In this Seo Tips and Tricks, you will learn how to Increase Your Google Rankings
The term SEO stands for optimizing your site’s performance according to search engines. Actually, Raising your site’s ranking in search engine results is not a difficult science.

You can understand the basics of SEO in one article. Therefore, we will make sure that this article is useful even for those who have no idea about SEO

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Most Important Seo Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Search Rank

N° 1- SEO tips and tricks

If you want to use JavaScript in the drop-down menus and want to add links on images, make sure to create a page on a site in which all your site links are placed without exception

N° 2- the content is the king

the content of the page is the king for Google and other search engines, so make sure that you put good and unique content and not copy past and target the focus keywords that you put in the meta tag

N° 3- The internal links and backlinks are the queen

If the page content is the king, then internal links and backlinks are the queen, so work on building a network of internal and external links to your site using targeted keywords

N° 4- SEO tips and tricks: page Rank

Do not be obsessed with the page rank of your site, page rank is nothing but prestige for your site and helps in fast indexing, so you now find sites with low page rankings show on top Google results and precede sites with high PageRank.

N° 5- SEO tips and tricks: Variation

Make sure to vary in the focus keywords used in the title tag and meta tag, especially in the title tag, each page of your site must have a different title from the other pages, and if your site or company name must be present in the page title tag, So it is better to place it at the end of the title,

because your site’s name will only be used in searching for it on Google, so you must target words that people use to search for it on Google and search engines next to the name of your site or company, and this step is one of the most important SEO tips for your site, but it is not the only one, all of SEO tips and tricks are steps that complement each other to reach the top of the results and search engines and make your site known.

N° 6- SEO tips and tricks

The renewed page content is a very important factor in your appearance at the top of search engine results. Your posting of regularly renewed page content makes search engine determine their view on you and visit your site regularly, and evidence of this is news sites and newspaper sites, as they change the content Every day, so search engine spiders adore it and it always comes at the top of the results and gets a high PageRank. This does not mean that you change the content of your website pages daily, but create new ones every period regularly as possible.

N° 7- SEO tips and tricks

When you add a link on your post to another page on your site as well, use keywords in the link and avoid using the word “Click here” or “read more” or others

N° 8- Key Phrases

Focus on the key phrases when you put a link and not a single keyword, meaning stay away from using the word mobiles, but rather use the latest and newest mobiles and different models, so in this way, you will target the word mobiles and others

N° 9- SEO tips and tricks

When designing a new site, you must choose a designer who is aware of the meaning of the word SEO and aware of the restrictions of search engine spiders, so that a site is designed in line with search engines.

N° 10- SEO tips and tricks

Use important “focus keywords” in images, links, page titles, and wherever it allows you to place keywords

N° 11- www and non-www

Try to choose between www and non-www, meaning that you must choose how your site will appear using www. It is preferable to use the safe redirection of Google through the “htaccess” file

N° 12- SEO tips and tricks

Create a 404 error page, as it is of great importance to Google

N°13- Tables, Ajax and Flashes

Avoid using tables, Ajax, and flashes when designing your site, as they hinder the indexing process when search engine spiders visit your site and try not to overuse images

N°14- Best programming languages for websites

The extension of your site does not affect, there is no difference between programming languages ​​when programming and designing websites for search engines, where you can use .html, .htm, .asp, .php, it will not affect you if you take care to configure the site for search engines

N°15- SEO tips and tricks

When you finish creating a new site and submit it to Google, the indexing process for your site may take some time, the only way to make Google’s spiders index your site faster is to put links to your site within high-quality sites, try to create a free blog where you talk about your site and put your site links inside this Blog

N°16- SEO tips and tricks: external links

When you put external links to your site on other sites, remember that the process is for quality, not quantity, meaning that putting 10 links that enjoy confidence from Google is better than placing hundreds of links on sites that are not important

N° 17- SEO tips and tricks

Search engines are looking for good content that is not transferred or duplicated, also do not try to fill your topics and pages with words and sentences thinking that in this way you will appear on the first results with those words

N°18- SEO tips and tricks

The important thing is not only to put focus keywords on your site’s links or the so-called Anchor Text, but it is also very, very important to put focus keywords above, below, and next to the links appropriately.

N°19 – SEO tips and tricks: internal links

Make sure that your site is easy to use, and make sure that all your pages are linked “internal links”

N°20- SEO tips and tricks

You may have a very important page or pages on your site that visitors cannot access and see, so put the links of those important pages in the mailing messages that you send to your site members

N°21 – SEO tips and tricks: backlinks

It is not only important to place the link of your home page only on other websites to get backlinks, but it is important to place internal page links also on other sites, this point is very important

N°22- Focus Keywords

Focus on one or two keywords at most on each page separately

N°23- The Algorithms Of Search Engines

The algorithms of search engines change constantly and have new ones every day, so you must be a good follower of all that and you must work to prepare your site constantly, and remember that your access to first results is not the end and the most difficult is to maintain that top

N°24- Google Web Master

Subscribe to the Google Web Master service provided by Google to continuously monitor your site and solve the problems that Google detects and shows you.

N°25 – Bing Web Master

The importance of the Bing search engine is because it is ranked second in terms of the most popular search engines in the world, after Google.

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