how to increase blog traffic? If your blog visits are consistent and don’t progress despite targeting keywords and applying well-known SEO rules, there is a problem causing the traffic to not increase.

This problem will not come out of the things that I will mention in this article from the real experiences in the field of e-marketing and content industry, you will learn how to get traffic to a new blog and how to increase blog traffic for free

Especially at a time when the algorithms and criteria for ranking websites and appearing in the Google search engine are constantly changing and difficult to keep up with.

We all want to know about how to increase blog traffic fast because that means a greater opportunity to make profits, and to achieve the greatest spread in the targeted areas.

Likewise, if you are a designer or an online marketer, then surely if you can achieve this for your customers, this will give them more confidence in your services.

Therefore, I will mention to you five things that you must ensure that they are applied in any website, blog or online store, then follow them periodically and you will gradually begin to notice the blog traffic increase, which are:

1- SEO: how to increase your blog traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the well-known e-marketing terms, and it means improving or preparing your blog to appear in the first search results.

In short, making the search engine love your blog, and it is the best and least costly way of e-marketing to increase visits to any website, blog or online store if you do it right you will bring traffic to your blog

SEO is the most important type of e-marketing in my view, and I have always relied on it for marketing more than other types, and since I learned SEO, I don’t pay money to market the blog, I get free traffic to my blog

google search "how to increase your blog traffic " with keywords

As in the picture, if you write for example crush no spend challenge, the blog post will appear in the first result.

Sometimes between the first and the third at most, and sometimes two articles appear, and not only one of the blog in the first and second results.

The reason for this is the application of the SEO rules, the most important of which were mentioned in an article entitled “How To Improve Search Results On Google” you can refer to.

And do not forget that the general form of the site or blog is currently one of the most important requirements for SEO overlooked by e-marketers, which must be applied.

Just as you are keen to coordinate the topics that you post, you must strive to coordinate and beautify the look of your blog. The user trusts more in blogs that appear to be professional, and he quickly leaves sites that look bleak.

2- The Content Quality

The quality of the content is considered the most important factor along with the SEO if all the SEO rules are applied and you do not provide distinctive content then there is no benefit.

I hade written numerous articles on how to excel in the content and blogging industry, including one on “How To Be A Content Writer And Successful Blogger

So focus your attention on presenting unique topics that provide a real benefit to the user, that’s how to increase your blog traffic

Because the Internet today contains millions of websites and blogs, and it does not need an increase in numbers, but rather better content.

And if you can excel in content amidst that large number of blogs, you will not imagine the profits and visits you will reach.

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One of the things that will help you in providing high-quality content is the regular modification and updating of old articles. If you go back to articles you wrote two or three years ago, you will definitely need modifications. This is a good strategy on how to increase traffic to your blog

Sometimes you may have to delete some old articles that do not achieve enough traffic and do not benefit visitors to your blog.

And since I started applying these things at least every three months, only the distinguished topics remained, and visits to deleted topics went to other top-quality topics.

Always in the field of the content industry, quality is a precursor to quantity, and a large number of articles are no longer the first criterion for the rise of blogs, but the quality has become the first criterion.

This is because of the large increase in the number of blogs on the Internet, which in 2019 reached around 2 billion websites and blogs.

3- The blog loading speed

The speed of the site is one of the most important things that contribute to increasing website traffic fast, especially if it is an online store or a site that sells services.

The user hates slow loading and will leave your blog immediately if it is slow and will search for faster blogs to obtain a more distinct and fast user experience.

As for educational sites and blogs, if their speed is slightly lower than the required load time, which is estimated at three seconds, there is nothing wrong with that.

generating blog traffic with page speed insight

To find out the speed of your blog, there are tools such as Google Page Speed ​​that can measure the speed of the site by writing the website address in the box as shown in the images this tool is really helpful to increase your blog traffic

After that the real speed of your blog appears on the smartphone and the computer, then at the bottom, you will find the things that need to be fixed in red and how many seconds can be saved after fixing it.

pagespeedinsight "how to increase blog traffic wordpress"

Then, down to the bottom, you find things that you have successfully fixed in green, and how many seconds will decrease how long your site loads.

After you know the errors or things that cause your site to load slowly, you will find the most important of the following:

1- The size of the images: really important to increase blog traffic, which is something that you should not lose sight of because the pictures are the most things that make your site slow to download, if you want to learn on how to increase your blog traffic, you must reduce the size of images to increase the speed of your site, and this tool from google developers will help you without losing the quality of the images

2- That the blog is not compatible with the smartphone, as more than 75% of the blog visits today come via the smartphone

Therefore, the AMP appeared for the accelerated mobile pages, a feature that makes your site extremely fast on a smartphone.
This is another tool provided by Google to find out if your site, blog or online store is compatible with the smartphone or not from this link.

4- Property rights

viral storie copyright "How to get traffic to my blog for free"

The infringement of property rights is considered one of the always rejected things that are punished by the Google search engine to the point of blocking your site from appearing in the search results.

One of the most important images of copyright infringement is copying the content of a blog or another website, the content that is both text and images.

Your content must be of your own making you 100% ؜ In terms of images, some sites provide great free pictures that I will mention in another article on How to get free pictures of your blog without violating the property rights if you want this article just contact me or comment below, I’ll give the best websites that provide great free images

5- Safety

how to increase your blog traffic with ssl

The lock mark means that the site is secured with SSL technology

For your site, online store or blog to be safe, this is imperative and required in light of the widespread incidents of hacking and theft of personal and financial data.

Google has officially stated that starting in 2019 it will be a priority to appear to secure sites, so you should purchase an SSL system for your site, blog or online store even if it does not have financial transactions.

And the technology of data security and payment processes is called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and, as the picture, this blog is secured by SSL technology to avoid the theft of the data of visitors who comment on the articles.

Google has tested and considered the use of SSL security certificates as an influencing factor in the ranking of search results so increase website traffic fast. The results were positive, then it was started to be used as a factor in the search results, but as an auxiliary factor at present, as it affects 1% of searches on the Internet. And interest in providing high-quality content is still the most important factor affecting the search result. All studies also indicate that this factor will have a greater impact on research results over the coming period. You need to consider this factor if you want to learn more about how to increase your blog traffic

So your use of an SSL security certificate will give you an additional advantage either in terms of securing your site’s visitors ’data and giving them a reason to trust your blog, or by helping to improve search results if you provide high-quality content

Article summary: how to increase you blog traffic

At the end of ” how to increase your blog traffic ” , briefly, these five points mentioned must be applied in the following order:

  • 1- Creating unique content that provides real benefits to users regularly, and it is preferable to use a book and content creators if possible.
  • 2- Apply SEO rules inside the site on page SEO as recommended by Google to get to know your content and speed up its archiving, however don’t exaggerate or live in growing concern about SEO.
  • 3- Working to speed up the site and reduce the loading time as much as possible continuously, by reducing the size of the images, and collecting Java and css files,this is an important step on how to increase blog views
  • 4- Taking into consideration property rights and not stealing others’ content from photos, articles or video.
  • 5- Securing the site with SSL technology if it is carrying out financial transactions or if it is a non-profit and provides information only and does not complete financial transactions.

By applying these tricks to increase blog traffic you will notice an increase in the number of visits without a doub and get free blog traffic, but that increase will not happen in a day or two, it may take several months until you see the result.

And always make sure to use Google Analytics to monitor your site’s performance and learn about your users ’behavior to increase the content that attracts them, and reduce the content that they are not interested in.

The number of visits that you can bring to your site may reach millions of visits per month.

Finally, if you have a question about any of the points mentioned in this article “how to increase your blog traffic” or if you applied them and did not get a result, don’t hesitate to communicate through the comments, so we will fix the problem together.

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