Have you asked someone how to get rich from nothing? Or did he ask you this question before? You may have asked or been asked, and you may also have failed in your answer because you do not know the way “regardless of who responds to the rich through the illegal ways whether they are serious in their conversation or are talking in a way of ridicule”, well, if you want to know how to become rich To live a more stable and prosperous life, it is a good idea to check out these steps that prepare you to achieve what you aspire to .. Continue with me.

We start our article with the first 6 steps on how to become wealthy with no money:

First 6 steps

First step:

Ask yourself why you want to be rich, do you want to lead a luxurious life? Do you want financial stability, do you want to invest in building wealth, or dream of securing a safe future for yourself and your children? Or for other reasons. After thinking and specifying, write down the results or the reasons that you came up with and test their logic and the strength of these causes and their impact on you. Always keep this question in front of your eyes and the reasons that you came up with are the answer to it.

Second step:

After completing the step of determining the reasons that you want to be rich for, the step comes to determining how much money you want to achieve while emphasizing that the subject is not absurd, that is, you are not in front of an open treasure to take from it without being sufficient, but rather you must determine the level of wealth you want Access to it because the more money you want the more work you will need. So it is imperative that you make your goal “the amount of money you want to achieve” a realistic goal, not a fictional one.

Third step:

When do you want this to happen ?? Determine the actual, practical, and time you want the amount to be earned.

Fourth step:

Think of a way to collect money, but think about what you own and not what you do not have. You may have certain practical experiences, or you may have special skills that many do not possess, and you may have an abundant workforce, and you may have other things that you can rely on at work to achieve the required money. (Develop an action plan through experience).

Fifth step:

Try very hard to make a good team that can help you achieve your goal, and you must be distinguished by the qualities of the leader to contain them and make them turn around you, in addition to providing them with the moral and material side, and you must meet with them two or three per week.

Sixth step:

Always review your plan, write it on a paper, and review it daily for five times, and seek the help of God first of all, as it is the one who sustains without an account.

Conclusion, how to get rich from nothing:

I just want to point out that these six simple steps to answer the question of how to become a self-made millionaire with no money are not from a fictional weave nor are they the result of my experiences, but are scientific steps taken from one of the most famous and best-selling books in the field of human development in the USA and it is a book of Think and Grow Rich for the famous American writer Napoleon Hill, the book also tells the stories and secrets of rich people rich. I advise you to read this book because it contains useful information.

Change your pessimistic view of money

You have to honestly ask yourself: Why am I not rich yet? how to get rich from nothing? Be honest with yourself and look for negative thoughts and situations that do not support your goal of getting rich, and get rid of them. When you seriously think about earning money, when you do not misunderstand money, and when you believe that there is an abundance of money, resources, and opportunities, and when you trust your ability to prepare yourself to earn money, then you will really qualify to become rich and get you plenty of money.

Get rid of the thoughts that hold you back (I cannot get rich … money is hard .. get rich for the lucky ones .. and other negative beliefs). Make sure that the world lives in abundance of money and good, sufficient for all people and at all times, provided that the conditions for its collection and taking its causes are met. There is no shortage of money and livelihood because every person can get what he wants. The universe contains more blessings, gifts, and whiffs than we can desire.

Create a plan

Do you have a plan to become rich? Most likely your answer is no, if you want to be rich you have to create a plan to get rich. Everyone plans to become wealthy. Even people who play the lottery have a plan for that. It may not be good or even successful, but they have a plan to follow, which is to keep buying tickets in the hope of winning one day with money. The plan is the difference between whoever wishes to become millionaires and who really begins trying to achieve this.

You should plan to be wealthy from now, what do you say now !! Yes, now and at this very moment, if you do not start now, when do you start? at the age of 30, 40 or 50?

Planning for a financial life begins with saving, never with a steady deduction of part of your monthly income and putting it in a bank account or in a place that is difficult for you to reach (piggy bank, friend … etc). You can deduct the percentage you want according to your situation and your monthly bank, but the amount of money saved per month should not be less than 10% of the value of your monthly income, and I recommend deducting 30% if you are not married because the more you save the more you collect the greater amount, and reduce the period to achieve financial freedom and wealth.

Start investing

Saving money and spending it later on buying a car or new clothes or on vacation, will not make you rich, to become rich, you must save money to invest in either project or buy shares or real estate to generate income (profits) for you or sell it in the future at a higher price.

Do not be alarmed by the loss of opportunity. There are many opportunities in the future that await you and you must seize them, but you must first prepare for them by saving money and learning the basics of investment and projects, then start investing after you have prepared well with money and learning.

How to start investing?

To start investing, you do not have to buy a property, start a business, or invest in a large amount. Just start small projects and investments and over time you will gain experience in the field in which you want to work.

See money and wealth as a result

All achievements and all wealth are results of specific causes and actions. It is strange that most people find themselves working most of the time and to no avail changing the reality/outcome without paying attention to the reasons and working to change them.
Wisdom says:

insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Albert Einstein

Rich successful people see money as a result of good ideas and fruitful actions, so you find them ready to bring great value to others, and in return, they gain their wealth, so search and focus on what will be presented initially so that you get money as a result.

Enhance the feeling of worthiness

how to get rich from nothing

The sense of entitlement in all aspects of life is strong in childhood, but what happens is that the child begins to feed on the culture that surrounds him, and of course, people mostly focus their thoughts on the ideas of deficiency and poverty. How to become rich if you like them?

Do you think all the time that you are born to be poor and failed? Do not blame your mind for believing in you and achieving what you believe in.

Before you think about becoming wealthy, you must first believe that you are worthy of wealth. Stop asking this question “how to get rich from nothing?” Start develop your sense of worthiness gradually, if you believe in your ability to access financial freedom, a belief accompanied by thinking and action, of course, you have cut halfway towards your goal. This belief leads you – unconsciously at times – to engage in activities and behaviors to prove the truth of the ideas that control you.

Get rid of traditional thinking to make money

Moving away from the traditional thinking of building wealth is also crucial to the journey of wealth that today requires non-traditional creative ideas.

Creative thinking has become a means of making money, but rather a lot of money. We always notice that the successful and the people with remarkable accomplishments do not follow a path that everyone takes, and they always outperform others in their distinguished ideas.

Do not invest everything you own in one project

Any profitable project or business aims to grow and make a profit, but success is not always achieved, so beware that your desire to get rich quickly pushes you to put everything you have in one project. Getting up after a failure, in this case, is difficult, and you may get frustrated.

The easiest thing related to money is to spend it!

“Getting money is like digging with a needle. Spending it is like water soaking into the sand”

Japanese proverb

It is wise not to put all of your money in just one project, nor to get involved in work you do not understand or believe in. Study well before investing your money and investing with experienced people who testify to this.

Be aware that there is no point in thinking how to get rich with no money or education if you are not sincere in your application and intent on implementation because the act is what will make the difference. Wealth and money, in the end, is nothing but a material reward paid for hard work and skillful thinking, for every diligent share has a share, but some are lazy about earning money, others do not make any sacrifices, and do not try to learn or work, or focus hard on this.

Avoid debt and loans

Do not borrow to buy consumables like using consumer goods or buying a car, because you will not become wealthy if you are borrowing for your personal expenses, just debt to buy assets (stay away from loans),



This saying is in response to those who say that he does not have money, as he says that if you find a profitable deal and you do not have money, either you will find the money or the money will find you.

Do not rush to buy a car because you suffer in the use of transportation, perhaps the company you work for goes bankrupt or be dismissed from work or you want to buy the car only to dazzle your friends !! Your friends will be dazzled at first and congratulate you on the new car you own, but none of them will take care of you if you stumble financially, and may even become a source of their mockery and set an example for you in mismanagement of funds.

Choose your friends

Expert Jim Rohn says

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If you spend your time with negative people, then you will turn into a negative person like them, try to avoid these people and keep them away from your life. Your financial situation will be like theirs, do you realize what is the reason? Yes, you imitate them without knowing.

I am not telling you that you should abandon your friends, but if you want to become like them you are free to do so, you will become like them and repeat many of their words such as saying (investing risks, who do you think you are !, you will fail) I challenge you that you did not hear these quotes from the closest people to you They are slowly killing your ambition without knowing or wanting you to become like them.

secrets of rich people, how to get rich from nothing

Make your friends who have the same ambition as you, whether from clients, elderly neighbors who have made a great fortune, they have an experience that will help you in your life and shorten you a lot of time in failed experiences if you listen to their advice. And read the financial culture books, yes, the books do not make you rich quickly (day, week, month) but they expand your horizons and enlighten you (the path of financial success), and teach you the assets of investment and steps to becoming wealthy.

Learn Financial literacy

Have you ever heard of the term passive income?
If you are far from the field of investment, most of your answer will be no I have not heard of it before, passive income means that you collect money while you are sleeping, meaning that you get money without working, your project, your property or your investment brings you a monthly income. If you want to get rich from nothing, learn the rules of investing from experts in the field that you would like to invest in.

Read articles and books on how to achieve wealth and investment assets and, if you want to change your life, you must change your thinking style and your lifestyle, start using methods Those who have achieved success and learn from their mistakes.

We advise you to follow and read financial culture articles from here

Most traditional education through a college or university is a waste of time, in my opinion. It takes you to the job market in search of a job instead of teaching you how to do projects and investments.

job is routine boring, which over time (years of work) kills your dreams and makes you live as your peers from neighbors, friends, and employees (co-workers) live.

I am not telling you to quit your job now, but make your job the beginning of the path to achieving your dreams of wealth by starting saving and learning ways to start projects and investment, then planning, gaining experience and taking the right path to access wealth.

Diversify your investments

“Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source”


The third richest man in the world, a wisdom that summarizes for you the long road of experiences and mistakes that you can avoid.

That is, it does not depend on investment only on real estate, stocks, projects, or any specific type of investment, because it may get stalled or stop its activity, whether it is a job or project or any other source of income, you do not know what the future holds for you so you must prepare for more than one plan lost There is a failure or failure for your project or disaster that you were not prepared for as a collapse of the real estate market or the stock exchange or others.

Spend less than you earn

If you are an employee, you do not spend your entire salary before you get it from the debt or spend it just by getting it to buy the desires and spend the rest of the month borrowing from others, organize your monthly expenses and divide your salary according to your income. Whether your income is little or much because the problem is not the lack of what you get from the money, but in that what you get is spent entirely in buying things that you do not need.

To persuade you to do so, note that employees who received an increase in their salaries, find them still suffering from debts and poverty, or their debts become more, whether by bank loans or credit cards they obtained, so the problem is not the amount of money you get but rather where you spend it, save a portion of your income and then invest it and delay your enjoyment until you become financially free.

Increase your income

how to get rich from nothing, how to become a self made millionaire with no money

Reduce your expenditures to increase your saved money and use it to diversify your income sources. The more you save money for investment, the fewer years you will reach financial freedom.

You can read these articles for more tips on how to save money :

How To Crush The No Spend Challenge

Genius tips on How to save more money

5 Tips on How to save a lot of money fast

For example, if you started investing today within 7 to 15 years, you will have a great wealth, and if you think it is a very long time to become rich, these years will be over and your financial situation will be the same as before 7 to 15 years and you have not achieved any progress in your financial situation, or it may be worse than before. And you continue to suffer financially for the rest of your life.

Do not put a ceiling on your income

If you are an employee currently working in a job and are not given what you deserve based on the production of your work, think about starting your own business. Most of the suffering of the employees is that they work for others, so their employer becomes rich as a result of the efforts of his employees and they do not become rich. The difference is that the employer of his work grows and develops and thus his income increases, either the employee acclimates to work in exchange for his salary to live from him and hopes that the month will pass without borrowing.

These ten steps make it an approach to your lifestyle, as a result of extensive studies on the habits of the rich and their ways of thinking. It is true that it may take years, but it is better to become rich after years of remaining throughout your life suffering financially and functionally.

These steps make it an approach to your lifestyle, it’s a result of extensive studies on the habits of the rich and their ways of thinking. It is true that it may take years, how to become a millionaire at any age? the answer is simple: it is better to become rich after years, or remaining suffering financially and functionally throughout your life.

Push yourself to live at a lower level

To be on the right path is to obtain a reasonable monthly income and to have the conviction that this income is sufficient, we all do not need a high income to live, but the most important point in this is that the income is appropriate for the number of family members until you feel free to move you can Plan without any restrictions makes you always worried about making a living.

This level will be the one you are used to and press the budget in a way that is acceptable to logic. Regardless of the income you get, you should know that there are hundreds or even millions of people in the whole world, and even in the city you live in, in the building you live in, you can live with a small amount of money. It is less than the half that you get. At this point, if you absorb it and implement it, know very well that you are on the first path to success and wealth. The economy makes your life go at a rate through which you can economize a part of your income and treat yourself with a degree of rigor and manners so that you do not make fun of the matter.

Self-discipline with what to do is the first path to wealth. the method is not intended to you by saving money only, but it is a way to make you better act in the most difficult conditions and know how to make you move, despite restrictions.

Set yourself a base called: Will be mine

This rule will not be achieved unless the previous point is achieved. By achieving the previous point, I assure you that you are on the path to getting rich. You are already saving money, so you have moved from the waiting phase of anxiety to enter the stage of mental comfort because you have a savings amount, and this in itself makes you now halfway through wealth. You should know well that your income is always prone to spending while the income that you save remains and even comes with more so prepare an idea which is that you now have some money even if it is little and the risk stage is to choose a field that works to increase this money. At this point, that wealth in the truest sense is making money to take some relief from the hard work and not to stop making a lot of money by investing in things that bring a lot of them.

Lack of fear when dealing with money

Fear makes a person always frustrated, especially if he is afraid of losing money. Therefore, you will not find a person who wants to be wealthy. Indeed, he fulfills his desire. He dealt with money with fear but established within him the concept that the money in my hand came to me with my work, I can I get it again the same way so don’t be afraid to deal with money.

Always seek the experience of your predecessors

By asking for the experience of those who preceded you in achieving riches, they will help you to find an endless amount of new ideas, and these ideas will work on the existence of various means that suit you to develop the money that you own and if you do not have someone with experience in this field, read about those who preceded you to the path of wealth.

Don’t think of a ready-made solution

You may have an idea that you can get money quickly in a way, but know that just as the money came quickly, it will also go quickly, and the most important point of this is that you will not succeed in achieving this money, but you will only get it and this will not develop Your experiences in life and you will never contribute your financial growth.

Set your energy in one action

Never distract yourself by doing more than one job in different fields, for no matter how strong you are, there is a specific amount of your energy. If you divide it by more than one source, you will darken all sources and you will not get the experience you want.

Trust yourself

Because confidence in yourself is what will make you reach what you wish in the least period and always repeat that you can, stop asking yoyr self “how to get rich from nothing?” during a specific period, do what you wish and wish for.

Finally .. Keep track of the investment operations that occur in the markets and select from these operations what suits your financial capabilities and skills Because, by doing this, you will make the right choice and seize the opportunity that may be in front of you while you know nothing about it.

Some mistakes get in the way of getting rich from nothing

There are common mistakes that many scientists have identified about those who dream of achieving wealth and these mistakes always lead to not reaching the expected results but may even produce opposite results, which is the complete loss of all the money saved, or the feeling of frustration and despair from achieving any dream of getting rich and these mistakes They are as follows:

  • Looking at the concept of wealth is that it is impossible in this world and that it is something we only hear about and it is quite far from us and that those who have achieved this dream are people who have no connection
  • Spending an open period to set a goal that achieves the first steps for success and wealth. The open period is a waste of life without doing anything.
  • The extreme fear of losing money while investing it and the fear of entering any new experience that may bring in a lot of money so you can thing on how to become an entrepreneur with no money, for example
  • Savings are wasted on buying things that have no value and only benefit because they are losing money and have no return
  • Focusing only on the concept of saving without creating a plan for investing it. Anyone who saves money for the sake of saving without making himself a specific plan for what he will do with this money is miserliness and not saving for wealth.

Dear reader

Dear reader and follower of the Viral Storie website, I provided you with the complete and correct answer to the question of how to get rich from nothing, the mistakes that hinder the realization of such a dream that is not far away.

If you find that this article deserves to reach the largest number of people so that the reference is for them to take the first steps to achieve wealthiness then share the article with your friends so that they learn something as well, and if you have advice, do not skimp write it in a comment below and also if you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to do it and I will do my best to answer it

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