how to make money on youtube from Google Adsense,

The idea of making channels on YouTube and make money from it has recently spread among many young people, and some of them have become famous thanks to those channels, and the return from these channels and the number of followers on them is never negligible, but if you want to create your channel and do not know how to start, here we will explain how to make money on youtube for beginners from Google Adsense.

how to make money on youtube from Google Adsense

Many people ask how to make money with Google Adsense without owning a website, and the answer to that is that it is possible to make money from Adsense by creating a YouTube channel and displaying distinctive visual content on the channel that attracts the audience, so it is here that you can make money through views

1 How to create a YouTube channel

First on how to make money on youtube is creating a youtube channel so, when starting to create a YouTube channel, it is necessary to determine what this channel will be used for, you must get acquainted with the ideas of YouTube channels, YouTube channel for children, and making videos on YouTube,

and after this, follow the next steps to create your channel :

  • You must first log in to your Google account, and this is a necessary step because, without a Google account, you cannot create your own channel.
  • When entering your account, you will find on the right side a rectangular window with the word “your channel”
  • You must choose a suitable name for your channel and register it in this step.
  • After that, you should customize the channel and press the button with the words ‘Customize channel’ written in it.
  • You must change the account picture, for example, if this is a personal channel, you must put your own picture.
  • You should put another picture as the cover and it should explain the purpose of this channel.
  • Here, in this step, you must create your own videos and then upload them to your channel, and this is the last step to complete your YouTube channel

2 how to make money on youtube

The subject of “how to earn via youtube” may be difficult at first, but it is really rewarding if your channel becomes famous, and here we will show you the steps about how to make money on youtube :

  • The first step is to think of a new idea and creativity for your YouTube channel, and this will help you a lot in its popularity.
  • The second step is to have a very distinct software and to be able to edit videos through it.
  • After creating and editing the video to appear professional, you must upload it to your channel and market it well to get views and start earning.

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3 How to get views on YouTube

Getting views on YouTube depends on several worlds, but the most important of these factors are good content and smart marketing for this content, and here we will give you some tips for both:

Good content, how to do good content:

  • You must present a new idea and different from others, and this idea should be creative.
  • If you are the one presenting the content in the video, you have to be presentable and confident as well.
  • You must have a good knowledge of how to record and edit videos, or you can, for this step, seek the help of a video editor.
  • You should think carefully about the name of the video you are uploading, preferably short and informative.
  • It is preferable that the length of the video be short so that the viewer does not get bored of this video.
  • You can shoot anywhere, anytime, which is why you should take your camera everywhere you go.

As for smart marketing, we will also give some useful advice:

  • Getting an attractive cover image is one of the most important factors for marketing in addition to the rest of the other settings for your channel.
  • It is preferable to create your blog on a platform that allows you to create a free blog and promote your YouTube channel.
  • You can use various social media to promote your channel.

4 How much does YouTube pay for views

If you search for “how to make money on youtube” you will find People ask ” how much money do YouTubers make “, YouTube’s payment for views depends on the country in which you reside, and also the type of content, and here we will explain to you the prices of some countries as follows:

One million views on YouTube in the United States is worth $ 373.12
One million views on YouTube in India is worth $ 157.04
One million views on YouTube in Brazil equals $ 173.82
One million views on YouTube in Vietnam equals $ 81.59
One million views on YouTube in Ukraine equals $ 93.74
100K views on YouTube in Norway, $ 287.88
100K views on YouTube in Denmark: $ 209.54
100K Views on YouTube in Canada: $ 207.61
100K views on YouTube in Australia: $ 162.30
100K views on YouTube in Japan: $ 127.28
100K Views on YouTube in France, $ 103.45
The 100K Views on YouTube in Germany: $ 98.30

5 How to receive money from YouTube

or how does youtube pay money? withdrawing money that you may have earned from your YouTube channel is very easy, and it is through your Google AdSense account, but you must first activate this account through a PIN code that will be sent to you, and this code you can get it when your earnings reach 10 dollars or More.

After that, you must go to the settings and select the method of payment you want as Google Adsense provides many methods such as receiving a check through the mail of your country and many other methods through which you can withdraw your money.

how to make money on youtube without Google Adsense

There are some ways that you can make money on youtube and also without using a Google Adsense account, and these methods are summarized as follows:

  • Sell your own or company‚Äôs products, and this depends on the personal dealings between you and the customer.
  • You don’t need to have a special product, but you can sell as many services as you can.
  • You can use your channel to advertise large companies and brands and take profit from them.
    You can use the channel to get visitors to your blog.

Work online from home with a monthly salary

Many people work online from home and get good amounts per month as a result of this work, which has many jobs such as:

  • Work in the field of programming and this require only programming skills to start your business from home.
  • Writing content, some sites need writers to submit articles to them in many fields.
  • If you are a designer, this job also you can do from your home and it is very profitable.
  • Online education, you can teach your native language to foreigners and make money from this field.
  • Transcription This work depends on hearing a recording and writing the content in it.
  • Working in translation is one of the most popular fields of work online

In the conclusion of our topic on how to make money on youtube from Google Adsense, creating a YouTube channel from mobile is similar to how you create that channel from your computer, and in the end, I hope that I have helped you.

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