How to save money with honey app ?

This question has been asked a lot online, so in this article, I will try to explain everything related to how does the honey extension makes money. So let dive in

Buying from the Internet has become a fashion if I did not say that it became a necessity before that, and the sponsoring companies for that, you know that we have become slaves to it in the matter of buying from the Internet, so it has become the simplest things that may be worth 1$, it becomes equal to other sites 10$, This is regardless of the material, and even the services have become very expensive, such as domain names or web hosting, etc.

Many websites provide promotional codes and coupons that you can use to get the best prices, often these coupons are visible and therefore require you to do some research on the sites that offer promotional offers, coupons, personal pages or even Facebook pages.

Today, however, we will review how does how does honey make money, which will enrich us with all this.

You can add Honey app to your browser that saves you from the hassle of searching for promotional coupons and collects them for you to put in one place without your effort.

You can use Honey to get offers from more than a thousand global shopping sites. The app supports many browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

What’s the benefit of adding Honey app?

If you are wondering what is the benefit of this app, let me answer you in one or two lines, it will simply save you money, you can purchase a domain for example for 0.99$ with the help of honey coupons instead of buying it for 13 dollars, or do you think that it really saves us money? Indeed it is

how to use honey

First, you will have to download the Honey for your browser, you install it as normal as any other extension, click on the Add to Browser option, wait for a little while waiting for the installation .. Then immediately you will see at the top of the browser the honey app icon in orange color, but the color changes according to the following two patterns:

The honey app icon is gray:

This means that the site you are currently browsing cannot be purchased from and there are no coupons that can be used on the site, these will appear most often when browsing Facebook. Google, and so on from other sites.

The honey app icon is  orange

and below it  numbers: in this case, the site you are browsing can use several coupons

Once you visit your favorite shopping site, the color of the app icon will change to orange, and the icon will show you notifications of promotional offers that the site offers at the top of the page and once you click on it, a side menu will appear with you for all the promotional offers available through this site and with one click you can print and Use the best promotions available.

The matter does not stop there. When you choose a specific product to buy and put it in your shop cart, it will appear in the side menu the Try codes button.

Once you click on it, it will try out the purchase codes one by one and it will try and add the most automatic offers to the cart without interference from you.

The honey app is great, useful and saves a lot of time and money, and you can download it through the following link

join honey

What sites does honey app support?

Almost all of the purchase sites .. I did not enter the purchase site (whether buying for material or services) and this app did not provide me with its suggestions. It is permissible to mention these sites Godaddy, Ebay, Gearbest, Tinydeal, Everbuying, DealExtream, MinninTheBox and other and other sites. So I think it supports all sites.

Here I come to the conclusion with you, I love honey company, and you should save money online honey

I hope the topic is more useful than entertaining, and I hope that you leave me some comments in order to improve and provide the best.