Make money with CPA is one of the best ways to make money online, and it is a real business, a business that you can rely on to achieve excellent monthly income.

what is CPA and how do I get started?

This is what we will get to know in detail during a step-by-step explanation of CPA cost per action

A complete and free CPA marketing course, through which we will learn about the following points:

How To Make Money With CPA Marketing

1 – What is make money from CPA and what is a CPA marketing network?

CPA is an acronym for cost per action or cost per acquisition
Any cost for an event, ie the advertiser pays the commission to you when a specific event is completed, such as registering on a site, downloading or installing a program, and others

Affiliate Marketing and CPA Offers – How It Works?

before we dive in on how to make money with cap we need to know How It Works, So: There are a lot of product owners or Advertiser, they do not know how to market their product or want to increase their customers and therefore they turn to the online marketer or publisher – which is you now – to help them do this in exchange for a certain percentage of the profit which is the commission

So they create a tracking link that promotes and when a purchase is made through it gets the agreed commission and is known as affiliate marketing

And now you see that the advertiser paid this commission or the cost against the purchase of any CPS, or cost per sale, but the owner of the product can also benefit from the customers who registered on the site but did not make the purchase, as he will try to communicate with them until he persuades them with the purchase process and asks the online marketer to help him Just to bring visitors to his site

They just register on the site and pay you for that and now this is a cost for registering, CPL or Cost per lead

But also not only that, but he wants help from the e-marketer to bring visitors to download and install an application on the mobile CPI Cost per install

 Or help him get the lead’s mobile number

And other data and he pays for it, known as an event or action

I am a beginner and want more clarification?

My dear friend, the best way to show How To Make Money With CPA Marketing, is by an example.

Here is an example, which may illustrate the picture to you in two practical ways, every day

We assume that you want to buy a new mobile and knew that you can get a much better price when buying online, and I found a YouTube video that shows you the cheapest price for this mobile and advises you to buy from a site on Aliexpress because of course it provides the lowest possible price and tells you that the link to buy the mobile is at the bottom description The video also advised you to install the mobile app Aliexpress so that you can buy from it easily after that

Also, the link below the video so you click on the link below the video and you go to the site, you bought the phone then you installed the app Aliexpress on your mobile, of course, the owner of the video is subscribed to the marketing program Commission for Aliexpress thus obtained a commission in exchange for your purchase – Affiliates – and also a commission in exchange for the application of your download – CPA

This is a real example of affiliate marketing and CPA, and a daily turnout in various forms and with many other sites

And as you have noticed, you can get money for the procurement process that takes place through you – the affiliate – or the registration process or download the CPA application, so that the profit from the CPA is much easier than the profit from the affiliate marketing because you only need to bring visitors to register or do an event or A specific action and you should also note that CPA offers may target a specific country and also a specific device from a desktop or mobile device and distinguishes CPA networks that it automatically converts the visitor to the appropriate offer for his country and device, which guarantees you more profits

What are the required actions?

Here is more about many of the works that can be promoted, the most important of them

  • Enter Email/zip submit
  • Enter Pin submit
  • Complete surveys
  • Download a program
  • Install a mobile app
  • Register Free trial website or program
  • credit card submit
  • Visit a website or cost per click

2 – The most important and best CPA marketing network

Before we get to know on the best CPA marketing network, you should know that CPA sites and networks are divided into two types, the first type allows beginners to register, as most of the CPA offers that it contains do not place restrictions on the traffic sources, any sources that bring visitors to the show, and the other type are the CPA networks and sites for professionals that have certain conditions to be accepted, as they bind you to certain traffic sources, must be used, but some things you can do will be clarified to ensure your acceptance in any CPA network.

the best CPA sites that accept beginners

You can register on these sites without conditions, and they are one of the best and reliable CPA network. Just go to the site and register the required data from the name, address, email, and website, and if you do not have a site, add your own Facebook page link or your YouTube channel link.

The site will not be reviewed with cpagrip or cpalead, but with admitad you must have a YouTube channel or a site because it is reviewed when you apply to participate in the affiliate programs on the site

Of course, it is best to register in the three sites for the diversity of offers and tools between them, as we will learn after that when explaining these sites in detail.

The best CPA sites for professionals and those with previous experience

And of course, you must have a great site, a mailing list, or a unique marketing plan to join the CPA network that does not accept beginners.

CPA network review sites and explore CPA offerings, you can use the following sites to get to know more about the secured and better sites as you get to know the latest and best offers on most CPA sites as they contain an evaluation of each CPA network and the opinions of users about this network

So, lets continue our make money with cpa marketing, and move to how to get accepted

3 – How to get accepted in CPA sites easily

If you want to make money with CPA you need to ensure acceptance into large CPA networks you should pay attention to the following matters to be accepted easily

  • Have a paid domain site such as .com or .net or others
  • When applying and filling in the data, but a professional email like the website’s mail, ie [email protected], this increases the chance of acceptance significantly.
  • Create a professional marketing plan such as that you will promote through paid advertising campaigns on Facebook or through Google AdWords or Bing and that you have a large mailing list targeted for a specific niche that you will promote through and never mention that you will promote in freeways even if you are Only free methods will be used.CPA companies consider your investment and payment to host and for advertising networks and sites that track advertising campaigns a part of the seriousness and professionalism of CPA.
  • Contact your account manager, who finds the means to contact him on the site after you finish the registration, through mobile or Skype and show him how interested you are to get accepted

Do you know that some use this method to register accounts in well-known CPA networks and then sell these accounts to beginners on microservices sites

4 – The most important terms that you should know when promoting CPA offers

Now that we have an account on one of the CPA networks, we almost there to make money with CPA, the next step is that we must choose an appropriate offer and study and then we promote, but to do that we must first understand the interface of these sites and the most important marketing terms that we will see and then more explanation will also be made to the best of these sites and the most important The tools have to increase your profits, CPA cpagrip, cpalead, and admitad sites and networks

  • conversion: that is, the occurrence of the conversion and the required action in the sense that the desired goal of the offer was made, if the offer was, for example, email submit, For every visitor sent to the offer and then enter his email, it is a successful conversion
  • clicks: The number of clicks on the offer link, and you can also find Hits that led to a visit to the offer page
  • Commission: It is the commission that you receive for each successful transfer of the offer and can also be expressed as a payment for the offer.
  • Conversion Rate is abbreviated CR: you can calculate by dividing the number of conversion by No of clicks and whenever the conversion rate is high, this indicates that this offer is a successful you must make a marketing
  • EPC – Earning per click: One of the most important factors that you should be concerned with when choosing an offer and a promotion. An increase in EPC indicates that this offer is successful and reflects the profits achieved for every 100 clicks of the affiliate link – the offer link and you can calculate it by dividing the commission that you got by Number of clicks
  • vertical: you can also find Category
  • Landing page: It is an intermediate page that can be created to convert the visitor to the offer instead of converting the visitor directly to the display link and it is very important because some sites or social networks or when making a paid advertisement for the offer do not accept the affiliate link or the direct CPA display link
  • Traffic source: Any sources that bring visitors that you use to promote the offer, whether it is paid Paid like Facebook ads or free like comments
  • Restrictions: These are methods of promotion that are prohibited to use in promoting the offer and using it leads to not counting the transfers for you and any obstacles or conditions that the advertiser adds to the offer

You should also know that most CPA offers target a specific country and device, and sometimes a specific operating system, for example

  • There are offers that may target the Desktop user and others that target the Mobile user
  • Mobile offers that may target the Android system only for mobile phones such as Samsung and others targeting the iOS system only for the iPhone
  • Offers targeting a specific country and other but few targeting all countries of the world Worldwide

These are the most important terms you need now

Now that you have an account on the CPA marketing network and get acquainted with the most important terms that you must know and that you meet in these sites, you can now choose an offer to promote and to choose the offer to promote there are some necessary tools and sites that you will need and which we will get to know now

5 – The most important tools and sites you may need to promote CPA offers

 To make money with CPA networks, you need the tools and sites in your journey So, there are a number of necessary tools, programs, and sites that you may need to use when you start promoting CPA offers, depending on the method of promotion that you will rely on from methods and locations that must be used, including what may facilitate and saves you a lot of time, some paid and some are free

An online bank account to receive your profits

You must have an online bank account to receive your profit . You can create an account in one of the online banks for free and the most important bank that you will need is

Payoneer, which supports all CPA networks. You can also withdraw your balance from it through the MasterCard that you can request or withdraw directly to your local bank account.

Paypal is one of the most important and best online banks. You can use it to withdraw your profits, then transfer them to your visa and withdraw them.

Proxy or VPN software to view the offer page

As we know that most of the CPA offers target specific countries and do not open in other countries, you must see the offer page before starting a promotion to determine the appropriate method of promotion and know whether the display page has pop-ups or not and take advantage of some of the elements in it in your squeeze page and others Important things

Of course, there are many free Chrome add-ons and VPN programs, but unfortunately, you cannot benefit from them with CPA because it does not provide all countries of the world in addition to that it slows the speed of the internet very significantly and therefore you will need paid programs and the best program that is used by all marketers and provides all countries of the world is hidemyass

VPS or shared hosting to raise landing pages

As we know, you may need to create a landing page to promote offers in some cases, and therefore you need a site and hosting to raise the landing page on it. You also need a strong VPS hosting if you want to use a non-self-hosted tracking software and to create a landing page you can use one of these methods,

  • Create a landing page on the blogger – a freeway you only need to buy a domain and you can use the Namecheap coupons to buy a cheap domain
  • Create and upload a page on VPS through fast and cheap VPS like Contabo
  • Create a hosting page on the tracking program directly, which provides some programs such as Bemob

Of course, you will not need hosting when you use the self-tracking software that you provide and promote Your tracking link directly through some of the traffic sources that allow the promotion of direct links CPA, which we will get to know when talking about bringing traffic to the CPA offer

Advertising campaign tracking and filtering software

If you know that the dimensions of the screen for a specific mobile type do not display the landing page well, or that a browser type has a built-in ad blocker and does not make the visitor reach the offer or know that there is a specific city from which all the transfers come from or that the conversion is made only while using the phone data and there are no transfers While using Wi-Fi or when you use more than one image of the advertisement, a specific image gives you 90% of the transfers, so what is the use of other pictures?

Naturally, you define your targeting to include all that brings you only conversions.
This is what tracking software or filtering campaigns for advertising campaigns do, which analyze the visitors of the offer link that you promote and give you very, very detailed analyzes and where the conversions come from, so you know all the elements that bring you conversions and others that do not spend the balance of your ads without any interest and therefore you cannot succeed in obtaining the highest conversion rate and the highest profit unless you filter your advertising campaigns through the tracking software

There is more than one tracking software that you can rely on, and these softwares are divided into two types, the first is self-hosting and the other is not self-hosting.

Self-hosted tracking software to make money with CPA

It is software that you use through their cloud hosting, therefore you subscribe to the site and do not need to buy VPS and you can start creating your advertising campaigns directly and follow up once you subscribe and from these programs and therefore they are commonly used

  • Bemob: A very special tracking program with good prices with plans starting from $ 25 per month for 250 thousand events and the possibility of obtaining 30 days for free is enough for 100,000 events in addition to a million free events for your account
  • Voluum: One of the most famous and best tracking software that starts the first plan in 69 dollars a month
  • Adsbridge: A low-cost tracking program with the benefits of creating landing pages with plans starting from $ 89 per month for one million visitors. You can start with 14 YM for free that gives you to track 50 thousand visits.
  • Redtrack: The price plans start from $ 49 per month for one million clicks, and you can start with 14 free days of 100,000 events.

You can take advantage of these trial periods in the beginning and create a free account and after the expiry of the allowable clicks for free, register at another site, the previous three sites are enough for 250 thousand events, and it is considered a very good number for you in the beginning and also through that, you can know which site is the most appropriate and best for you

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Non-self-hosted tracking software To Make Money With CPA

These programs buy them and then upload them to your VPS, which means you need to provide hosting for them and from them, including CPVlab, but it stopped some time ago

In addition to several other tools and programs such as a photo editor such as Photoshop or any other program for modifying banners or creating new banners and code editor such as DreamWeaver or Note ++ to make adjustments to landing page templates or creating new landing pages and after joining more than one large CPA network you can Rely on some spyware on landing pages and advertising campaigns for other marketers

6 – How to choose a good CPA offer and start promoting

Now you are ready to choose the offer and promote, but you must choose the appropriate and good offer in order not to lose the effort of your promotion and several factors must be taken care of when choosing the offer and will be explained in detail, but here we must rely on choosing the offer on two important factors, namely

  • EPC, which is Earning per click, which is the profit achieved for every 100 clicks of the offer link
  • CR which is the conversion rate

These two factors were explained when talking about marketing terms that you will meet and therefore all you have to do is arrange the offers in the CPA network by descending according to the CR conversion rate, choose the most transferable offers that are appropriate for you then choose an offer and start promoting

7 – Methods to promote CPA offers

After choosing the appropriate offer, promote it through the various promotional methods of the free methods, even if they are not very effective in promoting CPA offers and the paid methods that will be displayed, but in the beginning, you must notice first, the difference between the forms and types of ads.

8 – The difference between CPA, PPV, and PPC ad types

We should know the difference between these types of ads when starting to use paid methods

  • CPA which is, as we explained, the cost per action to pay for the event
  • PPC, pay per click, which is the payment against the click on your ad, and this type of ads that you find in search sites such as Google and Bing are the highest search results, and they are paid for the value of the click, which differs in the price of the click, depending on the word you target or announce
  • PPV, pay per view, which is the payment for the appearance of your advertisement, also called CPV, cost per view

9 – Best ways to promote CPA paid offers for beginners

  • PPC ads, pay per click for search engines and includes
  • Google ads
  • Yahoo and Bing ads
  • Bing ads are one of the best ways to promote affiliate offers and CPA offers that are used by most marketers because search ads are one of the best ways to reach the best target customer in addition to that you can benefit from a bing coupon worth $ 100 when you spend 25 dollars and thus get Transfers and additional profits for the amount you wish to invest

Pop ads to promote CPA and include

In the beginning, you need to do a test to view the CPA, so it is better to rely on advertising networks that bring you the cheapest traffic. The cheapest traffic is popads. Certainly, pop-up ads have appeared to you previously at least dozens of times, especially download sites, and one of the most important sites where you can run pop ads

  • Popads
  • Popcash
  • Adfly

These sites are characterized by the fact that they require a minimum deposit for very few, the minimum deposit in popads is 10 dollars, and in popcash it is 5 dollars in addition to the diversity of deposit methods, you can deposit in popads through Paypal, Visa, Bitcoin and in popcash through Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, and bank transfer.

These sites are also distinguished, especially the popads site, with many options when targeting from the state, device, browser, network, and many, which enable you to do a display test in many ways, thus re-filtering the campaign through the tracking software to reach the best target audience and the highest profit

As for the adfly website, which is a well-known link shortcut site, the minimum deposit is $ 5 and you can make pop-up advertising campaigns and Interstitial ads. You can also make a simple trick that will enable you to achieve good profits when promoting CPA offers. It is known that most of the sites that use adfly to profit from the shortcut links are sites. To download files, then search for a download offer or software on the landing page and make an interstitial ad campaign. Therefore, many visitors will think that this is the download link and the conversion rate will be high in addition to another feature which is competition because most marketers know only popads and For sites with similarities, but the site’s disadvantage for popads is that targeting options are lower. Targeting in adfly includes the country, device, mobile network, and operating system.

Push ads

One of the best ways to promote CPA offers paid that enables you to create an advertising campaign to show ads in notifications that appear to the subscriber of this service on the browser such as Chrome and on the mobile like notices that appear to you on the mobile from the applications that you have installed on your mobile

  • Rtxplatform site
  • Propellerads
  • Megapush site
  • Datspush site

Social media ads and includes

Facebook ads
Instagram ads are also created through Facebook ads
Twitter ads

Mobile ads

Like the startapp ad network

10 – The most important tools of increasing profit from CPA, content lock, link lock and video lock

Not only when making money with CPA is to find the right offer and promotion, but CPA networks have made it even more wonderful with many tools that can double your profits, but also increase the chances of beginners to make money from CPA more than any other way. The most famous of these tools is URL lock and content lock in addition to video lock

Url lock

It is simply a link that you can create to protect your primary link. In order for the visitor to reach the mechanism, he must complete one of the CPA offers to reach the mechanism

You can understand this through the following example

This is a cpa marketing course in brief, and it is one of the very special cpa teaching books that has been uploaded, but in order to download it you must first complete the cpa offer to access the download page

Content lock and video lock

It depends on the same idea of ​​locking the links, but you are adding a code to your blog so that you lock the content or video from the visitor and it is not possible to reach it until after the visitor completes one of the cpa offers

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Finally: How To Make Money With CPA Marketing

To here, my dear ones, we have learned how to make money with CPA and the best CPA marketing network, I hope this CPA marketing course helped you understand the world of CPA, don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll be happy to help, see you next post

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