In this article, we will discuss how to invest money for beginners and professionals

The world is experiencing difficult conditions that it did not live in for long after the outbreak of the Corona virus, which killed the entire economy without any exception. With the world suffering from this current pandemic and its consequences, finding the optimal options for investment is what everyone is concerned about now. The most frequently asked question of this period is: What is the best way to invest money in Corona’s time?

Between optimism and pessimism, everyone is at a crossroads. However, investment experts agree that there are ways to invest money that may provide great opportunities in this crisis, but they involve high risks and are therefore valid for the experienced and professional investor. As for the conservative investor, he can resort to safe investments during this difficult period.

best way to invest money during coronavirus (with higher risks):

The stock market

If we compare the behavior and performance of financial markets historically and compare decreases similar to what is happening now as a result of the panic of the outbreak of the virus out of control, we find that this panic in terms of investment, represents a good opportunity to buy shares that have fallen without a significant justification, and in which it is possible to have great opportunities in the economy beyond Corona

Certain sectors benefited from the outbreak of the virus, and the prices of some companies increased significantly. Most notably, medical products companies such as masks, antiseptics, and laboratory supplies. The e-commerce sector has made a historic leap because people are buying online. And also the home entertainment sector such as Netflix, which achieved profits exceeded expectations.

Given that it is likely that those sectors that benefited from the epidemic will soften their luster as the crisis recedes, while sectors that were severely affected during the crisis will recover, the stock market is one of the best ways to invest money during coronavirus

The digital currency market

Investors recently pay close attention to investing money in bitcoin and the crypto market, perhaps because it is characterized by profitability and high return on investment but it is also very risky compared to other assets.

Bitcoin was hit hard in previous months but that did not prevent it from being the most profitable investment this year and outperform gold and oil in addition to the major stock indices. Despite this extreme volatility, Bitcoin has now managed to recover most of the value lost during past months and is now rising by 22.4% since the beginning of the year.

Safe Investments in Corona’s Time:

1- Safe havens

As investors feared the consequences of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the absence of the beginning of the end of its spread, investors started heading towards safe havens, especially gold and bonds.

Usually gold is from the best way to invest money and it tends to achieve good performance in periods of turbulence and volatility in the markets, and some consider it the safest investment because its value is rising in the long run despite the short-term fluctuations.

The bond market is a long-term safe-haven also the best way to invest money during coronavirus, but it is the least profitable. In this period, some prefer to invest money in corporate bonds and entities with a high credit rating. With the steps taken by the major central banks in the world to support the markets of bonds with a good credit rating, there are still opportunities for investors.

Safe currencies

One of the currencies that are widely accepted by dealers is the Japanese yen, Swiss franc and the dollar, as one of the safe havens through which to preserve wealth and make profits from them, as investors can focus on the main currencies in the market and choose among them for trading because they are free of the complications that you can find In stock markets and other investments such as stocks that are largely decayed by the impact of all the global markets and bonds that are trusted most of the time to achieve benefit from them may be threatened.

summary: how to Invest Money During Coronavirus

In light of these current conditions and the ongoing economic turmoil in the world, the safer option and the best way to invest money during coronavirus in light of the volatility of markets and concerns about the future remains a really difficult task. But in any case, the best advice that can be given to traders and investors in the current crisis conditions is to minimize the movements to the maximum extent.

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How to invest money safely in the time of Corona?

There is no doubt that everyone, especially small investors, is trying to find the optimal and strategic way to invest money in the economic recession that surrounds the world due to the Corona epidemic.

Dealing with financial markets is not easy, as some believe it requires psychological skills to control oneself with the spread of fear and panic, and financial knowledge that enables a person to evaluate companies and needs to practice many times and neutralize feelings and objectively view the whole picture. Here are a few investment tips that every investor needs in this period more than ever:

Do not try timing the market!

In the midst of the current crisis, the investor does not need to be financially smarter as he needs to become calmer and psychologically stable. The stupid thing an investor might do these days is that his main and only determinant is trying to time the market or keep pace with the market in a sense, meaning that he goes out of his belief that the market is on the way to further decline or enter a bet that it is time for the market to bounce back up.

This is a very dangerous approach in normal times, not to mention the times of crisis where violent fluctuations are the most prominent feature of the market. Taking this approach in the midst of the current Corona crisis could cause the investor to lose literally back.

Do not invest money in one place, no matter how tempting

If diversification is a strategy required to reduce loss in normal times, it becomes an urgent necessity in times of crisis and turmoil. How your wallet is divided depends on many things such as how you take risks, time, goals, etc. The situation of each investor is different from the other. Therefore, an appropriate asset allocation strategy allows you to avoid the potential negative effects of placing all your eggs in one basket.So be careful on how to invest money during coronavirus

Invest in yourself

If you see investing is frightening at the moment and you think that you are unable to take risks, the best thing you can do is to invest in yourself and increase your investment information so that you can follow the markets well and to acquire new skills that will benefit you after the expiration of the Corona crisis.

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