This small article contains important tips from Google about SEO and how to improve search results on google? If you follow your site’s statistics on Google Analytics, you will surely notice that the best visits to your site, in terms of low bounce rate and visitor interaction, are the ones that came to you from the search engines, most definitely Google.

the most important of which is the tool known as Web Master Tools, which can identify any errors or problems that may occur on your site, as well as providing information on how to fix them. From inside the control room, it’s a great tool to help you on getting your website to the top of Google, all of this, in the end, is done for the benefit of bloggers

It helps bloggers on how to improve Google SEO ranking and how to rank higher on Google, as well as for the benefit of the user at the same time to provide a distinct and fast user experience

Google’s crawlers and robots and how to classify and rank the pages of the sites are secret things that Google has not told anyone about their details, however, there are several behaviors proven effective in advancing your site or blog on search engines and how to improve search results on google. We will mention here some tips and steps that every blogger and website owner must follow to improve the visibility of their site on search engines (or what is known as SEO ” search engine optimization “) and get the impressive results that he wants.

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Make your site look good in search results

When the user searches for words or phrases in the search engine, several results appear in a certain way as in the image, each of these results contains the title of the page or article, and below it, a little appears the domain name, then a brief description appears for the content of the page or article, and to appear results Related to your site like this way when creating a page or article, you must follow these steps:

how to improve google ranking wordpress
  1. Adding a good title, which is a suggestion for Google to offer when someone searches for specific content. This title must be a short sentence and contain a brief description of your page or article.
  2. Secondly, choosing a distinguished domain name is an important part of Google, and it must be easy, expressive, and short.
  3. A short description of the page, Meta Description, which is a short description of the page or article not exceeding 160 characters or less, and is used by Google and other search engines to know the content of the page or article. Be sure to write this description uniquely and creatively.


Avoid, as much as possible, getting into broad general topics that do not target any specific subject, specialization and finding the right keywords are important and crucial to make your site appear on Google’s first page, this is how to improve google search ranking

Use the Google Keyword Tool to study the available keywords and always avoid words that have strong competition from publishers and major companies. For example, instead of focusing on the word “iPhone”, which you will definitely find intense competition about, target the keyword “iPhone X ” and so on until You find the keyword well-received and at the same time not subject to fierce competition.

Put the keyword in the article title and it is advisable to put it in one of the subject subtitles, and do not forget to mention it in the first paragraph as well, and the longer the article, the more the keyword will appear automatically.

Make Google able to understand images

When we talk about images, this is from the best ways on how to increase visibility on google, web crawler of Google or any other search engine cannot recognize images or any colors or shapes in general, but they can determine the content of the images by the following:

how to increase seo ranking on google
  1. The title of the image or the name of the file, then brief and expressive words must be given to the file name.
  2. Alt Text: These are words that explain the content of the image, and Google can identify the content of the image.
  3. A short description: of the subject of the photo. However, the title of the article or some words from the title can be written in these two fields as we do in the blog.

Content layout

how to improve search results on google

Full content layout is intended to contain some high-quality images, and the page should be divided into sections by tags H2 and H4. In addition to structured and useful content for the visitor, you should distribute the keywords in the pages in a professional manner that aims to improve the user experience and at the same time be good for SEO. For example, H2 may not be used once in an article, because a good article contains more than one section and the keywords are repeated in all of its pages.

The layout of the content involves linking the pages to each other (internal links). Also, the internal links must refer to each other, so that the visitor has browsed all the pages of your site.

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Create Sitemap for your site

Putting a link to your sitemap helps to index your pages and is extremely important for improving your site on search engines. If you are using a WordPress, you will find several good plugins to generate and update the sitemap whenever you post or update a new topic, the most important of which is Yoast SEO, it auto-generate sitemaps, which is the same that I use in the viralstorie blog.

Fix 404 errors on your site periodically

If you are thinking on how to get better google search results, you need to make sure that all of your site links are working properly and that there are no 404 errors for missing pages here. These errors negatively affect the user experience and the reputation of your site with the search engine. If you are a WordPress user, there are many plugins that check your site, reveal links that are not working, and convert you to relevant pages that you have requested in case they are lost. Some Google Chrome extensions check your site and detect broken links.

Promote your site by posting to other sites

If you are a blogger in the field of web software or design, go to sites that specialize in the same field and are well-rated on search engines, publish posts in it, occasionally, and build strong backlinks towards your site. This is called Guest Blogging and is a very effective way to promote your blog and increase its credibility with search engines.

Speed up your site as much as possible

how to improve google ranking wordpress

The user experience begins to take shape from the page loading, if the download speed is good, then this will be a positive point in your favor in the battle to please and delight the user, but if the site is heavy then it means automatically the dissatisfaction of the visitor who will not wait long for the entry to your site, and this is for sure It offends this user experience and it increases your bounce rate

Your site should be compatible with all devices

Whether a visitor enters your site from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, the browsing process should be normal and all site pages should appear well and be responsive to all of these devices.

Internal linking is important

What we have said about the role of external links towards sites with two mythical authority is also high for internal links, try to put a link towards a related article on your site to support your current article, this will help keep visitors on your site for as long as possible and thus reduce the bounce rate to the site. But always avoid excessive use of these links and let things always remain within their natural framework, don’t forget this step, it’s very important if you are looking to know how to increase visibility on google

Develop your site continuously

Content is the basis, and there is a well-known saying that the internet pioneers know well and is – Content Is King

If we liken your site or blog to a store, can you imagine this store without entering or renewing it for 6 months? What will that store be like? The same applies to your site.

Always make sure to make your site renewable and sophisticated content and provide information or products what users need, by advertising new products or offers, for example, or by publishing new articles that benefit visitors.

Would you like to see what’s new and useful when you go to a site? What if you do not find anything new every time you enter this site? And for many months? You will definitely not return to it again .. !!

Use paid search to get an instant impression

It usually takes 2-3 months for the website to rank naturally on Google, but If you are looking on how to improve search results on google fast you can use a paid search service like Google Adwords, which enables your site to appear in the highest-ranking immediately.

There is also a Pay Per Click service, which is an online advertising form used to direct visits to the site, you can use it to promote your site to get immediate results, the payment when you click service also helps you to manage your budget and measure your return on investment more easily, and it also allows geotargeting, for example, the ad will only be shown in a specific place that you want, giving you more control over how to target the right audience.

General advice on how to improve search results on google

  1. Keep the user in mind before the search engine, so make good content to satisfy him before satisfying the search engine.
  2. Do not fool your audience in any way.
  3. Stay away from deceptive methods to improve your site in the search engine.
  4. Think about the things that make your site stand out from the crowd and provide real value to the user.
  5. Develop the aspects and topics that increase user interaction on your site.
  6. Monitor your site well and protect it against hacking and data theft attempts.


This is almost the mix that every blogger and website owner must use and how to improve search results on google. SEO is a very broad field of constant diligence. Google and other web crawlers are constantly evolving and introducing new standards online, webmasters and bloggers should always be on standby and constantly improve their sites. The only step that should always be started and that will not be affected by the change is: Post good and exclusive content.


for more information, you can view the Google Tips page to improve your site in the search engine via this link.

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