Genius tips to save more money will make a big difference in your financial life without having to count every amount every day.

In the end, this is what we all strive for: finding a way to increase our profits so that we can finally live the life we ​​want, explore the world and do more of what we really enjoy by restoring our time.

But what about how to save money every month or each day?

In fact, it is really great to pamper yourself a little in your favorite café from time to time or plan a vacation you always wanted to take. You earned it, and your hard work should be rewarded.

However, it’s always a good idea to plan for a rainy day!

Whether you are on a continent or from home, things can always change in your life, and you don’t know whether the amount of revenue you earn today will remain the same. Plus, by saving money today, you can access financial freedom early!

How can I save more money every day?

Not only does the money not be spent, but it is also about the efficacy of spending it as much as possible. It comes to not wasting resources and improving what you do with your time and money!

You can do these things without sacrificing much in the way you currently live and still be able to enjoy your fruits.

We’ll be sharing genius tips to save more money, so you can start doing that today. Read on, and be sure to save this page so you can go back to it from time to time – you’ll want to keep these tipss in mind. Ready !?

The importance of saving money

What is the importance of saving money?

 The main goal of saving is to secure a decent and more prosperous life, and saving helps you own the money you need in unexpected circumstances.

When you have enough money to pay for everything you need in addition to a reserve for exceptional circumstances, you will not be worried about your financial situation at the end of each month. Here are the main reasons:

 The retirement!

If you think that retirement is a distant stage that you should not think about because you are still a young man full of vigor and vitality, you are mistaken in your belief. You should think on how to save more money for retirement, because you will soon find that retirement is all you think about as you get older, so it is very important that you provide a portion of your income for a more comfortable and stable future.

 Luxury and decent life

Providing you with good money will provide you with a life full of comfort and luxury, where you can then participate in one of the travel trips without debt.

It also facilitates your life in general, for example, you can buy a modern car in cash, as paying for the car in cash contributes to enhancing your ability to negotiate its price with the agency or the company, and this will make a big difference in your monthly budget to achieve other goals.

Large expenditures

It is very difficult to maintain a balanced budget if you do not pay attention and control your expenses, you to figure more ways to save money on a tight budget, but as you save money and track you for small expenses, you will be able to face the great financial pressure, such as taxes, repairing your car, improving your home and other unexpected expenses.

 University education

One of the important benefits of saving money is the ability to secure study costs. Because education is the future of every person, as most people strive to enroll in prestigious universities to obtain advanced degrees or to educate their children.

We also need to learn how to save money for kids

Our children should be accustomed from childhood to saving, because this habit if established from childhood, will continue with him until he grows up.

Students are taught to spend a small portion of their daily expenses and save the remainder of the expense in a private fund, or the student can be given a weekly or monthly expense or the way he feels it helps him to saven so they need to learn about how to save money for students

– Emergencies!

Good savings are a strong insurance system, It is a system that saves you the money you need in unexpected times and conditions. You may find yourself with a poor health condition such as an appendectomy or sudden loss of work.

– Happier and less anxious

Saving money helps tackle any financial disasters and expenses that a person may suffer, as well as make him feel happier. As money reduces the chances of exposure to many health conditions such as heart disease and depression.

The goal of saving money

One of the best ways on how to save more money is to set a goal, start thinking about what you might want to save, maybe marry or plan a vacation or save money for retirement, and then determine how much money you will need and how long it may take to save it, and if you have a bank account.

Examples of short and long-term goals

Short term (1-3 years):

1- Saving money for Emergency Fund (3-9 months).

2- Saving money for Living expenses only in case of need.

3- Saving money to Take a vacation.

4- Saving money for the Payment of a car.

Long-term (4 years or more):

1- Saving money for Buying a new home.

2- Saving money for Doing your own project.

3- Saving money to Educate your child.

4- Saving money for Retirement.

5- Decide on your priorities

Tips to save more money: Personal Finance

1. Make your savings automatic

Collect savings by automatically putting money into your savings account. No matter how much, just set aside a certain amount every month. You’ll accumulate, and before you know it, you won’t even miss that money.

2. Create a monthly budget

Well, this tip is on how to save money each month it may not sound really a ploy to save money at first sight. Correct, though, you cannot save if you have no idea where your money is spent. First, a budget must be established.

If the idea of ​​preparing a budget does not seem fun to you like finding your receipts to give to your own accountant and then relaxing.

There are easy ways to start tracking your money! All you have to do is find a suitable tool for that. I like to keep my spreadsheets, using my intentional budget system.

But if you like technology, there are a lot of apps that can help you! These apps are designed to do all the hard work for you! No receipts, no formats. You can only track your spending with the push of a button.

It seems great? Well here’s the tip to save more money: these apps are free! Wave apps from wherever you are!

3. Use the raises to save more money

Getting a raise is one of the best ways to make more money! But this does not mean that you have to spend everything.

Once you get the extra money in the next paycheck, put part of it in savings. Not only will you be able to enjoy a small feature of your hard work rewards, but you will save even more money as well.

Don’t inflate your lifestyle and take this great opportunity as one of the best money-saving tips!

4. Let the robot save for you

Are you sure you don’t pay for things you no longer use? Like the membership that you bought last month and used twice?

There is a free IOs app that can save you the pain of reviewing all your subscriptions. Trim shows you exactly what you spend and in what ways, which makes it easy to know where you can cut expenses, and find those expenses that you haven’t yet realized.

It is very safe with encrypted access and two-access authentication, so you can feel safe and save more money.

The Trim system can also help you cut spending in other ways as well, by negotiating with your service providers to cut your monthly bills. In addition, it analyzes your transactions so you can understand where your money is going quickly and easily.

5. Try live a day without spending

Have you ever spent a day without spending? Have you ever tried not to touch your wallet for 24 hours?

The trick is to get ready early. It will be much easier if you do this during a working day, as you may need to pamper yourself during the weekend. Walk or ride a bike to the office, bring your lunch from home with coffee. On your way home, don’t be tempted to stop by the grocery store. Cook a healthy meal for dinner, read a book or watch a free movie in the evening. You will be surprised at how much you will learn.

And if you want a real challenge, try a week without spending! You will learn that there are many things you can live without easily (and some are hard to give up!).

6. Educate yourself financially

If you want to change your life, personal finance books are the right way to start. By learning how to manage your money the right way, you will start to feel in control of your life. Money may not buy happiness for you, but in modern society, poverty is not a great thing.

Once you know how to manage your money, pay off your debts and invest your savings, you may not be happy but you will have a financial guarantee that will give you more Financial freedom for more important things in life: health, love, friends, family, and self-development.

You can start with this list of summaries. It will help you reach financial freedom and radically change the way you think about saving more money.

Tips to save more money: food and shopping

7. Use less plastic and save money

It is surprising to many that you can save money by buying the same things you usually get by skipping all the plastic waste that is created through traditional grocery shopping.

Many stores offer discounts on any of these activities, ranging from bringing your reusable bags, refilling bulk containers such as water, coffee, soap and detergents to skipping product rolls while shopping.

Not only will help your bank balance, but also you will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

8. Get money every time you spend

I mean, if you’re going to shop at the store anyway, why not? It’s free money!

Discounts are a great way to stop amazing sales or get cash back on your purchases.

Discounts lead the way in this area, by returning up to 10% of the cash for the things you would have bought anyway! Discounts allow you to start a shopping journey, and every time you find an item that contains a Discount link, buy it through it. You will earn and save more money.

Other apps that we recommend are Swagbucks, MyPoints and Paribus. You will definitely find your favorite retailer listed in one of these apps!

9. Plan your meals

Although I love cooking before I discovered meal planning, I always had the wrong vegetables in the fridge and I ended up getting rid of food and wasting it for no reason. By planning meals, life becomes simpler and you will only buy what you use. Think about what you need in advance and check what you have in your kitchen, this is a great tip especially if you thinking on how to save more money for retirement 

It is a great way to eat healthy while saving more money for meals and reducing food waste.

Also, remember to check out local grocery posts before going shopping, and plan your weekly meals around sales and deals announced. Not only you will save money, but you will also have a continuous rotation of the items that are offered in your home.

10. Cook more at home

Get your Tupperware tools and prepare your meals when you come back from shopping. why? When you work all day, it is very tempting to cut your grocery budget by eating out.

If you have everything ready, you will avoid the nefarious time crunch that will make you pick up the phone and order pizza several times.

Not only your meals be healthier, but you will also actually use the food you bought from the store. No waste, no waste.

11. Make a list before you go shopping

Yes, everything from weekly grocery plans to cute clothes. Plan it, set your own buying budget and stick to it. It’s amazing that the amount that the money payer adds to our public spending, so take the time to achieve savings on your own.

12. Drink water, but stop buying it

It’s no secret that by drinking water and giving up soft drinks, wine, and beer, you can save a lot of money. But by stopping buying water completely, you can save a lot!

Plastic water bottles are not only harmful to your wallet, but also to the environment: bottled water costs about 2000 times more expensive than tap water. It also takes three times the amount of water in the bottle to manufacture, and less than 30% of the plastic bottles are recycled every year.

Carry a reusable water bottle with you, and it will not only save hundreds of dollars a year. But it will also help the environment. If you live in an area full of chlorine water, you can install a water filter or use the Brita Pitcher at home to reduce the taste of chlorine, which is often found in tap water.

13. Eat less meat

Planning for some meatless meals a week is not only beneficial to your bank balance but also great for your body. Meat is expensive, and by offering some vegetarian meals, you will not only see savings in your grocery bill, but you will also contribute to your health in the future, so always think wisely on how to save more money

14. Shop for groceries online

The truth is, by shopping online, you’ll be less tempted to buy the food you don’t need! You can save a lot, especially if you know what you need to buy (write a list and stick to it!)

In addition, you can find great offers online, and you can also save money on gas and time.

Give this money saving tips one chance and you will realize its benefit over savings and comfort.

15. Try generic brands

Okay, so there might be some things that you don’t want to buy from the regular brand store, and that’s just fine. But when it comes to essentials like toilet paper, spices, and cleaning products, there is almost no difference in price.

General brands are cheaper due to lack of promotion (yes, marketing!) And cheaper packaging. But the quality is the same, if not better!

Be smart and seize the opportunity.

16. Purchase seasonal products

Not only does it taste better, but also great. The seasonal product is more likely to be rich in the vitamins and nutrients you are looking for in your food, and because the money spent is less in shipping, it is often cheaper.

17. Scan your receipts

Did you know that there is a free app that gives you money if you scan your receipts?

Ibotta is a great app to save money on things that you have already purchased. You have to take a picture of your grocery receipts with your phone and upload them to the app. You will then receive between $ 0.25 to a few dollars per cash receipt for certain products. It’s so easy that I can’t believe they’re paying you for that.

You will also get a free bonus of 10$ !

18. Bring lunch with you to work

In this tip, we are going to learn how to save money from salary. We all start the year with good intentions. Before we know that, we end up going out every day! With an average business lunch cost of up to 10$ a day in a big city, you can spend over 2,500$ a year on business lunch alone!

We don’t ask you to pack your lunch every day, but if you prepare lunch at home 2-3 times a week, you can easily save over $1,000 a year!

19. Try the baby section for beauty products

This may surprise you, but the same products can have large price differences depending on where you choose them from the store. Items like cotton buds and sunscreen are often cheaper in the baby care section than the usual aisle for cosmetics. Moreover, lotions are often made with fewer chemicals because they are made specifically for children.

20. Use a reusable cup of coffee to get a discount in cafes

Now you can have your coffee and drink it too. Many cafes offer customers who bring their own cups discounts due to saving money on disposable cups.

Plus, you are also saving the environment! Did you know that a non-reusable coffee cup is not recyclable? What doesn’t help is the paper and plastic mixture in the inner liner, designed to make it heat-resistant and leak-proof. This means that more than 99.75% are not recycled.

21. Watch Amazon for Price Drops

Put something you want on your Amazon watch list or in your cart and watch the price. Chances are that the price will go down and you will have the opportunity to buy it at a reduced price.

22. Write it before you buy (30-day rule!)

If you really want to buy something expensive, write it down. Keep it in writing for 30 days before purchasing it. If you forget about it or decide after one month that you really don’t need it, you saved yourself from an expensive purchase, this tip is from the best ways to save money on a tight budget

If you still like it, you will know at least that it will be used.

23. Stop upgrading your phone

Do you still pay for your cell phone in your contract? You might think you get a lot, but you rent your phone for a much higher price. You should simply buy your phone and keep it for a few good years and then switch to a much cheaper plan.

24. Join the email and Facebook groups of your favorite brands online

It is often valuable to be a member of the group, especially with the loyalty of shopping and branding. In exchange for the following, many major retailers offer exclusive discounts to groups that only include members, so be one of the brand groups you really love and benefit from deals.

25. Make your own gifts instead of buying them

Even if you don’t think you are creative, you may surprise yourself. Everyone has a talent that can be developed. Not only you will gain a hobby, but also you will be able to make special gifts for your loved ones.

You can bake some delicious biscuits, and make a delicious jar of jam, pickles, or some amazing homemade soap! Giving a gift made with your own hands has a much greater meaning and shows how much you care!

26. Find the things used

it’s the truth. Whether it is old clothes or going to second chance stores, you can find some great deals on clothes and household items. Don’t be shy, go in and look around. Ask employees about the day they get their cargo, so it is a better opportunity to find really good things.

Don’t forget to check out the furniture items. Second-hand stores are often full of solid wood furniture that needs a little polishing to look as good as new again and can be obtained for a fraction of the cost you will spend on cutting particle boards in retail stores.

27. Borrow what you need only once

From grass care tools to books, if you only need them once, try borrowing instead of buying. Just ask your friends and neighbors. You will be surprised how many things they have that they will happily loan to you for a day or two.

You will save more money and space!

Tips to save more money: home and transportation

28. Bigger is not always better

Housing is one of the biggest costs we have in our lives! You should never spend more than 30% of your income on housing (including taxes and bills too!), but the less you spend, the more you can save!

I know some people like to live in a big house but remember: if you live in a large area, you will incur additional costs. And I’m not just talking about your rent or mortgage.

The house or big apartment means:

Your home tax will be higher

Your utility bills will be more expensive

You will have to fill more space with furniture!

The more space you have, the more items you think you will need, leading you to purchase unnecessary items!

29. Compare, Compare and Compare

This often goes through the heads of many people, but how long have you got your insurance policy? If it has been more than a year and your driving record has not changed, it will likely offer you a cheaper rate. The current price you pay was set in your driving record, but several years ago, you were registered. If you have been accident-free for a while, it can make a big difference in your insurance premiums

The same applies to your utility companies. Often times there are all competing service providers at adjusted rates for new customers. Call and compare and you can start seeing great savings for the items you have to pay for.

30. Drive a used car (or get rid of it completely!)

Transportation is second only to housing costs for most people, and driving is often the culprit.

If you live in a city, use public transportation, walking or touring. You will save yourself a fortune! And if you really need a car, choose a reliable used car instead of buying a new car. New cars depreciate very quickly!

Buy a car you can afford, and it will be richer every day.

31. Cut the cable and stop watching TV!

Are you still paying high cable prices for a package you probably don’t use? Find out if you can watch your favorite shows on another service, such as Netflix or the streaming app, and cut the cable.

Also, as much as you find comfortable, watching TV is a waste of time!

32. Insulate your home

We all have to warm and cool our homes, but we don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that. Make sure your home is well insulated against drafts by checking the dam around the windows. If you are in an older house, you can add an inflatable insulator to increase your resistance to energy loss.

33. Rent part of your home

Have you heard about Airbnb? Of course, you do! You’ve probably used it to save more money on one of your most recent trips!

But what about making money with him? If you have a basement, garage apartment or backup bedroom, you can convert it to cash by placing it on Airbnb. You will be amazed at how quickly revenue accumulates into something big!

Depending on your place, you can make over $ 100 a night.

34. Search YouTube and fix it yourself

We all want to hire professionals to do the hard work, but there is no need to resort to expensive service with a lot of repairs. Search YouTube for some videos on how to hone your accomplished skills. You will Not only learn new things, but it will also save you a package on business fees.

35. Get an intelligent thermostat

nest thermostat very cool for example! It will really help you save hundreds of dollars in home heating costs. Smart thermostats allow you to fully control the temperature of your home and allow you to program schedules for each day of the week. You can easily change your settings and see how much you use every day!

36. Replace old lights with LED lights

With more than 10 years of life, LED lights are much cheaper these days!

By converting the five most-used lamps to an LED in your home – for example, lights in the living room, kitchen, and hallway – you can save a lot annually from your electric bill.

37. Close the curtains

Insulating curtains help isolate cold or warm air from penetrating your home. If it is open, the interior of your home can be changed by external factors. Close the curtains and sample some extra privacy.

38. Sell unwanted items for money

This will help you in two ways: First, by selling things you don’t need, you’ll get cash that you can use to invest or treat yourself. Then, you will save more money and time on cleaning and maintenance.

Additional money and less dust is a win-win situation at any time.

Tips to save more money: travel

39. Use foreign websites to get cheaper rates abroad

It is true that the locality is usually cheaper, so if you are planning a vacation abroad, then why not shop like a local? You’ll find amazing deals on places to stay in the areas you were actually planning while skipping the non-local price.

40. live for free

If you are really lucky, you can find a job for housing abroad. You will not only be able to stay for free in the place of your choice, but you will also probably have the whole place for yourself. No motel room can match this deal, so don’t rule that out if you’re planning a vacation.

Some amazing sites to explore to find deals by:

Trusted Housesitters



Some of these sites will charge you annual fees, but you will save a lot of money by staying in some amazing homes. If you are serious about trying them, you don’t have to think about paying the fees!

41. Save more money with Airbnb

If you don’t mind sharing your space, fly Airbnb. You can find a comfortable room in almost every city around the world, so be open to new experiences. Some Airbnb renters publish multiple rooms, while some allow renters to occupy the property for free, so it is up to the kind of experience you are looking for.

Either way, you can be sure that you will have comfortable housing and a kitchen nearby to avoid all of those external expenses.

42. Hide your search!

Some websites claim this to be incorrect, but I saw it with my own eyes: if I keep searching for a specific plan, the prices will go up!

Airlines use cookies in your browser to make you think that prices are going up and you need to book now to provide as much as possible.

Open a new incognito window or private window between new searches, as cookies are reset and deleted between each session. By doing this, you will have the best opportunity to find cheap flights without being cheated by the airlines.

Tips to save more money: health and fitness

43. Doing exercise at home and saving on a gym membership

We are all guilty: We buy a membership in the gym just to keep our commitment as we promised. Take time to exercise at home and skip the monthly fee. After all, the home gym is always open and you don’t have to prepare to go, so you will probably end up training more than you did at the gym.

YouTube comes handy again here.

44. Walk more

Save gas money and take a walk. You will spend less on fuel, help the environment, work on your fitness and enjoy the scenery close to your area.

Likewise, consider public transportation if it is available in your area. The monthly bus costs about one from the fuel tank, and you will be able to roam wherever you need to go.

45. ​​Doing exercise daily

This money saving tip is a prime example of a domino effect. Daily exercise saves more money in many different ways! It brings better health, which means fewer doctor visits. It also helps you feel good about yourself, so you are less likely to indulge in expensive junk food. Finally, while you’re exercising, don’t shop!

Tips to save more money: earn more!

46. Obtaining an additional source of funds

It doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment, it can be something you really enjoy. Are you skilled in using your hands? Create a product, and sell it in the local market.

Do you want to write? Consider working as a freelance journalist or start a blog.

The possibilities are endless, and each task won’t take long to complete. The more you do, the more reputation you have and the more income.

In the end,

you may decide that the side income is more appropriate for you than your daily work.

You have the power to make your life work for you, so take advantage of every opportunity!

You have amazing ways on how to save money as a teenager or as a grown man to start earning or saving more money today.

I hope you’ve found some advice that you didn’t think of, and that it inspired you to take control of your money.

Do you have any super money tips on how to save money from monthly salary or other money saving tips?

Share it with us in the comments below!