In this ultimate SEO guide, you will learn the summary on how to configure your site for search engines and also learn SEO online free step by step in this post. So keep reading 🙂

It is known that appearing first in search engine results is the only way to get traffic from Google, Bing and other competing platforms.

Most of the researchers today are looking for search results that appear on the first page, while the second page and the rest of the other pages are almost dead.

Of course, creating the site and making it compatible with the search engines while providing a good browsing experience is the secret behind the work of indexing and appearing in the advanced ranks of the search results, and this is what is called SEO.

The Google search engine has worked for many years to develop smart algorithms that aim not only to reach the website pages and display them on search results but to arrange them fairly and reasonably.

You may write good, strong content, and yet fail to produce search results for the keywords you are competing with, and wonder about the most important criteria for Google’s search engine? This is what we will look at in this article: ultimate SEO guide: the best way to learn SEO

Ultimate SEO Guide:

ultimate SEO guide: The most important criteria for ranking Google search results

In the following list of ultimate SEO guide, we will show you all the most important criteria, which are recommended by search engine marketing experts to take care of in the first place,

  • 1 – The number of backlinks from trusted sites, the direction of the site page or article page.
  • 2 – Relevant keywords in the title since it is a good idea to have the keyword in the title of the page.
  • 3 – The content of the page’s “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” in the bottom of the article: it gives a good response to the search.
  • 4 – The number of backlinks from competitive sites working in the same field.
  • 5 – The total number of links pointing to the same page.
  • 6 – Related keywords in H1.
  • 7 – Update the content and add new information about the topic around the page.
  • 8 – The site responded to the mobile phone according to the Google tool for checking the compatibility of sites with phones.
  • 9 – Fast loading site pages on mobile browsers, “tablets and smartphones”.
  • 10 – The H1 tag is on the page.
  • 11 – The number of backlinks to the site in general.
  • 12 – The seniority of the site means that the older it is, the more reliable the search engines.
  • 13 – The vocabulary used in the content is varied, sustainable and misspelled.
  • 14 – Variety of site domain names where your website pages are referenced.
  • 15 – Fast loading site pages on computer browsers.
  • 16 – Rich content with pictures, videos, internal links, quotes … etc.
  • 17 – The clickthrough rate for your site’s pages in Google search results should be above average.
  • 18 – Related keywords in H2 tags.
  • 19 – The presence of structured data (from on ​​the page.
  • 20 – H2 tags present on the page.
  • 21 – The presence of keywords in the structure of the site’s pages.
  • 22 – There are internal links on the page pointing to other reliable and credible sites.
  • 23 – Enabling secure communication HTTPS This is necessary for stores, forums, service sites, and data entry.
  • 24 – Related keywords in the domain name.
  • 25 – Links on social networks refer to the pages of the site, whether from Facebook, Twitter Tweets, or others.
  • 26 – Relevant keywords in the meta description of articles and pages.
  • 27 – A large share of external links to your site must be do-follow (very few no-follow links).
  • 28 – The author’s portfolio is below the articles.

As it becomes clear to us from the past, external links are still very important and you should get them not through bad methods or by focusing on quantity but rather on quality in the first place when you provide good content, it is natural for references to the pages of articles or your site pages in the forums, in News sites, on social pages, and even in encyclopedias.

On the other hand, the move to the secure connection HTTPS will not return to your site a qualitative shift at the level of its ranking in the search results, but this has become necessary, especially for commercial services, electronic banks and forums that the user comes to log in to and transactions that need more security on them.

Of course, I noticed that the speed of downloading your site on mobile browsers is more important than the speed of downloading it on computer browsers because this is because researchers from the mobile are the majority

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ultimate SEO guide: The most important mistakes that lead to the punishment of sites on Google

On the other hand, many mistakes would destroy websites on Google search results, and this is according to the experts in configuring the sites for the search engines:

  • 1 – The site is down due to hosting or hacking.
  • 2 – The content provided to the search engines is completely different from the content the site shows to visitors.
  • 3 – Most of the content is duplicated and copied from other sites.
  • 4 – External links from blogs, websites, and forums of questionable credibility in large quantities.
  • 5 – Insufficient content.
  • 6 – Ads that mask the main content or confuse the visitor by appearing more than the content itself.
  • 7 – The time to load the pages of the site is very long.
  • 8 – Most of the content is duplicated between the pages of a single site, where you find that page A has the same content as page B, and this is for a different address, for example!
  • 9 – Visitors return to their search results quickly and the site’s pages fail to provide any answers.
  • 10 – The rate of return to Google search results is very high due to poor site quality.
  • 11 – Page size is too big to get it loaded quickly.
  • 12 – A large percentage of Backlinks is from websites that are not related to the site’s topic or domain.
  • 13 – High bounce rate.
  • 14 – Keywords are used excessively for content.
  • 15 – External links “Backlinks” is not normal or has been purchased.
  • 16- We can add to the foregoing that the website’s lack of responsiveness to the mobile usually leads Google to exclude it from the search results for users of smart phones and tablets.

This ultimate SEO guide is based on the experiences of the experts interviewed, and not based on what they read or hear.

The results of this survey reflect a general view of a large number of professional marketers (about 140 experts) and not necessarily Google’s complete vision, and a number of them may differ on the importance of SEO, set of this ultimate seo guide in pushing your site to publish search results on Google and its brothers.

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