So, how to get more traffic to my website? the answer to this question is the same answer to “how to get traffic to Shopify?

Getting free traffic is one of the things that any Blogger or a new site is most interested in because traffic is the most important factor to profit from any website, blog, or even YouTube channel, in addition to it being the main factor in measuring the success or failure of any site, you will not be able in any way earn from your site if you don’t get visitors and there is a rule that says

“more traffic, more profits.”

Therefore, in this article, we will review the best tips I use to get more traffic to my website

Why do I need to get free and more traffic to my website?

If you are a beginner, you might ask this question. To answer this question, let me ask you another question, which is what is the benefit of a site that gets no traffic? Getting free traffic or even paid traffic is one of the most important success factors for any site and you will not be able to earn anything from this site without obtaining visits, and here we emphasize tips to get free and more traffic to my website because most of those who have a site and need to bring him traffic are in Its beginning and with no budget to use paid methods, I need more traffic to my website, so in this article, I will go into the best reliable tips to get free and more traffic to my website in detail.

How to Get more traffic to my website

Best tips to get free and more traffic to my website

As for the tips to get free traffic to the sites are many, and among the methods that I will mention I am sure, that you knew it but used it wrongly, but do not worry I will explain everything to you in detail and you will not get out of this article unless you have everything you need, but Of course, I refer to an important thing, which is that you must have good and unique content in order to get more traffic, and we previously wrote an article about: How To Increase Your Blog Traffic: 5 Best Ways and How To Submit Website To Bing (Easiest Guide), I highly advise you to check it because it is very useful.

1. Posting to Facebook groups

My first tip to get more traffic to my website is Facebook groups, also it’s a great answer to “how to get traffic to Shopify?”

Although most amateur website owners resort to using this method, it does not bring them any benefit, on the contrary, sometimes it may cause their Facebook accounts to get banned, and all this happens as a result of wrong use and lack of knowledge, so what is the correct use? Very simply, there are steps that I follow, and I’m able to get more traffic to my website very quickly and without problems through Facebook, and these steps are:

  • Choose the right niche

The niche is the field of your site, and here I mean that you prepare a list of groups on Facebook that are interested in the same niche that your site is interested in because unfortunately most of us join to any group and try to publish their site in it and this does not have any return.

  • Take care of your personal page

The personal page is your interface on Facebook, and most of Facebook users visit your page before entering the site and therefore you must persuade them to enter the site through your page by placing a picture of your site or its logo in the main picture of your account, as always try to make most of your page posts related to your site.

  • Find groups correctly

The mistake that we make is that we are looking for groups in the wrong way, for example, if your site is clothing, you search on Facebook for groups bearing the name of clothes, and this is what most of us do, but in order for it to be the best, you must think outside the box and we will apply that to the previous example instead of looking for Clothing groups only We will also search for sports groups and special groups for all new things about shoes and groups related to wedding and so on,

In precise, look for groups that you think their subscribers have the same interest in your niche.

  • Posting to groups in the correct way

I mean by this that you do not enter groups and write “this is my website link you prefer to visit” or something like that. This is wrong. In the beginning, you must provide valuable advice and information to group members free of charge, then you mention in your words that your site is talking about the same field and that you advise them to visit it, and finally, Here, I would like to mention one last thing, which is not to publish your website link directly on Facebook, otherwise, your account will be banned, you can use “Bitly” link shortening site.

2. How to Get more traffic to my website from the Quora platform

how to bring traffic to my website with quora

For those who do not know the Quora platform, it is the largest platform in the world in asking questions and answers wherein this platform, people ask questions in any language and then the audience begins to respond to these questions, and these answers that are asked are voted on to top of the results of the site, and your role here, in short, is That you search for questions related to the niche of your site and answer them with all sincerity and experience and put the link of your site while answering the question, and in this way, you will be able to get many free traffic to your site.

And for reference, the Quora platform gets about 600 million visits per month, and therefore the likelihood that you will get more traffic to your website is very large, and here I advise you two things, the first of which is to take care of your personal profile on the platform and make it fully talk about your site because the first thing a person visit is your profile on the platform and not the site you put its link The second thing I recommend you do is to write long and very helpful answers for users to get your attention.

3. How to Get more traffic to my website from through Reddit

bring traffic to my website

Publishing in forums, in general, is one of the most powerful ways to get free traffic, and perhaps the Reddit platform is the most famous forum in the world, ranking 17 in Alexa, in addition to the fact that the number of visits to this forum exceeds 1.5 billion visitors per month and this is a very large number and therefore it is time to register in Posting this forum and advertising your site in your posts on the forum. This is one of my favorite ways to get more traffic to my website

4. Get free Pinterest traffic

N°1 answer to those who asked me “how to bring more traffic to my website”
For those who do not know the giant Pinterest platform, it is one of the largest and most famous social media platforms in the world and it is considered the highest communication site in terms of growth rate in addition to the number of visits to this platform is 770 million visits per month, but what is distinguished about this platform is that according to the statistics, about 55 % Of users of this platform are looking for new products to buy, and in fact, this platform is not only important in getting free traffic to your website but if you use it intelligently, you can reap fictional profits from it, especially in the field of commission marketing and other areas related to the sale of products. The exact answer to “how to get traffic to Shopify?”

5. Build your site for search engines

website with SEO
how can i get more traffic to my website

If you are looking for free ways to bring traffic to your site and your site is still not configured for search engines, then you are in the wrong way because the first results that appear in Google search get 33% of the visitors searching for the keyword, while the second results get only 13%

The most important thing that makes your site ready for search engines is the rules of SEO, in fact, I see that this element deserved to be the first in the list. So you are asking “how to get more traffic to my website?” with SEO, CHeck these really helpful articles:

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Last word and more traffic to my website

Getting more traffic to your website is not limited to these tips, but there are many other methods, including posting on Instagram, which has a number of 1 billion users, and the LinkedIn platform, which has a number of 912 million visitors per month. You can also create a YouTube channel, as it is one of the best ways to get free traffic However, the tips we have mentioned are the easiest and most effective of all available tips.

In conclusion, I hope that I have been able to write and clarify everything about the topic and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask it in the comments below.

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