful, and even wonderful content, you will not be able to progress and succeed in the content industry.

And make sure that trivial content that relies on spreading rumors, scandals, immoral materials and strange things that make no sense quickly falls out and does not last long because it’s of no use

2- Choosing a domain and hosting:

Many Internet users think that creating a blog is expensive and requires a lot of money and this is not true, so all you need to have a complete blog that you can write and publish in it is an estimated amount of five dollars per month which is to buy hosting and domain through one of the distinguished hosting companies that I will mention two companies

Hostinger company

1- First hosting:

There are a lot of hosting companies that provide you with space over the internet to create your site or your blog, and no project can be done over the Internet without obtaining hosting.

The hosting company can be likened to a commercial center with several stores and the investor comes to buy or rent one of these stores for a specific activity.

The companies, as I mentioned, are multiple, but the most company I advise you to start with is Bluehost, which started this blog by means of its low cost, ease of use, speed, and professionalism of its employees in solving problems, the best place to start if you want to create a successful blog

Besides, it gives you a free SSL certificate. Another alternative company that is officially recommended by the WordPress platform called SiteGround offers the same features as hostinger

2- Second domain:

It is the domain or address that represents the identity of the site, for example, the domain of this blog is

It is preferred that the domain be short and uncomplicated and does not contain strange symbols and signs, and the domain that ends with .com is much better and easier to remember than domains that end with .org or .net or others.

3- Choosing the blogging platform and template:

After selecting the blog niche, hosting purchase and blog domain, it remains a matter of choosing a blogging platform and template, the appropriate blogging platform is what will facilitate your blog management process in the future, and the appropriate template represents the blog shape and blog shape represents the first impression the visitor takes from it.

The success of your blog must appear beautiful, coordinated and attractive, as the form in the content industry is no less important than the content itself, especially since it was recently prepared within one of the most important requirements of SEO for Google.

1- Blogging platform:

topic about 'how to create successful blog, how to be a successful blogger' with wordpress platform
WordPress website

WordPress is the best blogging and website creation platform, About 35% of all websites and blogs worldwide are powered by WordPress

Blogging platforms are programs designed to create websites, blogs, and electronic stores in a simplified manner that does not require much experience in the field of design and website development.

It contains a control room through which the blog can be fully managed from writing articles, selecting templates and plugins, making design modifications, managing subscriptions and registrations, responding to comments, etc. from aspects of blog management.

There are two blogging platforms, the most popular (WordPress) and (Blogger), and the best and most popular blogging platform among these two platforms is WordPress.

Almost half of the big website owners and content makers around the world use it, including this blog.

As for blogger, it is owned by the internet giant Google, but it is not enough for anyone who wants professional blogging. I have tried it before the WordPress platform and found a huge difference in terms of capabilities, user experience, the abundance of templates and free and professional add-ons.

Add to this the ease of posting and responding to comments on your smartphone through the WordPress application or through the website that is also fully compatible with the smartphone.

topic about 'how to be a successful blogger, how to create successful blog' wordpress panel
WordPress panel

WordPress can be used to manage the blog so I advise you to start directly with WordPress and save time instead of starting with Blogger, and then when your blog becomes more popular and you want to develop it you have to move to WordPress.

On the one hand, installing WordPress is easy and the easiest way to install it is through the same hosting companies that mentioned (hostinger and City Ground) from within the Control Panel with a single click

2- Choose the template:

When choosing a WordPress platform you will find that it offers a lot of free templates that have at least everything you need in the beginning, and you can continue with the same template that you started with for a good period of time.

topic about 'how to create successful blog, how to be a successful blogger ' with wordpress themes
WordPress themes

Then after that, if you want to develop the blog, you can buy more advanced templates provided by some companies and most of them are designed in a manner compatible with the smartphone and most importantly, they comply with the requirements of SEO in general.

The first template I used was Engrave Lite and it was one of my favorite templates that is easy to modify and customize and it is free provided by the WordPress platform in the template store.

topic about 'how to be a successful blogger, how to create successful blog' image about Engrave Lite theme
Engrave Lite theme

Then I moved to a paid template It was made by a company specialized in designing templates and this template I used for a period of not less than a year and a half to the date of writing this article, if you are thinking on how to become a successful blogger and make money from it, you need to think carefully about the template you need to buy.

4- Publishing and Marketing:

After defining the content, hosting, blogging platform, and blog theme, the step remains to create a successful blog post, and I assure you that if the content is unique and provides the new and what people need, he will market himself without much effort from you.

topic about' how to create successful blog, how to be a successful blogger' image about add title in wordpress post
add title, WordPress post

As is the matter for me in this blog, I do not spend money on marketing the blog, but the content market itself, especially in the search engine, which is the most important and largest source of blog visits.

You should know that the most difficult step from my point of view in the field of the content industry is not marketing that content but rather obtaining ideas through which you will write unique and distinct content, and the following tips may help you in creating distinct and renewable content:

1- Good content

Is the king. It is a well-known saying coined by content makers and professional marketers. It summarizes the importance and standing of good and useful content.

So always try to write articles that you enjoy yourself if you read them before your followers, and try to write in what you know and master, and in what people need.

2- The worst thing

You can do is to copy the content of other blogs and post it to your blog, so be the owner of the original content, which is entirely your own.

And do not mind reading topics in other blogs that talk about the same aspect in which you will write as a form of research and obtain information that opens the horizon for writing.

3- Always try to deduce

What readers most like and then do a lot of writing topics on that side, and you can find this out by asking your followers or follow the statistics that show you the most viewed and interactive topics.

4- Try to write permanently

Because when you stop writing you will lose part of your audience, and it will be very difficult to retrieve that audience when you decide to return to writing.

Set a goal for making and publishing articles either daily, weekly, or monthly. It is important to write periodically, that’s the key to be a successful blogger.

5- Reading always

And constantly is the best way to renew and inspire ideas, therefore you will not stop blogging and your ideas will not end.

6- Be patient

And do not tire of writing new articles, improving and reviewing them more than once, updating old articles, or developing and renewing the form of the blog every year or two without exaggerating change because stability for a period of time helps advance the blog.

7- Remember

Remember to create a successful blog That spread, it needs time that may reach years, and a few blogs in rare cases spread and make noise in the first months, but this is not the case and every rule is Anomalous.

8- Remember

When you start seeing readers ’comments and their interactions with your articles, that you are on the right path and make sure that this is the goal.

9- You must

Respond to all comments because if the reader does not find an answer to his questions, especially if the reader asks about ” blogging for beginners ” he will make sure that he was not your first concern, so the interaction on your blog will reduce and its rank will decrease.

10- Don’t make

Your first goal behind the blog be fame or make money because that will cause your blog to fail early before you see the light. I personally have the experience of creating a blog that I failed before creating this blog, it was on how to make money blogging for beginners, my goal was to profit first.

11- Don’t be distracted

By writing in multiple fields and focus on the content that you will create with a great mastery of content, form, and style. The quality of the articles is the First thing you need to focus on it.

12- When marketing

Be sure to take into account the SEO side before other marketing methods because it is the best and most economical way to market.

13- If you do not have

The desire or time to do all of the above yourself, there are SEO services that help in the rapid progression of search engines by adding things to your site that make it better readable in search engines, and you can try it for free which is Yoast SEO.

14 – Must do marketing

Via social media because, after SEO, social media is the fastest and most effective way in the field of electronic marketing.

And for ease of posting on social media, WordPress provides a great tool called Publicize for automatic posting, whenever you write an article, it will be published automatically through the social media pages that link to your blog.

topic about 'how to be a successful blogger,how to create successful blog ' with image of Publicize wordpress plugin
Publicize for WordPress

15- Avoid copying images

if you want to create a successful blog you need to avoid copying images from other sites and blogs because this is an infringement of property rights and does not help you in applying to the Google search engine for entering it under the clause of violating the SEO rules.

The goal, in short, is not to violate property rights and to create the content of your blog yourself from the ground up. All the images in this article, for example, are either screenshots or photos that I photographed or designed myself.

In the END

In the end, the steps that you have applied on how to create successful blog have a completely ready-to-work blog that can be arranged as follows (first choose the niche of your successful blog – secondly buy hosting and domain – thirdly install WordPress and choose an attractive template – fourth start writing topics, publishing and marketing them).

You must first ask yourself, why do you want to have a successful blog? If your goal is to develop content or educate people about something new they need and benefit them in improving their culture, improving their livelihood, or creating job opportunities, this is a good indication that you are on the right track and often you will succeed.

But if your goal is profit and fame first, this is a negative indication and often you will not end in success, and if you apply the advice that I mentioned to you in this article, you will be able to make a profit from your blog.

Finally, share your thoughts, goals in this field with me, with other bloggers, content makers, and readers of interest. Do not forget to share this article with a friend that you think would like to create a professional and successful blog.

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