In this article, we will talk about How to get backlinks to your site: Best Content That Attract It and improve SEO you should focus on on your website.

When we talked about the Ultimate SEO guide, we really found that the backlinks to your site are still among the important criteria that specialists work on to improve the arrangement of their sites, they are working to make it compatible with Google.

It is known that Backlinks have two types:

The first one is created by the website owner or assigned to the search engine marketing task.

There is a natural backlink, which is the best quality and is preferred by the global search engine.

Natural backlinks have a good effect on SEO and at the same time do not require the site owner or marketing specialist to interfere with its creation, the visitors, readers and users of the content are behind it.

In the global web this is very possible, you just have to focus on the quality of the content you provide and you will be surprised from time to time that people share your articles on forums and other sites that refer in their reports to the articles of your site and also find the rich articles on your site are taken as reliable references for online encyclopedias and news sites.

How to get backlinks to your site: Best Content That Attract

Top 10 articles

In recent years, this type of article has gained very great popularity and momentum, and no successful website is free of it.

If your site is specialized in military affairs, you can for example make the list of the most powerful tanks for this year, the 20 most powerful armies in the world at the moment, and so on.

Besides the high turnout of this type of article, it drives people to share it a lot, on social networks, and it also brings good backlinks from forums and other sites.


They are visual contents that are images of long dimensions and include detailed written information in a simple and beautiful template, it provides the largest possible number of information and details in one creative image and allows the delivery of information to the reader easily and quickly.

These contents are widely circulated on social networks and forums, and are transmitted by many sites that add the source link, while the infographics usually comes with the website’s logo, This is a great type of content to get backlinks to your site

Rich articles containing new information

Blogs and websites specialized in specific fields that focus on providing high-quality content, are usually a good source for online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia to add more paragraphs and information to their pages.

Also, news sites that enjoy good credibility usually share their articles on the forums and social media with the accompanying original link, as well as add them as references on topics.

Free courses of great value

Technical sites trade news about free courses in various fields, including marketing, design, engineering and programming, and usually write about them if they are of good value and promote them to their readers for free.

It suffices to write a site about a specific course or a free course to find news circulated by many other sites in a big way.

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Well, let’s continue on how to get quality backlinks by the Best Content That Attract It

Online lectures

You can offer an exclusive and private lecture on your site on the topic of its specialty, and in case it has good value and important, people will participate in it on forums and social networks, and the websites usually specialize in presenting the lectures for those interested to follow.

After the presentation of the lecture, it will be a good idea to display it on your site in a recorded manner and to provide its participation.

Original videos

As for the sites that display the videos, but not from YouTube or any other external website, but by uploading them directly to the hosting, this earns a natural backlink with a strong flaw.

The largest application of this rule is the specialized news websites and online press such as THE SUN, the British newspapers, …

Other websites usually work by including exclusive videos from those “source” sites, which count towards high-quality natural backlinks.

free online services

In the world of online marketing, a website specialized in the news in this field can provide many free services that visitors can share and recommend.

Among these services, we find measuring the number of backlinks sites, verification service of keeping words, SEO website checking service, and there are a lot of useful and successful services.

By promoting it and advertising it you will find many interested people who share it on their blogs and work to refer to it in their articles related to the field, let alone present it in topics on forums.

Free services can be provided in various fields including currency exchange, meteorology, simultaneous translation, specialized research and much more.

Scoop and exclusive news

This is a great type of content that get backlinks to your site, this works if you own a website that specializes in news of a particular city, and big events have occurred in the region, usually, the large media and news agencies rely on these specialized sites, and they receive during these periods a great follow-up while you harvest a normal backlink.

This is also useful if you are covering on the ground for conferences and important events by attending the event, or have correspondents from there who send and publish videos and press reports.

Offer an attractive discount or an exclusive product

An excellent way for commercial websites and online stores, as news and technical websites usually trade in tempting offers from online stores from time to time.

Discount offers are traded on forums, social networks, and news and specialized sites, while news websites usually address stores that have begun to provide the latest products that have been introduced to the market.


How to get backlinks to your site: Best Content That Attract It

Obtaining normal backlinks to websites and improving SEO is possible by focusing on the content and presenting what is valuable to visitors and public opinion, and of course, the content patterns that we discussed in these articles are good options suitable for news websites, blogs, forums, and even e-stores

Don’t stop here, keep searching for other ways to get backlinks to your site

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