Luck seems to be playing a hidden game in American cinema. The history of cinema there is filled with films that made history in the literal sense of the word without getting an Oscar in return. Here is a list of amazing historical classics in American cinema history that have inspired generations of directors and creators, and you will not believe that it did not get the award Famous.

  • It’s a wonderful life 1946
  • It is a Christmas fantasy classic movie and a historical classic that has been broadcast in America throughout the holiday period and has also remained a popular TV series in the 1980s. The movie is about James Stewart who gives up many of his dreams to save those who want to give up their lives on Christmas Eve. He was nominated for five Oscars, none of which he received, despite being on the list of the Top 100 Films in the History of American Cinema.

    The classic movie was nominated for Oscar, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor, which made it her third time in number of nominations.

  • Rebel Without a Cause 1955
  • It is also among the classic movie of American cinema, as it was a groundbreaking attempt to portray the moral decay of American youth at the time and to rediscover differences and generational struggles. It was produced by Warner Brothers in 1955, and over the years his hero James Dean turned to a cultural icon, who died before the film was shown.

    And in 1990 the movie was added to the National Film Record of the American Film in the Library of Congress because it is considered of great cultural, historical and artistic importance. And Believe it or not, the classic movie did not get any of the Oscars that nominated her.

    “Movie Rebel without a Cause pioneering attempt to portray the moral decay of American youth at the time, and re-discover the differences and conflicts of generations”

  • King Kong 1933
  • It is from the classic movies, Movie Monster, or “Monster Hero”. It is one of the most important classic movies of American cinema too, but even though the monster-gorilla hero movie turned into an artistic icon does not end, yielded an inspiration to book cinema, theater and animation, and even video games, but it also did not get in his version classic Oscar, perhaps this is due to not taking the academic quality of the film very seriously.

  • Rear Window 1956
  • The photographer who sits at home and spying on his neighbors, so the chance to witness a murder, a Iamh film which was repeated later in several forms of global and American. It is a classic movie by Alfred Hitchcock and was added to the Library of Congress as an important film, historically, technically and culturally, although he ran for four Oscars, but he did not reap any of them.

  • About Schmit 2002
  • Jack Nicholson in one of the most emotional roles of paper, in the role of Mr. Schmidt, who his wife died without warning, kicks off on a long journey to attend a daughter’s wedding. The classic movies comedy-American drama.

    This is from the best Classic Movies, itwas a success on the cash and the dramatic level and nominated for two awards Oscar, but the “Golden Globe” was more appreciative of him, so that Nicholson, when he received his award for the film said:
    “I’m surprised a little bit I’ve imagined that we have represented a comedy no more.”

  • Psycho 1960
  • It is a psychological horror classic movie, also directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and he recorded an unusual public turnout at the American box office. Which played an exceptional role, Janet Leigh. The film was ranked among the greatest international films, but it did not get any Oscar from which it was nominated.

    “Film Psycho horror films directed by Hitchcock, and adapted from the movie of the same name, scored an unusually popular turnout at the box office”

  • Stand by Me 1986
  • A classic movie is a group starring for a group of children between childhood and adolescence, based on Stephen King’s novel The Body, and the story is about a group of children who went out on a journey to find the body of a missing child.

    The classic movie was a huge hit at the American box office, and directors’ pens won praise in it and ran for several Oscars but none of them were awarded.

  • Shawshank Redemption 1994
  • One of the most important classic movies of American cinema, and tells the story of Tim Robins, the bank employee who is accused of killing his wife by mistake, and he enters Shawshank prison, and he lives a difficult prison life that he can circumvent and its circumstances, until he becomes trusted by the prison director, and gets acquainted with this journey on His friend, who plays “Morgan Freeman”.

    Strangely, the classic movie did not achieve success in the American box office, but it ran for seven Oscars, none of which was won, but it was among the list of the top 100 films in the history of American cinema.

  • Imitation of Life 1959
  • A classic movie of American romance, the film was subjected to the story of racial discrimination with people of color, and it is also one of the films that joined the American National Register in the Library of Congress, and although the film did not win success from critics, the two film stars Susan Conner and Juanita Moore nominated for the Oscars. But the movie did not win any awards.

    The classic movie was a bold move forward to bring up the problems of race in a period of civil unrest, and blacks claiming their rights in the USA at the time.

  • They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? 1969
  • A classic film directed by Sydney Pollack, it tells of a group that strives to win a marathon. The movie was a hit at the box office. He was nominated for several Oscars, and one of his heroes, Gig Young, won the Best Supporting Actor award, but the film did not receive any other Oscars, despite his nomination for nine of them.

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